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I buy your template and all is good. But, I installed WPML translation and I’d like to present a different logo image depending on the language of the site but am unable.

WPML can help you to change your template to do this, easy and fast. Than you to talk with them!

There is the info about: The best alternative that would work for you perfectly would be to ask the theme author to join our Go Global program by filling the form in this link http://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/go-global-program/. Within two days of his initial contact, we’ll make his theme fully compatible with WPML thus he can always distribute a theme that is compatible and you don’t have to worry about updates.

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Pre-Content & Footer Background Style is not working only a solid color i tried choosing different one but same result any advice ?

Algunos Plugins Como Embed Facebook no Funcionan. <Reparalo>


Love this theme..it kick butt!

I have just started with an active installation for a client. I notice his version is out of date. 1.0..but of course has no idea who purchased it so therefore we can get the no-charge upgrade. Can you advise on this issue for us?

Also, I have a youtube vid in the SliderJS but it does not auto play!

Thanks a ton!

Me again! Still wondering about the above issues, and at this moment I cannot find where I enter the email address to receive the sign up for newsletter widget and where the contact us widget email goes either!

Thanks, please advice.

Hi, How can i make a narrower background. I mean custom css style.

I like the look of the theme… why would I buy it though, the owner “designiter” never replies to these questions and problems here. Too bad.

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Hi does anyone know how to add a second logo to make the header logo change between the responsive/ mobile theme and the regular theme? Basically I want to use a different/ smaller logo when the theme is at its mobile/ tablet version.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)


1. Add 1 custom logo in the file “admin / theme_options.php”, a copy of the 69-72 line, and replace “id” with “site_logo_responsive”
2. In file header.php, duplicate rows 43, then replace tag id from “site-title” to “site-title-responsive” and option_name from “site_logo” to “site_logo_responsive”
3. For display on a standard browser or responsive, please adjustable via CSS


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How do I get when I click in “Visit Website” porfolio and “Sign Up Now” in “Pricing Table” to open in onother page (target _blank)?


add (target=”_blank”) in file
loop-single-portfolio.php line 86
st_shortcodes.php line 682


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How should I proceed? thank you

Paste the code here please

Hi. Wondering if I can make the small triangle tab with ”+” to bring down pre-header container, larger – more visible? Can you offer me a code adjustment?


Thanks Sarah

Sarah again… actually the triangle has disappeared??? If I click around at the top the pre-header will still come down, but not sure what I did to cause it to disappear?

So, reappear and make larger are my requests :)


I am willing to share my login privately if it helps.


Please!!! can you offer me some help. The drop down marker is not visible at all. Wondering if the WP update has interfered. Can you work on an update fix??

Thank you. Sarah

Why I am I not getting a response? Already have a lot invested in this site build and would hate to change themes now.


I have updated to WordPress 3.5 and I am thinking that this is the reason the top drop down area does not work properly – no longer see the downward arrow to select. Can you consider this for an update focus.


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The “Pin It” button at the bottom of posts doesn’t grab the pictures correctly (I checked your demo site and it doesn’t work either – just gives a blank image). How can I fix this?

Hey There… i already sent you a private message but no answer… I fix that problem. But i have another question. There is any chance to take off the fu** CAPTCHA in contact form? I really hate it.. i guess almost everybody hates Catpcha…


Or anybody can helpme? Thanks!

Hi, Love this theme. Quick question. I’m working on a site and would like to use the SlidesJS Slider Part. Unfortunately it doesn’t slide. Does the JS slider part slide automatically like the flex and zaccordion? Hope hearing very soon of you so I can finish the website. Regards

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Hi, the theme is very nice thank you. Unfortunately, I’ve been getting white screens of death with this theme. First I got it while developing.. tried to fix but with no avail. It forced me to start over with a fresh install.. Got everything working nicely on the second time and then moved it to live server thinking all is good. Now on live server I can’t access wp-admin at all.. (white screen of death). The frontend however works fine.

If I change to default theme, admin works fine.

Any clue where the problem might be? I’m running Wordpress 3.5.1. Server PHP version 5.3.26. Local (that works) is running PHP 5.3.8