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I’ve created a website using bar + grill, but the mobile menĂ¹ doesn,t work. I need to fix this problem to publish the website. Can You help me? Thanks

Hey MDNW, Can i safely upgrade to Wordpress 4.0 while using Bar & Grill? If not is there any intention of making it compatible with 4.0? Cheers

foroptc Purchased

Hi, how can i put index like this in demo?

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Just purchased and need to get the site up and running as soon as possible.

When I try to activate Visual Composer, I get the following error msg: Invalid License Key. All 3 inputs are exactly the same as shown on my Envato settings and download pages. I have tried it 4 times. Same error.

Your quick reply is very much appreciated.

clakat Purchased

Hey…Hate to be a pain, but I’m not seeing any replies on this thread and I cannot wait days (or longer) get a crucial plugin for your theme to activate

When I try to activate Visual Composer, I get the following error msg: Invalid License Key. All 3 inputs are exactly the same as shown on my Envato settings and download pages. I have tried it 8 times now and generated a new API Key. Same error. The problem HAS to be the License code.

Your quick reply is very much appreciated.

Has anyone had a problem using the search bar with Slider Revolution installed? Sometimes the search results end up showing code from the slider. I have the latest slider installed with everything updated to 4.0 compliant. Thought I’d throw this out to the group since the author doesn’t answer. Cheers.

Have seen sites with the problem presented by bkcphoto but the jumbled menu only shows on the iPad. Hesitant about buying this theme till this problem is solved. :confusedsad:


Any chance this will see woo commerce integration? Looks perfect for my current need but I need to have a small shop as well.

i just need help getting the menu letter as in the preview, or how to edit the menu buttons at all.

After installing and importing demo data some things don’t look like the demo here on themeforest still. Please advise, it looks like I am missing styling on some elements.

URL is fordwesner.com/gardencafe

Thank you.

How to set up the menu? The menu is not the same as in the demo! I have already installed the .xml file…


Does this theme come with microformat ?

Hi, There is a problem in the footer of this theme. The background (dark gray) color does not display or only partially displays on most pages. To view this go to: http://round-table-pizza.com/

Then, click on “locations” to view a partial display of the footer background; click on “blog” to view an example of the missing background.

Please help…. to fix this.

Thank you.

Please help. The left and right subfooter text is not displaying in the theme. To see this, go to: http://round-table-pizza.com/

Also, the green content box in the sub-footer is being cut off.

For all the people with menu styling issues, go to Appearance > Menus, scroll to the bottom, select Primary Menu, then click Save.

@Mollison92 – I’m running it on WP 4.0 with no issues so far. See www.louiesdinerwinsted.com. Still customizing but got all the default stuff loaded.

MDNW – get in touch with me. I’ve set up a site using your theme and I’m a developer myself. I read that you’re busy with family. Let’s team up on support. I can answer a lot of these questions you’re getting. Hit me up.

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Just purchased this theme, tried to install the updates for the plugins…all went well except for the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin. There is a new version and they want $28.00 to upgrade. In your advert on Envato you state that the theme always has the latest versions. If I can’t get a new version of WPBakery Visual Composer for FREE. I will be asking for a refund. Thanks :reallyevil:

Saltu2006 Purchased

The author states clearly that, and I quote,

“Always loaded with the freshest, most stable version of Visual Composer!”

Not true! I want my money back, will be putting this into dispute with Paypal! No support here. RIPOFF