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Great restaurant template, GLWS! :)

Thanks! ~ Brandon

Fantastic, “straight to the point” theme :)
Wish you the best!
Kind Regards,

Thanks a bunch! ~ B

Any woocommerce demo?

Looks great!

Just fyi, if you click add to cart, something funky happens on the layout. Mac osx, chrome browser.

thanks for the demo link

Yep it looks like it’s conflicting with the caching plugin – just added a patch that fixes it! Good eye!


Glad I could help :-)

Great! Good luck with sale :)

Thanks thecrea! ~ B

Great theme! Awesome design and demo! Congratulations and good luck :)

Thanks so much! ~ B

Beautiful theme! :)

Thanks Rox!

Nice design and features for bars (and restaurants)! I like it! Just a small suggestion: I think it (maybe) will be better if you use border radius for buttons, because you use border radius for inputs. It might be consistent if you use one.

Anyway, this is a beautiful theme with great features :) Good luck with sales ;)

Agreed – patch added :) Border radius and a slight border darkening in effect now. ~ B

Nice item! :-)

I noticed that the shop layout gets destroyed on devices with portrait resolutions of 320px. The cart page is also partially obscured.

Thanks WP! Adding some patches right now – I was tinkering with the minification/caching plugin this morning and it mucked some things up in the store on just the demo site (not too bright on my part) and things should be restored for the mobile stuff this afternoon :)

No problem. I’ll take another look when it’s been fixed.

Somewhere between the mobile version and full version, the menu is getting pushed to the right and is barely visible. Is there a fix for this?

LOVE the theme by the way.

Hey MDNW. Still haven’t heard back from you on this fix.

Still waiting to hear back from you on this. There is a problem with the menu and it’s been 2 months since you told me that you were going to check it out. My client is getting very impatient.

Hi Bkc! Thanks for being patient on this one – I’m about to release the next big update for this theme and this item is on the to-do list – it should be going up this week and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready via email!

Great restaurant theme. Good luck!


Can I change the layout and width/height of the pictures at the front page?

Ok, just buy the theme, the Visual Composer and I’m get frustrated … I unzip the theme, upload it … but when I want to install the plugins, I will be promted to FTP data … but the FTP upload/install will not work for my server. The same for install of “styles” ... I need everything to install manual … I had so many problems with this theme …

Hi Mevedo!

What errors are you specifically encountering when you try to upload using the traditional method? Is there an error message that pops up? I’ll be more than happy to help out of course (and there’s a chance that your webhost might be able to help out, as you really should be able to automatically install all of this stuff without ever touching FTP), but I need specifics as far as what’s happening so I can troubleshoot with ya :)


I have an own dedicated server and I have my own structure for hosting my sites and WP installations – automatically installations and updates did not work. I buy many, many, many WP themes before: I download it, unzip, copy with my FTP client to my server, activate the theme – it works. Sometimes I get a few links to download plugins. But, in all cases, I get what I pay for: A theme I like. Your theme: I need x plugins that will be installed automatically, there is Jetpack and Visual composer (I pay for also), democontent to install – but I did not get the same theme, I pay for. If you take a look at http://www.sinatrasclub.de you will see, my installation is different as your installation. All what I need and want is a installation package, that I can use to install manually and where I get at the end a layout/design I payed for. I like the layout/design, that’s why I purchased your theme. But when I try to install and did not get the same result as the demo, I will be frustated …

Hello, I’m guessing you don’t have this theme available in HTML5 do you? I’d love to buy it! Thanks

Hi Yarseollc! Unfortunately we don’t have this as a plain HTML5 template… pretty much all of the features that we wanted to include with this theme were dependent upon WordPress being able to manage the content (in other words, it was born into WordPress, not Photoshop)... That said, I’ll check into whether it’ll be easy to reverse engineer this to be a straight up HTML5 template though! If I can find a way to do it affordably and in a way that’s stable and useful to buyers, I’ll gladly provide it :)

I am considering a purchase of this theme but do have a question. Does the theme come with xml files?


Yep! The theme comes with the Demo XML, as well as some other resources that you can use to duplicate the demo :)


I have purchased the bar and grill theme but do not understand which licence code and user etc to use when activatingWPBakery Visual Composer which was included?

Hi again! I’m actually about to release the updated version of the Visual Composer plugin tonight (which means it’ll be available tomorrow) – all reports indicate that this fixes the text-block issues associated with the recent WP 3.9 release ;) I’ll post messages here as soon as the reviewers have approved the new files!

It still does not work… Under plugins I get instructions to update WPBakery Visual Composer… Maybee I need to enter the licence number I got when buying your theme? I have not done that anywhere.

Hi there! I think ya just need to manually install the VC update – grab it from the Plugins folder inside the theme download package, and install that manually as you would a normal plugin :)


Just wondering if I can continue to use this template without using Visual Composer?

I find everytime I edit a “text” area (such as the example Hours of Operation from the sample text in the template), it then pulls in the entire text from the whole page and it’s all messed up. As long as the template doesn’t rely on it for any particular reason.

Thanks, Sam

Hi Sam!

Sure! Visual Composer is just a plugin add-on – it’s entirely optional and you do not need to use it if you don’t want to. You’d just want to use the classic editor instead of the VC Frontend or Backend editor – let me know if I can be more specific with my answer :)



I bought and installed your theme on my demo site: lieferdienst.bs-pages.de

I understood how to customize it. only thing I cant change is the menu font, size and color. how can I make it look as on your demo site ?

Thanks for your support!

Hi, how can I update the VC version ? Thank you :)

Hi, can you please tell me how to update ? :)

Hi BSpages! There’s actually a new PDF with update instructions in the download folder that you’ll get from ThemeForest – Check it out for detailed instructions :)


The design of this template is great! But I do have a question on the “Naked” layout before deciding on purchasing:

Can the “Our recommendations” have more than 1 row, perhaps 6 items on 2 rows?

Yeah of course! That’s made with the drag and drop editor, so you can have as many as you want… the columns can be different too (3 wide, 2 wide, 6 wide, whatever you’d like) and the content can be whatever you want (images, sliders, text, maps, videos, etc.). It’s totally customizable!


Does theme come with demo content?

Yep! Of course! All of our themes come with full demo content to duplicate the demo if you choose :)

Thanks!!! will be buying soon.

Hi there,

Do you have a support site for this template? I’m a little overwhelmed by OptionTree, I’m sure it’s simple but have a few questions.

Hi Vmancini! I’m in the middle of re-building the support site from the ground up… I’ll be glad to answer any questions here though :)

Thanks for getting back to me MDNW, under theme options -> Social Option Notes, I placed the email address in the email field but the Skype icon shows up on the live site…

Eek! Patching this in the next version :)

Questions? 1. Can i add private reservation system rather than open table? 2. Can i add background image? 3. Can I add event section to homepage?

4. how can i make submenu items lower case – they seem to be coded to caps. Thanks :)

oh 5 stars!

Hi Agent!

1. Maybe? OpenTable was easy to add in because they basically have a system that handles all of this stuff… a private reservation system is something that would have to be cobbled together by the actual restaurant via a custom plugin or a contact form system. The easiest way to do this would just be a contact form though – the theme comes bundled with Contact Form 7, which would allow you to basically build the form, add it as a sidebar widget, then let the restaurant owners manage the “reservation request” emails over their own email system.

I’ll check around to see if there are any really great plugins for private systems though!

2. Yes! You can totally add a background image – Right now the theme allows just basic flat colors through the options panel, but you can add a custom CSS snippet like this:

html, body.styles, .styles #page {
    background: url('http://yoursite.com/yourimage.jpg') !important;

I’ll add this in as an actual theme option in the next update though! Most of my themes allow that, I’m actually kind surprised that I pulled that as an option at some point during the development process!

3. There’s no reason why you can’t! That’s the drag and drop space, so you can add any module that you want in there.

4. Add this custom CSS snippet to the Theme Options panel:

#page nav ul.menu .sub-menu li > a {
    text-transform: none !important;

Hope that helps! B