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Also I m getting some 403 errors when using the plugin install page – on some of them? any Idea?

and for some reason my page layouts are reverting back to default sometimes

Hi Agent! Can you elaborate on both of these issues? Have they already been resolved or are you still encountering issues with either of them? Thanks! I’ll be glad to help out though!

This looks like a great theme! 2 quick questions:

1) Are the animated slides in the carousel easy to create/customize?

2) Any way to incorporate Yelp reviews into the site?

Hi there!

1. Yep! Well I think so anyways – The demo is using Revolution Slider for that slider space – it’s the most popular slider plugin available for WordPress, and it’s mostly drag & drop… so most users don’t really have any issues with it :)

2. Sure! There are a bunch of plugins that will do this for ya – I personally have shied away from Yelp as lots of restaurants want to filter/edit the presented reviews in a way that the Yelp API doesn’t like… but I can point ya in the direction of a few plugins that I’ve been checking out and considering to add to the theme over the next couple releases if it’ll help out.

Cheers! B

VISUAL COMPOSER will be updated?

Yep! It’s actually updated as of last night, you just need to manually install the updated plugin version that’s included in the download package :)

Hi, the file: Bar_Grill_WP\Documentation\Theme_Demo_Content\demo-revolution-slider.zip seems to be broken. Can’t open the zip or extract any contents.

Could you please tell me anything about it?


Hi Xavig!

This is actually a webhost issue – your webhost needs to allow unzipping via PHP to import the Revolution Slider demo file. Specifically, your server must have ziparchive enabled and must have a newer PHP version for this function.

I’ve actually been trying to see if there’s another way to work around this, but as this is generally managed by Revolution Slider’s developers, it’s not something that I’m eager to mess around with. Needless to say though, I’ve run into this issue myself and it’s frustrating. Most webhosts can fix the issue right away though if you ask them to do so.

Cheers! B

I have upgraded to wordpress 3.9 and noticed when I go to edit a section of block text then there is no text editing toolbar, its just empty..

is there an upgrade that can help sort this problem out..

basically the visual editor has no toolbar at all..


it seems visual composer has compatibility update for WP 3.9. how can i update this. in plugin page says download the update from CodeCanyon via the license fee. would you check it.

Dashboard -> Update Plugins -> WPBakery Visual Composer after update An error occurred while updating WPBakery Visual Composer: Update package not available.

Hi Mabnadp! The update zip for the Visual Composer plugin can be found in the theme download package in the Plugins folder :) We don’t always keep the latest possible version, but we do always include the latest stable version that we feel pairs best with our theme. You can always buy a license directly from Visual Composer if you want to grab updates directly – but the version bundled with the theme must be updated manually :)

Sell my license of Bar + Grill theme and the Visual Composer license for $60 (you will save $15) or only the theme for $40.

Contact me through mail: info (AT) mevedo.com.

Hey great theme! Quick question. I am having an issue importing the revo slider from the demo. demo-revolution-slider.zip

Any insights?

Hi Daworks! I’ll upload a new copy tomorrow! It looks like the Revolution Slider plugin update broke our demo-import file, but it’s super easy to fix.

As a side note, using the demo-import ZIP file for Revolution Slider does require that your webhost allows for ZIP functions in PHP… so if you still encounter issues, please ask your webhost to turn this on for you.

Nice one. Has it been tested with WPML?


Hi Mrs! Not yet, and I’ve been meaning to do so! I’ll make a note on my weekly todo list to finally get around to this for you guys :)

Dear support,

I too have a problem with the demo revolution slider content and I can asure you my hosting settings are proper. Also I cannot even open the .zip within windows. the file is just 1kb and it says it is corrupted.


Okay….this is frustrating since something as simple as a map embedded is not working. The sample LA map works fine…but add in a new map address the way I am use to with google and my old website and it’s all grey…nothing….I need to launch this and I am wasting time on something too simple


Hi Mandy! Got a link that I can check out? Are you using the Visual Composer Google Maps module?

Hey There….

I got the map to work with a different plugin…not sure what’s going on.

Bigger Problem: I am trying to place my logo into the theme options section and am having nothing but problems: 1. JUST CHOOSING FROM MEDIA OPTION: The library never opens…just sits there with the lil circle spinning. 2. UPLOAD OPTION: I keep getting an Upload Error (BUT, if I go into the library, the uploaded file is sitting there)

A few more questions: 1. On your Demo Site: http://themeforest.net/item/bar-grill-wp-for-restaurants-local-businesses/full_screen_preview/6608044 a. How did you get that lil post-it type note to pop over the photo…this would be great for coupons b. Mobile Version: When I try to view mine as a mobile version….it’s a hot mess i. http://testsite.mandyspizza.com/ 2. Testimonials: I saw an option on another site for testimonials where they appeared as something like cartoon bubbles…any ideas. I know, this is something you may not answer, but cannot hurt to ask.


Hi, I’m interesting in buying this theme, just a couple questions, first question: can i put on the header some texture or image instead of one color only or add one image that covers the whole banner section. And the other question: Can you display text on the image when you pitch to zoom??

Thanks a lot

I have a problem

Extract the files in the …

Install themes in …

You can not install the software package. This theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

Can you help me?

Hello, i use the bar+grill Theme. At top i placed some social icons (Twitter, FB…). The youtube Icon will not appear? The icon ist in the database, but it still displays as “missing picture”... :(

Hi Henning! I’ll patch this up in today’s theme update – thanks for catching that!

Still see the last update was 23 April 14. Any chance of having the new one up soon? Thanks! I’m having the same issue as daworks with the revolution slider demo content.

(Theme was purchased under Envato account “websourcellc”)

Sure! I’ll probably be posting an update today with new plugin versions and some minor tweaks to the mythology-core framework files :) I’ll keep you updated on here.

Why does the site get botched when it’s viewed on a mobile phone? http://testsite.mandyspizza.com/

Hi there! Have you tried checking/unchecking this box? http://tinyurl.com/pl5kvsx How are you creating those columns?

thank you…that worked. One more thing….wpbakery is you visual editor but it’s a really old version…is there no way to update? thanks

Hi Mandy! We actually update the plugins every 2 weeks or so to ensure that we’re not hastily batching a version that breaks anything – I’m about to upload the latest version tomorrow :)

The problem is fixed! thanks

Thanks for the update!

why didn’t you answer me it was really urgent. I need to know

Hi Ollin! I’m very sorry to hear that the delay caused you distress! I honestly do my best with support, but it’s been a very busy week and sometimes I get behind – I’ll do my best to be quicker in the future ;)

HI there, is this updated to the latest version of visual composer?

Hi Mollison! I usually update the version every week or two (after I’ve had a chance to test out their latest build) – Right now I have the latest build scheduled to go out tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest :)

Awesome thanks, is there any advantage to buying a license for visual composer? Is there potential for newer versions to break your theme or shouldn’t be a problem?


I have installed the theme and I want to change some things. Strangely, yesterday, when I use the visual composer and I add a single image, when I click on the cross to open the media library, it opened. But today, on non of the browsers I have installed, the library opens. It opens on other items, but not on single image.

Has somebody had the same problem?



Hi Sam! I haven’t had this reported yet, but I’m actually about to update Visual Composer’s integrated plugin version tomorrow, so hang tight and hopefully the issue will resolve for you with the updated plugin :)

hi how can i edit the style of the menu?

Hi Kasper! The Theme Customizer comes with a handful of good options – beyond that you’ll need to use Custom CSS – I might be able to help out depending on precisely what you need, but don’t hesitate to ask :)