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Can I have a multi-language site with this template? I need to build a site in 7 languages? Can I use WPML plugin? Thanks a lot

Hi EliGomez! You should be able to – we’ve met the highest of WP standards available and there’s nothing built into the theme that would prevent WPML from working :)

HI there, I’m having trouble getting the slider demo to work, as far as i’m aware i have the zip installed (http://lyndoncoon.com.au/phpinfo.php) my hosting is with crazy domains and i asked them to install it. I’m not sure of PHP version, is there a specific one it needs to be? I get the import slider error. Any help would be greatly appriciated

I just downloaded that link, and still same problem, when you try to unzip it wont work, says corrupted error.

Ok – it could be a known issue with webhosts that don’t run the ZIP function by default – I’ll have to see if I can find the ticket again with the RevSlider forum, but ask your webhost to turn on the PHP ZIP/UNZIP function and that should do the trick :)

As far as i am aware PHP zip is turned on, is UNZIP and different part that needs turning on too? and by zip error i get that when i try to unzip it on computer to see whats in before upload


Hi Ollin! I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t happy with the support – I’m unfortunately unable to man the support desk 24/7 as lots of buyers would like, but I also try to be pretty up front about that on my support page (I’ve got newborn twins and a sick 2 year old at home at the moment) – Regardless, I’ll always do my best to help out when I can!

To change that inner area to a texture, you’d need to use some custom CSS:

#section-content > .container{background: url('yourimage.jpg') repeat;}

I’ll add this in as a new theme option as soon as I can though! B

Sorry for the complain I just needed that support. I have one question, Is there any way you can take off the content area background or make it transparent in order to just look the background? thanks

Sure! Just add the following custom CSS snippet:

#section-content, #section-content .container{background: transparent !important;}

Hi Again, In your demo you have you Trading Hours text block laid out really nicely (http://i.imgur.com/rre5sMd.png) i am trying to replicate this but unsure how, how did you achieve this?

Also is there a way to change the footer size please, i want to make mine alot narrower?


This template works fine with WP 3.9? Have You thinking in update this template?


Hi Andres! I’m not entirely following your question, but yes, this theme is WP 3.9 ready and is updated regularly :)

Hello! Please upload revolution slider demo data. The old demo data invalid.


7-Zip 9.20 Copyright© 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov 2010-11-18 p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=hu_HU.UTF-8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,2 CPUs)

Error: /home/xyz/Downloads/Bar_Grill_WP/Documentation/Theme_Demo_Content/demo-revolution-slider.zip: Can not open file as archive

Errors: 1

Hello! Not working :( importing slider setings and data… Error: Wrong export slider file format! This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled.


7-Zip 9.20 Copyright© 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov 2010-11-18 p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=hu_HU.UTF-8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,2 CPUs)

Error: /home/xyz/Downloads/Bar_Grill_WP/Documentation/Theme_Demo_Content/demo-revolution-slider.zip: Can not open file as archive

Errors: 1

Dear MDNW, Any reaction? :) Kind regards, Tomi

Hi Tom!

Try this out: http://mdnw.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/rev_sliders/bar_grill_slider.zip That’s the latest version – There’s a chance that you need to enable the ZIP Archive feature for PHP via your webhost though… that error is usually tied to ZIP features being turned off on the server, but you can ask your webhost to turn them back on for ya :)

Okay….It will not let you update the Visual Composer…It won’t even let you deactivate it so you can do a manual update.

I see you are busy with the kids…I have kids and 3 restaurants…hockey…basball…dance…it only gets worse.

You have 3.6 and theyre up to 4.2….that’s a bit old and not just lagging behind.

Please advise on how we can update.

Hi Mandy!

For plugins, you usually have to fully delete it temporarily and then install the new one – I literally just got the notification that the new VC version is available for you guys to download though – so go ahead and grab it from the theme package and try it out :)

PS – In the new theme version I’ve also installed a new plugin that’ll make adding both theme and plugin updates a LOT easier (no need to delete the old versions or anything) – so you might want to update the theme first and do it that way. To update the theme this time though, you will need to deactivate/delete it (keep a backup of your original just to be safe).

MDNW – Why are you providing support for this theme and ignoring your others?


Menu is not looking like your demo, http://www.mangocantina.com/2014/ I go to Aparience > Customize > Menu and there I customize the top Item and nothing happend… I was expecting to have the menu like your demo (size, separators, animation)

Hi Mkeel! In the demo we’re not actually using the Theme Customizer at all – it’s there for anyone who wants to make customizations, but it should work right out of the box without ever visiting that panel ;)

Hello guys i will make take out sushi website but there are so many picture cus i like your text menu..and can i order directly to cart from your text menu page ? Refer link http://ilovesushitoronto.ca/menu.asp


Hi there, first GREAT THEME, works perfectly. I’m experiencing just a minor bug but I cannot find a way to overcome this. I’m working on local, so here’s a screenshot of what I’m experiencing.


There’s that sign on top of all my pages. Any idea why or how to remove it?

OK NEVERMIND, i got it. Of course after 3 days of work I found the mistake A SECOND after asking for help. dammit. :p

Thanks for the update!

Hello, I bought your theme, the theme is well noted this is why I bought are.

But I have a problem when I want to import the setting theme demo xml, I that errors “failed”, it means nothing to import, yet I followed the procedure in pdf.

thank you kindly


how do I make it so my blog is laid out in the grid layout as opposed to the traditional layout?

thanks, C.

I have now sorted this. :)

Thanks for the update!

Last request/question…

The site is up and running and WTG on the update…eh-hem, sure wish I had the updated visual editor in the beginning…made life a ton easier.

Okay…I know that I can change the background of my site to any color…and the center area….BUT is there a way to use an image instead of the color?

Thanks…say yes…it’s my bday.

ALSO….if you turn on images for everywhere else the information on the inside are is butt up against the image…doesn’t look right.


Hmmm I’ll try to see what I can do on both of these – the header was never really intended to have it’s own unique space, but I suppose I don’t see an issue with allowing a unique image/color in there… as for the content space, I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about here… got a screenshot I can take a peek at?

check out the website I listed above www.mandyspizza.com

The slider demo file is corrupt and is only 1kb in size. The demo files from the xml didn’t import correctly and I have other errors from this theme. Need some help here asap. Thank you!

This worked. Thank you

Cool! I’ll add it to the actual theme version then :)

Currently experiencing an issue with setting the Theme Page Options for a page, like Show the Title & Show Breadcrumbs. If I set them to no and then save the page. After that if I go into visual composer for the page and make edits and hit update, then it resets “Show the Title” & “Show Breadcrumbs” to yes again. Is this a known issue?

Hi Project! I’ll check into this for ya right now – can you confirm that you’re on 1.0.5 for the theme version? Thanks!

Hi, yes I just updated to 1.0.5 yesterday as I thought that would possibly fix it, but it didn’t.

I am considering this theme and wondered if there is an option for a block of text (with h1 and regular type styles) below the slider, similar to some of your other themes?

Hi Radish! Sure! You can pretty much do anything like that with the new Visual Composer stuff – this particular theme doesn’t have the actual Page Caption fields any more (they aren’t necessary), but yeah, you can pull the same exact layout off :)


I got the email informing about the update. I was just wondering what is the latest version number as it says it was updated on the 29th but is still version 1.0.4 which in the change log was dated 20/5 thanks

Hi mollison! The latest one should be 1.0.5… I’ll triple check it for ya, but if you see the new “Skin Builder” tab in the Theme Options panel, you’ve got the latest one :)

I tried using the update pluging you included last update so maybe that didn’t work properly, is there any known problems buy doing up that way?

The Theme Options area is blank. Even after putting in the Optiontree import. The site data is updated but still nothing shows in the Theme Options. When we click save in the Theme Options, then all the updates from the Optiontree import disappear. So right now there is no way for us to customize the theme.

I have purchased many themes and this is becoming one of the WORST EVER experiences in trying to simply customize a theme. Even a simple logo cannot be uploaded because there is no logical place to upload it. Customizing the colors, etc is near impossible because again, nothing is easy to fine. The left menu where all the customization options should be seems to be missing many basic options.