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is someone else selling this same theme? http://themeforest.net/user/themesdeveloper I see yours and this on wordpress. How do we know the difference?

Hello. My theme for Wordpress (Woocommerce). ThemesDeveloper did PrestaShop version


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Is it compatible with Woocommerce 2.4.10? Thanks

Hello. Not yet, will upload new theme version soon


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Thanks Temash.


I have purchased this theme and I installed everything. I have also added the demo content but I can not see the images. Whenever I upload images it takes but it does not show the photo on the website and shows the broken image sign.

Please let me know how can i fix this. I can send you my URL if you need.

Hello. Please use my support http://temashdesign.ticksy.com

Could you share me the email ID. Since i bought a pack of 4 themes, It is not taking the Item Purchase Code as Valid.

I am not provide support for sampler pack. You should buy theme by regular license

Hi Temash, I have a couple questions about barberry theme.

1- I want to sell digital products. Is this possible? 2- I want to share free digital products who want to share their e-mails. I have Opt-In Panda for Wordpress plugin. Is this plugin compatible for this theme ?


Hi ThemeKeys. 1 – Yes, it’s possible. 2 – I am not tested Opt-In Panda plugin with theme

regarding the wish list button on woo product, if say some users has logged in either direct email or facebook and liked or wishlisted a product, is there anyway, admin knows that? say i want to find out, how many ppl wish listed a particular product, can i do it as admin? if yes how ?

Hello sgpsai. I can only advise to read Yith Wishlist plugin docs

Hello Is there any special requirements on updating of theme? i do not find any documentation on updating the theme.


Update as normal through ftp and replace full theme folder?

Is this going to work without any crash?

Kind regards

Hello disenoideas. You can update theme by Envato Toolkit plugin or replace theme files by FTP or install theme as new. If you plan to customize theme please use child-theme for that so you can update parent theme without changes lost.

Hi Thank you.

Hi there. i was looking at the documentation files. there used to be a video with a step by step guide but it is not working anymore. do you have an update for that? many thanks

Checked video in documentation and it’s work. Later I’ll reupload video on another hosting


I have some issues about your theme or about my site i dont know actually.

1- On Home page, when i pull featured products to the left side, at the end, featured products tab closed.

2- On shop page and product category pages, 2nd and 3rd columns are stick together. (I’m using 4 columns).

3- Sale badges on product’s images are slide right about 40 pixels. But i’ve disabled all of them.

Can you help me please ?

I’ve sent my ftp and wordpress info on your ticket system.


How can i find this version ?

I found. Thanks for advice. When you will release new update?

Today-Tomorrow but I don’t know when reviewer accept it for downloading. 2-3 days I think

Hi Temash,

I wrote your support system 2 days ago but you did not reply me. Ticket ID: #648916

I have a problem about images. When i upload a new image for product or somethingelse, there is several copy with different sizes. And this is a big problem. I have 120+ products and 70+ blog posts for now but there is a 8000+ images on FTP. About 2.00+ GB. I’m uploading product and writing blog everyday and i cant imagine what will happen 3 or 4 months later. Is there a way to solve this problem?


Related URL: http://www.graphickeys.com

Hi. Please check your ticket


Hi Temash,

Can you checkout my blog page please? There is something happen. Sidebar and page numbers were disappaer. http://www.graphickeys.com/blog/

Problem solved—Thanks

Hi. Thanks for the theme.

I have a problem with the “On sale products slider” on my frontpage. It works okay, but the previous arrow doesn’t work. I’ve just updated the theme and everything else that shouldnt be the problem.

Could you help out why? URL: http://wineboutique.dk/

Hello. Please use my support http://temashdesign.ticksy.com

Hello I have updated the theme on my clients site that is using Barberry Theme. http://www.bagfashionista.com/

i have noticed that after the update the Latest Products section on the front page is not visible.

it seems it is overlapped by the product categories section..

Why has it happened and how do we fix this?

Kind regards

Hello. Please use my support http://temashdesign.ticksy.com