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Deks Purchased


theme is using quickview 2.0.1 which is very old version – how to update it?

same question for woocommerce brand plugin?

thank u!

Hello. Can you open ticket on http://temashdesign.ticksy.com/ ?

Dont appreciate you releasing an update that is buggy!


TICKET #424308

Checked new theme update as new theme and update and it works correctly. Please disable plugins before update

Hello The demo is not working?

Thanks. Please check now

Si, working , Thanks…

Hello can you please give me a refund, I already purchased the them a month ago and i was purchasing another theme, and some how it switched in my cart back to this theme without me realizing. I have not downloaded the new purchase of your theme so please refund the money.

Hello. You should write to ThemeForest support

Hi Temash,

First of all, I love your theme, it is beautifully designed and easy to set up, thank you!

However, I have some problems after installing WooCommerce plugin 2.3.9. I cannot make any changes in my backend anymore, e.g.:

1. The store banner for the demo store cannot be removed though it is unchecked. I cannot save checked/unchecked.

2. I cannot use the theme tester plugin as the backend doesn’t respond to activation and saving the settings.

I have the latest WP version (re-installed, problem remains), all plugins are up to date (deactivated all, problem remains), I tried an older version of WooCommerce (problem remains). Since I am trying to solve this since yesterday I don’t know what to do anymore. Can you help me?

Thank you very much,


Just would like to let you know that I solved it. It was a database issue. I created a new one and now everything is working fine. Thanks!

?I purchased the Envato The eCommerce Sampler Pack is Available for Two Weeks!

I would like to know if you provide updates for my Barberry Woocommerce Theme even though it was part of the Bundle offer? I downloaded a new copy today but not sure if it’s the updated file?. if not, please send me the updated theme that is compatible with my Woocommerce plugin update. Thanks.

Hello lpolitix. About Envato The eCommerce Sampler Pack – “Due to the exclusive nature of this package, we are only offering updates for the first three months, and will not be offering item support.” So you should buy theme with regular license to get latest theme version and support.

Updating the theme, lost the footer, how do i get the footer to display again?

found it it was all disabled in the theme options..

Is there something wrong with the demo, as i do not see your demo visible on your site?

I am having many problems when it is uploaded..

Why is it disabling all of the logos and footer, i have not seen everything else yet, but will check

Checked live preview website. Works correctly

Hello I am having problems with this website http://www.kloebeach.com

the products have disappeared from the front page.. they appear to be hidden beneath the product categories. which are under the product slider.

product category numbers, next to images on the front page have turned yellow?

when i clicked on the part of the product imae visable it takes me here, http://www.kloebeach.com/product/womens-summer-hats-straw-hat-carolina/ this page is a mess.

please could you check what is wrong!!

Kind regards


re uploaded theme after woocommerce updates etc and now its working okkk.. thanks


bitin Purchased


do you have an custom code that there get two products displayed at one time in the mobile view? At the moment in my shop I only the one big product and need to swipe down. But it would be better to see two products besides and to swipe down.

Thanks Fabian

Hello Fabian. I’ll make two products in the mobile view in next theme update.


sgpsai Purchased

does your theme suppot WC Vendors plugin, have u tried it, with this, can your theme work like multi-vendor/multi shop ?

Hello sgpsai. I am not tested WC Vendors plugin with theme


lucasu86 Purchased

I have update to latest theme update, but I’m unable to update any of the plugins: Envato Toolkit, Revolution Slider

get error: Download failed. couldn’t connect to host