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After I installed barossa portfolio realized that does not support other languages ??than English (I’m from Greece) in the filters menu (categories). Specifically, instead of the main category title displays the alias names.


Hello – I’m not quite sure what you’re asking..

Sorry for my English

I have problem with the language in the filters (categories) of barossa portfolio I have created some categories with titles written in Greek language. On my website, in the portfolio, are not showing the titles of the categories but the alias titles of the categories

Thanks for the help


Thank you for your beautiful template :)

I have a little problem, it seems that any checkboxes nor radio buttons are displayed. For example for the login module, the checkbox “Remember me” is not displayed. Do you have an idea to solve this problem? Thank you

Hello – I believe you are talking about the Joomla version? If so you need to contact Erwin Schro – the author of that version on the Joomla page :)

Hello Craig,

Thanks again for this theme. :) Been using it a while now and it’s awesome. I was wondering if there’s any way to have a scrolling list of icons in the “Brands that love our work” bit? Is this simple to do?

Thank you!

Hello, compliment for your theme, i purchased your template but now i must create a landing page, can you help me to create them? How can i do ? tnk Giancarlo


Unfortunately we can’t help you build your own website. This is a html template so you will need to have at least a basic understanding of html and CSS to customise :)

Hello, I’m the programmer who is developing the site http://www.honeyandcinnamonwed.com/ I use your template bought from the graphic company. I have a huge problem, when I put a module barossafolio (now i use 3 modules) the loading time is very very slow!! because all images are loaded first time in browser’s cache. Exist a way to speed up the loading, maybe not loading cached images? thank’s for your help!


Did you purchase from Envato? You’re not showing up as a purchaser.

I did not buy it… It was bought by the web designer that commissioned me the work. If you wish .. I will open a ticket from him

Sure – thanks

Hello Craig,

Thanks for this theme and sorry for my english…

I try to install Barossa but WP (local on my computer) tells me that Barossa does not contain “style.css”. But there is a file “style.css” in the folder “CSS”. What can I do… If I drop “style.css” at the root of the folder “Barossa1.2” (like others themes), WP tells me that the header of “style.css” is wrong…

Sorry for these questions, I’m a little “french très petit” beginner :)

Hey there,

Barossa is not a WordPress theme it is an HTML template, this is why you are seeing the error

Hey ! Sorry for my bad english :( I’m french I need add an other item menu near “Contact” (menu right), named “Blog” My questions : - is it possible with your template to click on my new menu “blog” without external menu, and have a new page ? ( if yes, how can I do?) - Wich link for this new item ? ( for portfolio is #bottom; for contact is #footer. And for my blog is …?) Thanks ! Emilie

Hi Emilie,

To link to another page, instead of using #linkname you link to an address like so: <a href="blog.html">Blog</a>

If you need a page on another server you link with the full http:// like this:
<a href="http://emilie.wordpress.com/blog">Blog</a> if you need a link to open in a new tab, use the target attribute with _blank like this:
<a href="blog.html" target="_blank">Blog</a>

Hope this is helpful :)


Dear James, thanks for your reply ! I build my site with Joomla, so it is not very easy for me to “understand” code. Si if you can help me giving advice step by step, it will be wonderful ! I explain what I do : First, I’ve create category ( parent: blog make art & co ; sub-categories: talk about me, fashion… After, I write articles and assigned for each sub-categories. Second, I create module type menu named Blog footer. Menu selected : main menu. For finish, I create a menu in my mainmenu named blog ( type : category blog choosing category “blog make art and co”). So, I have an item “Blog” on my footer ( Good!) BUT when I click on it, I have this :”404 NOT FOUND The requested URL /blog.html was not found on this server. ” I’m very disappointed….. Can you have a look on my back office maybe, if I give you a code user ? PLEASSSSEEEEEEE !

This means that you need a file on your server (or in the folder in your computer) named blog.html – so when you click the link, the browser seeks blog.html and displays it to the user.

You should have an index.html (the default page to be shown) and other pages in different html files. The links such as “blog.html” link to these files on your server.

To continue this conversation, please open a support ticket on mediumrare.ticksy.com


How do I change the tree icon on the slider? Thanks


You aren’t appearing as a purchaser. Are you referring to the Joomla or HTML version?

Yes, I have purchased the theme barossa. (I can send you the invoice.) I’m referring to the Joomla version. I would like to change the leaf in this little square box. I had a look in the template-files in Joomla, but I dont know, where to change it.


The Joomla version is by the author Erwin Schro, you’ll need to get in contact with him here:



Problem with background images do not resize on Tablet or Smarthone ( ipad – Iphone) , these are not responsive. Can you fix this?

Hello there,

You are not showing as a purchaser, are you referring to the Joomla version? If so you’ll need to request support on the Joomla page

Hi, I have problems with the height of the Flex Slider, we set in css on 460px , but uploaded images that are 460px are not correctly visable. What are we doing wrong? Thanks

Hey there,

You are not appearing as a purchaser, did you purchase HTML or Joomla version?

I bought on this site the JOOMLA version

Erwin Schro is the author of Barossa Joomla, you’ll need to raise this on the Barossa Joomla page. This is the Barossa HTML page. Thanks.

Hi. Love the template! although I can’t get to install the theme in wordpress it display a message that the style.css stylesheet is missing, and I didn’t remove any files from the .zip I downloaded.

Hey there,

Barossa is a HTML template not a WordPress theme, this means you’ll need an understanding of HTML/CSS in order to customise and implement.

Thanks, Craig

lovely template but will not work in safari can you help!!

Have enjoyed this theme since it came out in 2013. So has the client. Now, they want to add video. Is this possible? Perhaps in place of the ABOUT US section? Please advise and thank you.

Hey there,

We don’t have any plans to update the theme with video options unfortunately. You should be able to insert an iframe from Youtube or Vimeo (or an HTML5 video for that matter) without issue however.

Is there any styling available for a dropdown form element that is cross-browser compatible? I would like to add a dropdown menu item but am not sure of the styling. Any pointers or help you can provide is appreciated.



There is no dropdown behaviour built into Barossa. Although, you could use a tutorial online to build the behaviour in yourself. Unfortunately we don’t have plans to add this functionality in ourselves.

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