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More stunning stuff! Good luck

thanks Charlie, your comments are always appreciated :)

Very simple and clean! Congrats, GLWS! :P


cheers mate :)

Amazingly simple and clean :)

thanks mate, that’s just what I was going for :)

Man, it’s more then amazing!

Cheers Preon ;)

Hi, realy amazing theme! Would it be possible to add some kind of portfolio pagination or “portfolio item load more function”. So that a page with a lot of portfolio items loads faster, due to the fact that they are not all loaded at once. This would be awesome, if you integrate something like that into your next theme :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I’ll take this into consideration :)

hey, Do you think this temp could be used for a single rental property in Tuscany? Great design so really hope so!!!! Good luck either way


hey, Do you think this temp could be used for a single rental property in Tuscany? Great design so really hope so!!!! Good luck either way (repost, forgot the check box for the email)

Hi Anthony, I’m sure it would work fine as a template for a rental property, particularly if you handle your bookings through a site like the booking button

As a designer I think this is one of the most stylish files on here! As a beginner in code- if we created for example two half columns on a section and put text in one side and an image on the other will that image “respond” automatically with the column or do we need to add more CSS stuff to make it work? Hope that makes sense and sorry for the newbie question! Thanks

Hi Cara, thanks for the great compliment! The column layout you mentioned would be quite simple and yes – it would respond automatically. The template is built on Zurbs foundation so the column system is really easy to use :)

‘newbie questions’ Cara…. I dont even know what you just said, dread to think what level of newbie that makes me!!!! lol

Hi there, would it be possible to add a contact form on the top of the front page? Thanks a lot!

Hi riowego, sure, you could simply copy the code from the contact section and paste it on the front page :) I could help with this if you needed!

Looks great. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

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Thank you, fixed

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Thanks mate, fixed


fw Purchased

great theme, clean and good structured. Curious where you have found the nice images, a link would be great for licencing ;-)

Hello mate, thank you for purchasing and for the feedback. The images are from unsplash.com and are all Creative Commons licence, so you can use them freely :) don’t forget to rate is template 5 stars! :D

What an outstanding template. Bought and customized for a client here: http://stevenkampmann.com/

Thank you for the lovely feedback and for showing off your customised version, it looks great! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars :D

Anytime, will leave 5 stars for sure. Keep up the good work, I love to support artists like you.

Thank you very much :)

nice work, love the hover effect on the portfolio thumbs!

thanks Dante! :)

So i’m assuming this is not an actual template correct?

We browsed themeforest for days and finally came across this one and fell in love. However, we are completely new to wordpress and have NO idea how to use it now that we’ve paid for it….

someone help please…

Hello, this is an HTML template, yes. But it is not a Wordpress theme, this means that it requires basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to implement. I’m sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for..

Hi, I also think its a beautiful template, but I’ve had major problems with it displaying in a stable manner on different devices. I took a look at the site above http://stevenkampmann.com/ and saw that it was also stretching the images one minute then displaying perfectly when reloaded. And zooming down to the contact section when pressing on the works link. I have asked for help via the email link on the pdf but I haven’t heard back. I’ve now solved the problem of the links randomly zooming to the contact section by placing it on its own page, but it would be good to have an idea of why it is not displaying consistently between different computers.

Hi Craig, it is strange. I’ve wondered if I’ve damaged the code somewhere along the line. But you would have assumed that it would affect it on all devices…?

Hi Sarah, the background image you’re using is too wide for its height (use something close to 1280×800), this is why you are experiencing white at the top. Also on responsive.css on line 85 add the rule ‘max-width: 160%;’ you will also need to adjust the ‘left’ property to around -100px so that the picture is offset and shows your face

I am working on the responsive menu issue now :)


Thanks! And thanks for purchasing :)