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Hi Craig, great design! What is the optimum size for your slider images? I also noticed that the img folder does not have any dummy holding images as a size guide. An image size guide would be most helpful. :)

SORRY! I see that you have used placeholder images from an external website! But the size of the large flexslider image is only 1200×800 – will this be large enough for big hi-res screens?

What size did you use for the slider image in your demo?

Hello, for hi res screens you might want to use an image that is closer to 1920×1080 :)

I can’t get my quote-divider image to display – I have checked the style.css but am having problems with the background: url… The image I want to use is in the img folder – img/myimage.jpg

Please help :confused:

Hello, the image path needs to be relative so use: ../img/my image.jpg :)

THANKS :) Another query where can I change my footer link – it is so pale that it is very hard to read

Hello! Great theme!

A question: i have only one member of team, and would like this member to be featured on the left third of the section “about-text”, and then have two thirds of text on the right side of “team-member”. How do i make this happen? you can see the page here: http://tinyurl.com/ndoumnh

Hello? :-)

Apologies for that Jonatan, yes you can easily do this, the template uses a 12 column grid system so you would structure it as so:
<div class="large-3 columns">....</div>
<div class="large-9 columns">...</div>

Hi. I want to buy your theme. But not work on ie 8. If do you solve this problem, i will buy it.

hi Craig, first up, super job on what is one of the cleanest designs i have seen – absolutely love it.

need your help with just one thing – i have changed the email id to my own in mail.php, but the form does not seem to work / submit at all.

any way you can look into this and point me in the right direction. i have hosted it on http://hdipak.com/unrounds

Hi mani, thanks for the compliment and for purchasing. I may need to see your mail.php file to see what’s going on however. My email address is craiggarner800@gmail.com

Hey this theme looks cool but it’s not responsive cos on on my iPad it looks kind of rough. Reading the comments it looks like a new version is coming. Is the one for sale now the new version? cheers mate JohnS

Hi John, this is responsive, make sure you remove themeforest’s banner at the top with the cross, this often stops the site appearing in its responsive form

Hi Craig

I have sent you an email about mail.php not sending sender’s name.

Thanks Pen

Hi everyone, I have just issued an update that addresses the background image squishing on certain screens.

Hello, i just see there is an update, but what are the improvements ? Just to know if i have a good reason to download it ;-p Thanks for your work.

Sure, it was to fix the background images squishing up on ipads in portrait :)

Hi Craig, Can you please tell me what part of the css has been updated as I have already edited the style sheets – colours, fonts and sizes etc and it would be much easier if I knew what lines have been updated.

Many thanks! :)

line 85 of responsive .css change to ‘max-width: 200%;’

Thanks – that’s a big help :)

My pleasure :)

Hi Craig, thanks for making this amazing template! I absolutely love it. I have customised it to my requirements and nearly ready to go live with it. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get the contact form to work. It doesn’t send anything. Please can you help? Thanks!

Actually, sorry. I was being stupid. I hadn’t uploaded the changed version to my web server. Sorry! And again … AMAZING theme!

No worries, glad you sorted it :)

Hello Craig I have sent you an email as I am still having problems with the iPad size after having changed line 85 as explained above. Many thanks

Hi Nubel, I’m working on an overhaul of the slider as some people are still having issues, will notify when done

Hi Nubel, I have just submitted an update that addresses this issue once and for all, there will no longer be image squashing.

Hello, do you have an admin interface for the barossa template?

no, this is an html template only :)

Hi, it’s very easy to play with your template and to adapt it, very good, but something worry me.

My question : i designed images for the “parallax-like” sections (such as “quote-divider” for examples), they are 1280×800 px BUT when displayed, they are 1600 pix wide ! So the quality is not very good. I want the images to fit at 1280 (if browser window is 1280 of course) and increase up to 1600 (or more) IF NECESSARY, not by “default”.


To be precise, the effect is quite good on the very top of the page (the slider), it doesn’t stretch for nothing, the limits of the image are just equal to the limits of the screen.

Hi consultaoc, I have just submitted an update to the template which overhauls the slider and the way it appends images. This will address the resizing issues

Hello all,

The slider has been completely overhauled and there is no longer an issue with images squishing.

Hi Craig, thanks for the update to the template. Could you let us know the css or lines that have changed? I have customised the old template and it would help not having to do everything again. Thank you! :)

Hi Nubel, sure, ill email it to you!

Hi Craig, I didn’t receive the email and I downloaded the whole thing again but I see no difference other than now the slider image repeats on the mac and on the iPad is exactly as it was if no worse. So I would be grateful if you could let us know what is going on with the slider. Many thanks! :)

You can post it here (or elsewhere) because i’m interested in too ! Thanx

Hi Craig.

I did send you an email but not sure if you received it.

I love the template just hoped you could give me some help making a change. I only want 2 team members that are centre of the page. I have currently removed 2 team members but the remaining 2 are positioned either side of the page with a big white space between.

Any help would be great.

Cheers steve.

Hi Steve, try making 4 columns and leave the left and right most ones empty :)

Cheers Craig worked a treat.

N worries mate! :)

Hi Craig,

Is it possible to embed Video’s instead of images in the work section as I plan to use this theme for a media production house.

Thanks, Matthew

Yes – simply use an iframe :)