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Hi Craig, I didn’t receive the email and I downloaded the whole thing again but I see no difference other than now the slider image repeats on the mac and on the iPad is exactly as it was if no worse. So I would be grateful if you could let us know what is going on with the slider. Many thanks! :)

Hi, I never got a reply so I would like a refund please since I have not been able to use the theme.

Hello, you will need to contact envato for a refund as they handle all payment across themeforest.


fw Purchased

yes, would be great to have a changelog posted as it is essential to know what the changes are, when updating an allready existing version of your great theme.

Will send a mail too to make sure you get my enquiry ;-)



fw Purchased

any update, didn’t hear anything :-(

Hi I purchased this item. Its great but I need to change logo and icons to my JPG image. How could I do that? Please let me know asap.

inside the logo div which can be found in the nav, place an image tag with a path to your logo like so:<img alt="logo" src="img/logo.jpg" />

Beautiful theme. I am, however, having trouble with installation (newbie problems) I keep getting this message.

“The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.”

Any advice?

Hello, unfortunately this is not a WordPress theme, it is an HTML template. That means this requires basic knowledge of both HTML and CSS in order to implement

Is it possible for you to “fix” the menu highlighting when active?

I’m sorry I don’t quite understand what you mean by that. Could you explain in a little more detail?

Well, when you scroll to “About” the about menu highlights ….

Hi mate, replied by email


I realy want to buy this great theme, but i see, if i resize the screen slider images getting streched!? and on first load all slider images get stretched to the bottom, is there any chance to fix this issue? Is ist possible to get fullscreen on top slider?


Hi Craig, I made the same newbie mistake. Cant install to WP :( I really luv this theme though and it would be perfect for my wedding site. Is there anyway you can work around this?

Hi Mate, unfortunately not as this is only a HTML template, apologies

Hi Craig! Great job you did with this template! AWESOME! here i have an easy question for you, but it’s bringing me some headache. How can i change one concrete line’s font, concretely where it says BAROSSA i want to put the name of the website, but with a customised font. I can not get to make it work. Thank you in advance!

Hi mate, just change the text and then in the css for #logo, speficy your font-family:’Font Name Here’; :)


LOVE your stuff. In fact, I’m about to buy TWO of your Landing Pages for two different clients.

One question: on your Barossa theme, is there a way to include a “three part membership plan” like on your “Flat Landing Responsive page”?

I’m developing a (single-person) massage spa and she loves the supreme simplicity of Barossa, but would like to offer a “membership package” whereby clients could buy one massage service, or a monthly package, or a yearly package.

Thank you and great work!

Hi Mate, I’ve replied via email :)

Can anyone help with inserting an image in the home section slider? When I attempt to replace to URL that point to my images, the background image doesn’t show. Thanks

Hi mate, are you making the image path relative? Eg. ‘img/myimage.jpg’?

And speaking of images…where do I put the image(s) behind the section that says, “Clients that LOVE my work”....

The photo that doesn’t move?


thanks for purchasing!

The code for those images are on line 84 of style.css and line 125 of style.css, be sure to make the path relative (eg: ../img/IMAGE.JPG)

Dear Craig,

As everyone else said, job very well done. I’m having one issue I can’t seem to figure out on my own, so I’m hoping someone or yourself can help me out. In the two layer sliders (1200×800) between “About” // “What We Do” and “Brands that <3 Our Work” // “Check this out” I can’t find the line of code that I could edit the source img for the background. How can I go about this?

Thank you very much.

thanks for purchasing!

The code for those images are on line 84 of style.css and line 125 of style.css, be sure to make the path relative (eg: ../img/IMAGE.JPG)

Great thanks!


I’m having trouble with the map thing at the bottom. Either I get the left menu on the old Google Maps or nothing at all with the new Google Maps.

Any help here? Thanks

Hi Framara, to use the map you just need to take the “src” from your own google map embed code and paste it over the “src” in the iframe from the original. If you’d like me to help you with this further just email me at craiggarner800@gmail.com

I echo the comment from sseibt; I can’t seem to find that code either.

I need to place images in those two places.

Can you please help? Thank you.

The code for those images are on line 84 of style.css and line 125 of style.css, be sure to make the path relative (eg: ../img/IMAGE.JPG)

Hope this helps! :)

Hi Craig

Got a small issues with the template, I was hoping you could give me some direction.

1. When the site loads the banner images stake on top of each other and take a while to switch back to the banner slider. (on the safari browser it doesn’t switch back to the banner slider unless you refresh the page.)

Here is the link to the site in action: www.yetiscreenprint.co.uk

Any help would be great.

Thanks Steve

Great. Let me know when it’s available. Cheers Steve

Hi Steve, just letting you know that I’ve issued an update to Barossa that adds a loader to the site. The instructions for changes will be in the download (so you can amend the files yourself rather than start from scratch)

Perfect. Have implemented and it works well. Thanks for the great support.

Hi craig,

any news yet on the mail.php?

I’m sorry, what issue were you having? To make it work you need to open it and edit line 8 to match your email address

Craig, my appologies for not being clearer on the issue. I’ve read some previous messages about the mail.php not including the senders name. But no worries, since we’ve solved it ourselves.

Great template – imho the most beautiful on the entire envato market

Wow, thankyou for the awesome compliment! :D Glad you got it sorted

Hi Craig! That’s a great template, thanks a lot! But i have an issue when i try to send an email from contact form. If all fields are empty, appears a message to complete, but when all the fields are already completed and then press to Send button nothings happens!

I made only a change on a mail.php file in line 8 with my correct email address.

And analyzing other files, I found in scripts.js file a error on a line 141, take a look please:

var dataString = ‘name=’ + name + ‘&email=’ + email + ‘&text=’ + message;

The first datastring value, name, doesn’t need a & previously?, a mean, the line have to be like this?

var dataString = ‘&name=’ + name + ‘&email=’ + email + ‘&text=’ + message;

I made this change and after that i tried again but nothing happens.

Can you help me please? I really appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards.


Hi Oberjano, thanks for purchasing! Are you working on a PHP enabled sever? If you’re working offline (as many do before launching) the mail wont send because PHP is unavailable..

Hi! Good work, good theme but there’s a problem with the email. I add my email on mail.php file but when an user send me a message i can’t read his name. Can you help me?

Thanks dude :)

I got another problem to solve :) in the OUR WORK section, i’ve seen that just the frist three projects can be show in the “big gallery”, i tried to copy and paste the biggest photo code but it don’t work. Can you tell me as i can to show all my project in big size when i click them? 5 stars coming :)

Hello, you need to make sure that the data-project-Id for the project thumbnail matches with the id for the project that sits below

Amazingly beautiful template have just given it 5 stars. Lovely design and easy to customise. Was also provided with great support from Craig.

Thankyou very much for the compliment and the review mate, much appreciated! :)

What has been updated for the latest version that was posted today? thanks

Hello, there is the notes in the download :) It added a loader to the site