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I consider to buy this theme. But there seems to be some problems in the live demo with the buttons and icons…


I use iOs 7 and Google Chrome.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Hey Daan, I updated the shortcodes buttons recently – they are just missing the color added in – they’ll look like the ones on this page here: http://demo.themebeans.com/base/shortcodes/ – but with icons. :)


I would like to use this to create a Wiki portal. I need the ability to have users post their own new topics and get comments (moderated). Will this work in WordPress to provide that functionality?

No I mean like wikipedia :)

I should clarify, feel/behave like Wikipedia (but nicer look), except that wiki pages created do not go live and are moderated first.

You could set up user roles and give them appropriate actions with quite a few plugins. I found this article, as well as this one with some good info on them.


Hi themebeans, unfortunately I have already created my website using another theme. However I do like the Flip cards widget. Would it be possible to purchase just the code for that and how to combine it into the theme I am currently using. I’m not great at code but I can suss things out ok. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey Rob, every so often we do take customization requests (which this falls under). You can get in touch with us here regarding the customization and I’ll get back with you.

Cheers, Rich

Any plans to include live search and support for Wordpress 3.9?

Hey there, Base is already compatible with WP 3.9.1, but for your first question, I don’t think that’s something we’ll do inside the theme itself – though possibly adding support for a plugin of sorts.


I have contacted you via your support portal but had no response, I have setup your template on my site and the summary for blogs isnt working, it shows all the blogs in full rather than the summary.

I have disabled all plugins and still it shows the full blog post.

my website: http://www.spottedhyena.co.uk

Hey Marksie1988, what’s your support ticket? We try to get to everyone within the first 24 hours (excluding most weekends).

Are you using the more tag? That’s needed to summarize posts on the index views (http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/).


Does this theme support WPML? Thanks.



Hi There,

Just curious if there is a ticketing system for this yet! I have read a comment that was made a year ago and stated that you will be implementing.


Hey mate! It was on our “Let’s see if this is possible” developer list. We decided against it, but may add BBPress Forum Support in our v2.0 Framework release (date to be determined).

Cheers! Rich

Also, I apologize that this comment was delayed. For some reason it had not shown up on the Author Dashboard!

HI I read somewhere that your theme is wpml compliant. Can I see a demo of a multilanguage doc site somewhere?

in oter words, does your theme has a wpml-config.xml file and http://wpml.org/documentation/theme-compatibility/

Hi! Is there a way to remove Home Sidebar and Home Primary Widget?

Hey there! Glad you figured that out! Do you mind emailing the Help Team with your URL so we can take a look for you? Thanks!

Happy to. Thanks again!



This is a grea theme. Can you please pin-point us to the widget/theme setting that allows us to set up the Twitter Status Feed that is shown in the homepage footer on your demo.

I’m not sure if I’m bline but can’t seem to find any reference to it in your docs, the widgets in the admin, or the theme options in the admin.

I’d appreciate if you could pin-point us to it in a reply to this email, rather than us having to register on your support site to ask this question.

Regards, Steven

Hey Steven, you currently do not have to register on our support site (though we are implementing that in early 2015) and support is typically much easier and quicker in our own system (rather than these comments) – but anyhow, you just need to install the Bean Tweets plugin and after filling in the settings, simply add it in via the Home Bottom Feature widget area like in this screenshot.

Cheers! Rich

Hi happy new year,Is RTL supported?

Yup, we include a rtl.css file with all our themes :)

Hi ThemeBeans, do all your themes (14 themes) support rtl

I include rtl.css files within all our themes, though it’s just the standard rtl file. You will probably need to go in and follow this guide to touch up any elements that need it.


Do you have any advice for creating a proper wiki using your theme, particularly enabling users to edit/create content? (plugins your theme is compatible with etc) thanks a lot

I’m not up to date with plugins, but you could probably find a decent Multi-Authorship plugin, where users would need to register, then be able to create “posts” which are the wiki articles.

Hi, before purchasing I would like to know how the information is treated with your template. Are there any kind of KMS functionalities to list/edit/insert/delete each item or are should I write them directly in the Wordpress code? Or are the items taken directly from a DB (i.e. MySQL)? Thank you.

Hey there, the posts are all treated exactly like standard WordPress posts. Each one is created from your WP Dashboard and edited/maintained/published from there as well (there’s no difference there). Per default WP functionality, when you create a a post it’s added to the database, which the page pulls in.

Hope that helps! Rich

Search stinks. Is there a way to replace it with Google Custom search?

Hey there, the search is the default WordPress functionality. You can probably tag along a plugin and add it in in lieu of the bean_header_search function indeed.


on the homepage, where can i find the code to replace the search box with that of Google custom search?

The bean_header_search function is located within the lib/content/content-header.php file. In the future, do you mind contacting our support team – it’s much much quicker and easier to maintain communication between the ThemeBeans team and yourself. Thanks!


Hi, I bought this theme last week. I have a problem with the primary menu when use with my iPhone. The menu contains a button to go to Home page. This button can be visible on my Mac but not on my iPhone. Do I have to set any thing to show such? Any theme option for that? Or it is a bug?

Best regards, Kritsana


jonpedlow Author Team

Hi there!

Thanks for purchasing one of our themes! Please note that support is operated through our Help Center.

To get in touch, create an account, login and create a ticket. We’ll take a look at your issue and get you some help usually within 24-48 hours.

Help Center | Login | Open a Ticket

Cheers! Jon

Hi, I love this theme its beautiful! Just wondering though is there any way to hide the title (not on the homepage) but on other pages?

Thanks Belle


jonpedlow Author Team

HI Belle,

Sure it can be done with CSS which I can help you with in our support system :)


Hello, Is there a way I can see knowledge base layout page? (with all categories, no widgets) example: http://themeforest.net/item/flatbase-a-responsive-knowledge-basewiki-theme/full_screen_preview/7264664

Also can I have this theme without sidebars? Without any options screenshot it’s hard to say what can we do with this theme…