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Hi, I am having the same problem as evsukumar had 11 months ago, where ‘I’m trying to use Yoast plugin for SEO. It doesn’t recognize the content from the stack builder as the body content, so my SEO rank is poor’. Two questions: 1. Can this be fixed? 2. If Yoast SEO can’t see my content and therefore ranks my SEO as poor, how does this affect my site’s Google rankings?

Thanks for your reply. This is really helpful!


LeafThemes Author Team

Have you purchase the theme yet?

Our developers have purchased it for us a couple of months ago.


I must be missing something because the site says this theme is well documented, so please forgive me if it is there and I can’t see it, but can you provide me with details of where I can find documentation about the shortcodes and how to use them. I found the demo on Themeforest and can see what the shortcodes do, but I can’t find a list or explanation of how to use the short codes.

Regards Chris

Hi there, I’m sorry that there is not document about shortcode because there is shortcode generator which provide all information with it interface, please consider: http://d.pr/i/1je3h

Thank you, I didn’t know that was a shortcode generator.

Hi Im new at this and i want to know how to add products to my woo commerce page and how do i show that on the home page?

Hi there, you can show product on any page by using “WooCommerce Product” stack: http://d.pr/i/1dN3X

Hi again, We have been trying to improve our site speed and ran a number of tests, and it seems that the Clients feed on our Home page is taking up a lot of resources because it has to load each image individually. Is there any way I can make CSS sprites work with Stack Builder so that I can have one big image with all the clients logos and display different parts of it as the slider moves?


I am wondering why the header logo doesn’t sink in this website of ours http://anythinginsurance.uk/ but works perfectly on our other site http://anythingcompliance.uk/. They are using the same theme version and plugins. Stickey and Resize Header are both enabled

is that the reason why it is not working? even if we will change the theme of our other site?

No, it is just the reason why I cannot give you any support because you do not follow Envato license agreement.


My Licence code: 5aec76ae-3e80-4416-9ed9-115e1ebe71a9 URL: www.thegreatbritishhouse.com

Can you help? When I bought the theme it looked ace and still does, but then you did an update and made all the columns 4 products wide and now it looks rubbish!

I spent SO long making product images – pleeeeeaaase can you direct me to the right place to fix this?



Hi, we have a problem with your theme. Please could you get back to me with how to drop the margin on mobile as it is cutting off the top of our slider.

Please try this custom CSS:

@media screen and (max-width: 782px) {
#main-header-sticky-wrapper { height: auto !important; }

Well what do you know, it seems to work ;) Going to have to check it on different mobile devices and get back to you in case there are any problems.

Great to hear that.

Hello, I wanted to ask if theres an “event” page possible, since its the most important for my company – to have a clear “upcoming events” with a description, adress, map, price and “buy tickets” button.

I’d really appreciate a quick answer, Thank You


LeafThemes Author Team

Hi there,

Yes this theme come with “event” custom post type. You can consider it here: http://basement.wegrass.com/event/test/

However, it does not have “ticket system” which let user purchase the ticket on website. You can just have “purchase ticket” button that link to other website (which can be ticket sale page)



DAMFMN Purchased

We have just purchased your WordPress theme in Envato and we are having some troubles.

We are trying to pick one of the icons from the stack builder ‘Icon features’, but it doesn’t show any icon. We have re-installed the wp theme 3 times and it doesn’t work.

This is the URL: http://da.montes.upm.es/site

Thanks for your support,


LeafThemes Author Team

Hi there, please try this: http://support.wegrass.com/discussion/983/how-to-fix-issue-cannot-upload-custom-icon

If the issue still happen, please let me know.


DAMFMN Purchased

Solved! Thank you so much.


LeafThemes Author Team

Great to hear that

If you like my theme & support, you could give me 5 stars rating at: http://themeforest.net/downloads :)

Your rating means a lot to me.


atpoole84 Purchased

when the website menu displays on the mobile, the dropdown has selected menu item is the last in the list of menus. Is there a way to change the selected menu item as the first of the menu items when in responsive mode? As an example, lets say the order of the menu is service->blog->about us->contact but when in responsive mode, the dropdown menu has the ‘contact’ as pre-selected. Can we change it so that if on the home page, the first menu item (service) as the selected item in responsive?