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The only thing missing from this is a portfolio. Please do a portfolio and single project page.

Thanks jhess, this is my first upload so I’m gauging what people want – then acting on it :)

+1 for portfolio. Looks good, would sell well as a WP theme

I like it! Good luck with this one ;)

Good job, it is only possible to get the top menu always fixed whenever you use the scroll?

@dantehicks @nilz_w thanks guys. going to turn into WP theme if it goes well :~)

@carloxfranco this is quite simple to achieve. I found a tutorial that tells you have to do the exact same thing (on another theme) http://www.wealthydragon.com/2011/08/18/lock-navigation-bar-to-top-of-screen/

I’ll add this in myself for the next version.

lovely theme. Good luck with sales :)

Will buy as soon as there is a portfolio.

gongon2 Purchased

I’ve some problem with responsive, when i change rotation of ipad or when i rescale my window browser (safari, ff or chr) it seem not work. It work correctly when i refresh/recall the page. Thanks in advance.


Hi there

this is because the slideshow plugin defines the width of the element on page load, which is a set width. I didn’t view this as a problem, because the site is still responsive to browser site when the page loads.

I will however look into an alternative and keep you updated.

Thanks for buying!


gongon2 Purchased

This is my quickly solution, it’s not elegant, but it work ;)
var sliderHeight = 0;
var windowWidth = $(window).width();
var ratio = 0;
$(window).load(function() {
fx: ‘scrollUp’,
slideResize: 0
sliderHeight = $(’.hero-slideshow’).height();
ratio = windowWidth/sliderHeight;
fx: ‘fade’,
timeout: 3000,
next: ’.slide-next’,
prev: ’.slide-prev’,
$(’.work-slide a’).lightBox();
$(’.mobile-menu’).change(function() {
location = this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;
$(window).resize(function() {
windowWidth = $(window).width();
sliderNewHeight = windowWidth / ratio;

Thanks gongon! I am away on holiday all this week which is why I havent responded yet, but will have a look when I get back.

very good job !;