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Firstly, I love the theme!

After upgrading to WP 3.8, my custom logo does not appear to be showing up. If you view the site on a mobile device the logo appears, but in a normal browser on a PC, the logo does not appear. Prior to 3.8, I did not have this problem.

Any ideas?

Hi Justin,

Sorry for the slow reply. Can I see a link to your website?

Cheers, Daniel

It seems like your domain name expired. Can I see a live preview of this theme somewhere else?

Hi. Installed the theme and imported the demo content.

On the contact page it only shows the shortcode for the contact form, but no contact form

[contact-form-7 id="30" title="Contact form 1"]

Edit: Resolved. Had to install Contact Form 7 Plugin

This theme was a gigantic waste of money. It’s absolutely unintuitive and terrible. If you want to not have the ability to add a border or to bold a word, this theme is for you. People have stopped commenting on my website because they can’t find the comment link anymore. It used to be at the bottom of every post. Now you can only see the comment link if you click through to the individual post. It’s a pain in the arse to edit a post or a page because the link on the live site that used to be there is gone. Why would the “Edit” link be removed?! That’s something just the author would see, anyway. It doesn’t clutter the site for a regular viewer.


I’m sorry to hear that. Couple things I’d like to clarify:
  • It’s possible to bold a word using the <strong> tag, which is a HTML5 standard. I’m not sure what you mean by adding a border, could you clarify that?
  • I chose not to add a comment link to the homepage. If you want to add one you can do so:
  • There’s an Edit Post button in the WordPress admin bar at each post. I didn’t see the need to add another.

Hope this helps.

Hey Is this fully compatible with WP v3.8.1? If so, I am going to buy it.

It sure is!


My mobile version is showing a blank content page.

WP 3.8.1. I disabled all plugins to test and the problem remains.

Any suggestions?


Can you send me a link to your website? I’ll take a look.


The site is and I’m trying to access via Chrome for Android.


Love the design of the theme, but I’ve been having one issue…

Sometimes when I got to the homepage the text doesn’t show up. The logo is there and the white content area is there but there’s no text in it. It’s blank.

Other times the whole page loads fine. Here’s the URL:

Any ideas?

i like this but i have a question how can i build like this “” i build a new page with archive,but The page does not have any content.


sorry i have Another problem,how to Add to socialize icon

Just a quick question, the supported versions listed end at WordPress 3.7 that’s two versions back. I see you have answered elsewhere that it does work with 3.8.1. Does this theme work with 3.9 though?

It definitely works with 3.9. Thanks for pointing that out, I will update the ThemeForest page. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks Dahn, was waiting for you to say that ;) Will buy this theme up soon for an upcoming project.

Great! Let me know if you need any help.


I am really interested in buying this theme. However, I would like to clarify few things first. Note that I am quite new to wordpress.

1. Is it possible to add a dropdown menu? I would like to “Topics” to the top menu and make it a dropdown menu. This dropdown will list important categories. My idea is that when someone click on a category from here, it will take them to a page which lists all posts from that category.

2. Are sticky posts supported?

3. I don’t see an example of tags. Are they supported? If yes, how are the rendered.

4. Is it possible to move the time of publishing a post, author, and category to the top just under the title.



1. Yes, this is possible. It is also possible to create a page with all posts from a category and link to it from the menu, yes.

2. Yes.

3. Yes, they’re supported. You can enable them in the Theme Options.

4. Yes, but it would require some HTML changes.

It’s possible to show the number of posts for each category but this would require a little coding.

I hope this helps.

Cheers, Daniel

Thanks a lot Daniel. So, I will go ahead and buy the theme :-)

Sure, HTML changes are fine. I am new to WordPress but I am a programmer. Although, I don’t do much web programming. I hope I can get some help here or on WordPress forums.

Regards, Saurabh

Awesome, glad to hear it. If you need help just send us a message.

Hi Daniel,

I bought then theme but I not able to find the key to register at your support forums.

Regards, Saurabh

If you go to your Downloads on ThemeForest and then press the Download button for the theme you get an option to download the key. :)

Yeah got it just now. Its not exactly intuitive anymore :-)

Can’t register on Help me

Hey there Simberline, sorry for the inconvenience. We’re currently moving our support forum to our new site at

Please register an account there and we’ll be waiting to answer any questions you have.


I’ve tried to set retina (width,height*2 and @2x suffix) and non retina image as logo but it does not work. Only the non retina version is displayed on my mac book pro. Any idea?

Is your MBP a retina version?

Last time I’ve checked yes, it’s a retina display ;-) coffe logo is: (@2x is double size of the normal version and set in “custo logo (for retina display)”) Opening the page with my mbp retina I can see the @2x image but with it’s size (doubled) not the size of the normal pic (of coffe.png).

OK, I originally thought you meant that the retina logo didn’t show up.

Try putting this in the Custom CSS field in Theme Options (under Styling Options tab):

#retina-logo {
width: 38px;
height: 36px;

Looks like managed to find the settings to turn off the comments box.

Do get back to us if you’re still needing assistance with this :)


Fully responsive?

Are you sure :/


We have not received any report on this issue before. Could you please provide a link so we can investigate further please?

Thanks! :)

Just an update to this:

We have just updated the theme which resolves the issue you mentioned here.

You will be notified via email when the update has been reviewed & approved by Themeforest.

Cheers! :)

Thanks a lot :)

Hi. I have just bought this theme as I wanted a simple theme to compliment the content. my website is

BUT… The theme refuses to render the posts?? whether I choose static page or posts. Pages render fine on the front page, but not blogposts.

and also when I click to view a post!

Also how to get rid of the bullet points on this page -> as shown in the image below

I’ve tried saving the permalinks, altering the options but to no avail.

Help very much appreciated, thank you.

Hi Liam,

Try to disable any plugins that might be causing this issue. It looks like you’re probably using some kind of plugin that inserts those custom forms into the post, and possibly breaks the layout as well.

Let me know if that helps.


Hi, is it a easy way to change the text on the “read more button” ?

I can`t find “the_content”

Thanks a lot

And also, I had paid for your CV theme, but now it is gone, why?


This is located inside /includes/format/[post-format].php

The CV theme has been discontinued and no longer supported.


Support links (and even live preview link) are broken. Where can I find the documentation for this theme?


Sorry for the late reply. We’re fixing the demo today, and support can be found here:


atensis Purchased

link to the documentation does not work! please fix!

Sorry about that! Can you open a ticket in our support forum so we can fix it? Thank you!