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Wow that template looks awesome when is the wordpress version out ?

Thanks Blub – Should be out very soon.

I can’t cope with fonts! I need Cyrillic, but installed font does not support it. How to put any different font? Such as “Roboto”??? Tried everything! Help me…(

And sry for bad eng _

Hi qwentin. Send me a message through the contact form on my profile page and I’ll do what I can to help you out.

done :)

I usually just rate the products I purchase but this one stands out of the line! Probably one of the best templates/landing pages available on ThemeForest.

Extremely kind of you to say so SentoWeb. Thank you very much! Let me know if you need any help with anything.

I bought this template because of it saying a Wordpress template comes with it. My partner and I bought this for our client and I need to get on this ASAP. Im trying to edit the raw code and it will take twice as long to do this then the Wordpress template. I’m not trying a jerk about this. Would the Wordpress template be ready within the next week. I’m on a tight deadline.

At no point in time has there been anything mentioned by myself to state that this comes with a WordPress version. It’s in the site templates category because that’s what it is, an HTML site template. If you’re looking for WordPress themes then try the WordPress category in future.

All the code was very easy to get to grips with thanks to the commenting. And thanks very much for the help customizing certain things! :)

Thanks Sam – Pleased I could help!

Im finding this template impossible to edit in dreamweaver… when i click on one element the whole page selects,

for example if i want to just select an image the whole main container selects.

I haven’t used Dreamweaver for a good few years now but from memory you’ll need to double click to gain access to container elements in that scenario. I’d strongly suggest against a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver unless using code generated by the application itself due to it’s incapabilities. If you have any problems with the template itself then please contact me using the form on my profile page as I generally don’t provide support in the comments area.

There is no turkish character set compatibility . ?, ?, ?, ç, ö, ü … etc. please help.

Please send me a message using the contact form on my profile page for support queries.

Do you have a timeframe on when this theme will be available for Wordpress? Thanks.

Shouldn’t be more than a few weeks from now Tony. Watch this space!


Brilliant work with the theme :D

Excitedly waiting for the wordpress version!

Thanks Ravi!

Excellent Job !! I like your Item That’s why I wish you Good Luck with sales :D

Thanks very much Brainart :)

This template is very, very well done! The documentation is fantastic, the design is super clean and professional, and everything runs as smooth as butter. Great work!

Super kind of you to take the time to comment – thanks for the kind words!


This is the very best corporate theme in my opinion. I am very interested in a wordpress version. The purpose of moving from html to wordpress is that more people in the office can access, understand and post news in the website. When it would be available?

Thank you very much and keep the good work!

Very soon now… Had a slight delay in development due to some personal commitments but its being worked on right now and very near completion.

For level three dropdown :) : .topnav li ul li a.drop:after { content: '\f054'; font-family: 'FontAwesome'; font-size: 8px; position: absolute; right: 4px; top: 44%; } /* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ /* Third Level /* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ .topnav li ul li > ul { display: none; position: absolute; left: 100%; top: 0%; background-color: #342d47; background-image: url(../images/topbar/30-percent-dark.png); z-index: 99999; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius: 2px; -moz-border-bottom-left-radius: 2px; -moz-border-bottom-right-radius: 2px; border-bottom-left-radius: 2px; border-bottom-right-radius: 2px; } .topnav li:hover ul li:hover > ul { display: block; } .topnav li ul li > ul li { display: block; width: 100%; height: auto; padding: 0; border-top: 1px solid rgba(255,255,255,0.2); } .topnav li ul li > ul li:first-child { display: block; height: auto; padding: 0; border-top: none; } .topnav li ul li > ul li a { display: block; width: 100%; height: auto; white-space: nowrap; padding: 12px 18px 12px 10px; border: none !important; color: #ffffff !important; opacity: 0.7; } .topnav li ul li > ul li a.current { color: #ffffff; opacity: 1; border: none !important; } .topnav li ul li > ul li a:hover { color: #ffffff !important; opacity: 1; }

Thanks jazerix :)


any news on a word-press version?

Just finishing it off now Jason – should be up next week! A lot of time and effort has gone into making the WordPress version something special :)

Hi, Does the “contact us” form work? Where do I change email address? Thanks

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner Yarseollc, I have been away. Thanks for the one star rating :)

You don’t wonder why I left it right? Awful support. One of themes I regret buying.

Tough shit.

Wow that template looks awesome when is the wordpress version out ?

It’s in the queue so should be available any time now! Did you not copy and paste that question from the comment further up by blub123? :)

this is beautiful, love it so much !;

Getting “undefined is not a function” a lot at the destroySlider() method in carousel-portfolio-settings.js when resizing the window.

Not something I have come across.

Hi, It seems that the top dropdown navigation menu does not work in Chrome. Works in IE and Firefox. At first I thought it was my code, but when I test on your live preview, it is the same. Any ideas?