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My checkout page is now blank and the site is very slow! Anyone else have this issue?? I’m getting the sense that this theme really was released too early! Is there another update coming soon?

please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: http://www.yithemes.com Then active your theme here: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation/

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.


+1 for babar’s earlier request. Has anyone successfully implemented this theme yet?

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the forum is full with issues regarding the speed and no support! The post was made a week ago and they still did not fix it or even reply to us in the support forum… I have give up and use another theme now because it is really to slow and Google will penalizes everyone with a slow site… so think before you go life wit this theme!


We need the credentials to check why the theme is so slow in your installation. We have the theme installed on 2 different domains and we don’t have any issues with the speed time. Please in the support forum provide us your urls.

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I was told by the theme support staff that the issues I am having with the checkout page display and some other items are fixed in the latest release of the Bazar theme.

They did not provide me with instructions on how to update a theme or where to obtain the latest version or how to determine the versioning.

Do I just download this theme again and attempt to install the zip file in Wordpress? Won’t WP tell me that I already have this theme / folder installed?


Yes, you need to upload the theme in your wp-content folder using an ftp software. If you don’t know how to do this you can send me your ftp credentials and i will update the theme for you :)

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Hello, Sara! New strange thing… I have an empty space at the header http://i066.radikal.ru/1303/7c/f7aa8503c9e8.jpg I even haven’t noticed when it appeared, and don’t know why. Logo has become smaller (I browsed bigger!). Please, tell me where I’ve mistaken. thanks!

I don’t know, i’m sorry. Try to upload again the logo and if you still have this issue open a ticket in the support area. Thank you

Planetta Purchased

I tried ((((( but no result. OK to open a ticket…

Hello Sara

I am in turmoil as to weather to purchase this bazar template theme because i read quite a lot of WOO COMMERCE nightmares posts and as i understand it this theme uses woo commerce plugin. Will it work with the gold cart plugin and Sagepage form?

Thank you in advance


No, i’m sorry, only Woo Commerce. We made only 1 theme with wp e-commerce (Kassyopea) and i can say that Wp E-commerce is a NIGHTMARE (bugs, no updates, no support), not Woo Commerce. At the moment Woo Commerce is the best e-commerce plugin for woo commerce :)

Hello! before I could buy this theme, I would like to know if it has an affiliate module so I could link my zazzle account and its products as an zazzle affiliate.

thank you!

Going on day 3 now of my open ticket and still no resolve on how to successfully turn off ‘responsive’ completely on this theme and as to why thumbnail sizes are going all screwy when I choose custom sizes (yes, I forced regenerate thumbnails, and yes I tried disabling responsive and check hard crop). I’m on the verge of ditching this theme until next update and going back to my flexishop installation until things are fixed.

And no, it’s not just my end, the specialist confirmed disabling responsive on this theme is a bug since it was released. Everyone who downloaded this theme try and turn off responsive in your control panel and tell me if I’m wrong. This is quite disappointing….my business is way behind schedule now and I’m regretting switching to this theme before it was truly given time and ready with a stable release that resolved formatting issues.

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Bazar is the most beautiful design I’ve seen. A lot of though has been given to it and it shows in every aspect in the demo.

However in my actual installation, i encountered some teething issues which I hope you could enlighten me or help fix/ as follows:

Seems to be not working or missing:

  • shop by > brand (no response)
  • shop by > price (error 404)
  • pages > about > u Square style (broken links to images)
  • pages > error 404 (broken link with no thematic 404 message like the one you see in the demo)
  • Home > any products > add to wish list (button not working. The 2 little spinning balls keeps spinning non-stop. A check on wishlist shows nil items added).
  • Home > products images > Compare button (Missing … as such, also can’t test the compare summary/list)
  • Details/wishlist/share button render out-of-alignment at different browser zoom-level.
  • Admin Panel > Theme Changelog can’t get it to work
  • Admin Panel > maintenance mode on > (what is the purpose of “[Insert your email address] Subscribe Div tag ”?).
  • Are the social icons on the home place supposed to be dummy placeholders?

I have not tested out the proper ecommerce features yet as I hope that the above features would be fixed before I move on to more complex features pertaining to the shopping cart, if any.
I have already raised a “ticket” in your site but still would like to raise the points here for the benefit of other people who might encounter similar issues.

I will share my findings back here after your developers has responded so that other Theme foresters can also benefit from the solutions/clarifications.

Thank you in advance! :nerdy:

@pageii – have you updated to the latest version of the theme? Some of the issue have been resolved. I had the same problem with the wishlist items, but I went to the settings, switched them both off, saved, refreshed and then switched them back on and it seems to have fixed it up.

Still trying to iron out some teething problems, but all in all, this is a fantastic theme with some amazing out of the box features. Granted, some of it could be documented a little better, but I think they’ve done a great job with this theme.

Here’s my site if you want to see some of the features working: www.philipnorris.co.uk/shop

One thing I’m still trying to figure out though is how to get the newsletter subsciption working. Anyone have any ideas? Would rather not open a ticket and bog down their customer support if its something trivial I’m missing.


Philip, please, can you send me your wp admin credentials to support[at]yithemes.com? we have to check inside your installation to fix the speed issues.


(also the FTP credentials please)


Cheers Sara, I’ve passed on the details to your email. Hope it helps! :-)

EDIT – Got the newsletter working. Didn’t reaslise I had to install a subscription manage plugin. This helped me out: http://support.yithemes.com/entries/22997693-How-to-get-the-newsletter-form-working


- Great. We will add this in the manual :)

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@philipnorris it took me 23 seconds before your website opens! Same with all the other pages… That is very slow… I’m in the Netherlands BTW

@clonebid Yeah I’ve notcied the slowness too. A few other people said the same. Sara did say in a previous comment that they are working on optimising the speed for the next update. I hope it comes soon! Thanks for checking it out and letting me know!


Yes, we are working on this. We had a meeting this saturday to talk with our developers about this issue and how to optimize the theme. thank you

Hola Sara, es posible poner la web en Español? en la previsualización he visto que solo está en Ingles y en Italiano.

Un saludo! :)


Hi, you can translate the theme yourself, is easy :)

@PhilipNorris Nice work, it does load slow but hopefully the fix will come in the next update. Please could you tell me what size image settings you have for your home page? I am having trouble getting them to space out properly. Nice work so far :)

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@philipnorris – how did you get compare to work and the share function? Also do you know how to set a product as featured, must have, bestsellers? I’m a newbie to css and cant figure out how. The documentation is crap and says little. Need help please mate. Also how to get wishlist like they have in top menu on their demo?


I suggest you to watch our videotutorials. (We are also working on a better documentation but i suppose you can’t wait)

Register yourself in our site: http://www.yithemes.com Then active your theme here: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation/ after this, here: http://support.yithemes.com/categories/20078301-Themes

you can see a list of the videotutorials availables for the theme.

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Hello THIS LINK: is fine: http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/portfolio/filterable/

THIS LINK is showing the BRAND DESIGN blocks correctly however ALL CATEGORIES are selected: http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/portfolio/filterable/?cat=branddesign

Can you sort this please.


DKRSGroup Purchased

*ALL CATEGORIES are selected in the Portfolio Menu.


Already asked to my developers to check and if there is a bug to fix it, thanks for reporting.

Another bug is the images on HOME, using mac safari the products seem to be all random sizes, has this theme been checked for safari.? Seem sto be fine on other browsers.

please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: http://www.yithemes.com Then active your theme here: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation/

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.

Hi i tried to purchase with three different types of cards and paypal and still no success. Any ideas why?


If you have issues to purchase the theme you have to open a ticket to Themeforest, i can’t help you, i’m sorry.