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Is there anyway I can change the language of the page? Or a file with all the words/phrases to change?


Sure, the theme is translation ready, you can change the language of all the words using the free PoEdit software.


After installing a plugin (in backend) our (LIVE) website crashed! No way to fix this in any way.

Sent a ticket.

Please respond.


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Travis, ftp to your site and delete just the faulty plugin folder, not the main plugin folder!!

Hope this helps

hi Sara_p…. i’m diggin this theme and am thinking of buying for woocommerce…. quick question… instead of having images for the thumbnails in the store, can videos be used instead? also, instead of having an image in the product page, can a video be used in place of that? reason i am asking, is that the particular project i am working on requires videos to show off the products, instead of images…. hope to hear from you soon!


No, i’m sorry, is not possible.


thank you Sara_p for the quick response

Hi, few pre-sales questions

1. Can we change BOTH the mouse hover and mouse hover background colours for BOTH Menus and sub menus.

2. Is the theme completely compatible with SEO plugins like Yoast, All in one. If so, if we use them will those plugin take over the settings of default SEO settings of the theme.

3. Does the theme have separate SEO settings support page for each product page and Home page including Blog and portfolio.

4. Can multi-select checkbox style navigation filters be implemented in SHOP page. Currently, i can see it supports AJAX filter but not multi-select checkbox style


I have 2 more questions.

1.- How many plugins needs this template? 2.- In the product page, i need show a gallery of this products… This is possible? how?


1. Only Woo Commerce

2. You can upload more images of the same product, is not ok for you?

You can make an xml structure mounted as an example?

Hello, I can neither upload the bazar.zip to Wordpress or directly upload it to my ftp. I get:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description bazar Stylesheet is missing.


Please read the documentation, you are installing the wrong file. Upload bazar.zip instead :)

Hiya, why are the faq questions appearing like single posts? Take a look at: http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/faq/ and also http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/faq/do-you-provide-free-support-to-setup-this-theme/ ... is this a mistake? Surely faq questions don’t need to appear on their own pages… right?


Here is another very strange page (on your demo site): http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/portfolio/ What is this page?


Any reply on this? No rush, but I would really like to know why all these weird pages exist… and more importantly, how to get rid of them. Like http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/portfolio/ and http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/faq/ Thanks.


Those pages are created just to give a more user-friendly links in the internal pages. The pages you’re talking about are linked nowhere, this is the reason why they have no style.

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what are the new files for the upgrade bazaar shop? that was moficados files with an update?


Inside the theme you can find a file called changelog.txt, open it to check the changes

1.I’m having some problems on my website after installing the theme. pages are giving 404 error, like blog for example. posts are not showing. What am I doing wrong?

2. Is there video support for the theme?

Register yourself in our site: http://www.yithemes.com Then active your theme here: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation/ after this, here: http://support.yithemes.com/categories/20078301-Themes you can find a “themes” section that contains the url of the sample data that you can download, a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support.

Does the big image single portfolio show the entire uploaded image or crop it?


The image is not cropped but resized to the max width of the page :)


We are in urgent need of some help.

Thanks! Ticket sent yesterday.

Hello Sara,

This looks like a great theme. Some pre-sale questions.

1. I will need to make a lot of modifications to the css file and probably some html changes in the php files. Is there a way to not lose this changes after every update?

2. Is there a way to show a second picture on product hover instead of the pop-up?

3. Which are the available payment methods? I dont see anywhere “payment at location”

4. The whole theme can be tranlated right? This means i can have as many languages as i want? What about the text in image buttons?

5. Where can i see the “thank you” page after a purchase?

6. Are there any different layouts for the product page?



Yes, you can use google analytics. You can also have custom taxonomies.


Hi Sara. Final question i promise. Is there a way to add an upload field in the product page? One small advice. You should add a .stop() to your javascript so that the shopping cart drop down doesnt bounce again and again after i hover my mouse a few times


Thank you for your advice, we will add it.

For the question, you need to add the gravity form extension for Woo Commerce.

Another pre-sale question

It’s about the updates. When you release an update, how i can update my version? It’s automatic? i’ll lost my information (new products or orders)?


No, you will not lose your orders, products, pages and so on :) and you can get the new version downloading again the theme and update it using an FTP software.

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How do you add widgets in the footer ?

Thank you.

We have a videotutorial that show this. Register yourself in our site: http://www.yithemes.com Then active your theme here: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation/ after this, here: http://support.yithemes.com/categories/20078301-Themes you can find a “themes” section that contains a list of videotutorials availables and you can also open a ticket to get support.
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ciao Sara, ho creato dei video da inserire nella scheda prodotto. Ho provato a embeddare il video nella descrizione breve perchè voglio che sia in parte alle foto ma non funziona. Mentre se lo carico nella descrizione lunga non mi da nessun problema. Come posso risolvere? Grazie


E’ un errore veramente strano, per favore apri un ticket nella nostra area di supporto (in italiano) e spiega il problema ai nostri sviluppatori, fornendoci anche le tue credenziali wordpress.

Registrati nel nostro sito: http://www.yithemes.com E attiva il tuo tema in questa pagina: http://yithemes.com/theme-activation/ Dopodichè in questa pagina: http://support.yithemes.com/categories/20078301-Themes

apri il ticket. Grazie!

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Anyone available to set up this theme for me? Time is of the essence. Willing to pay.


Send me a message to support[at]yithemes.com

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Hi, is it possible to adjust the size of the checkout widget in the header? I want to make it abit smaller so the header is not so big. thanks

I really liked this theme and want to buy this theme. Right now my only concern is since i did not observe that in demo theme: Does this theme support widgets footer? As i dint see any normal footer like that is in cheope theme, apart from this for a product does it showcase different angle pics in single product detail page?


Sure, you can have a widgetize footer like in Cheope :)