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Hello Apollo! Is there any way i can disable the responsiveness of the theme? Thanks a lot.

Hello Zeppek8

Sorry, it is not possible. We had one such question in the past but we still do not know why anyone would want to disable this option? ;)

All the Best Daniel

Because smartphones and tablets and displays have evolved and there is no need for the responsive part anymore. How come it is not possible? Really, it is a bit inconvenient :)

You not convinced me to your opinion ;) because you need to look more broadly at the number and variety of mobile devices. Not everyone has the newest mobile device with a large display.

“there is no need for the responsive part anymore” – in my opinion, is exactly the opposite but of course everyone can have a different opinion ;)

All the Best Daniel

i saw this theme listed as 1 that offers front end publishing but it is not showcased, can you clarify?


Hello Sam

To be honest we dont understand what you mean! Please write more details.

With Regards Apollo13

I need help asap with the attached image. Below is a link to the site so you can see what im talking about. Im getting the following error and I see support nowhere for it.

Revolution Slider Error: The param cover not found in slide params.


Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

With Regards Daniel

I left a message in the forum. Please let me know if it has been seen because I havent received a response yet.

Please read this: http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/12/before-you-ask-read-this- (“Please be aware that answer should appear in 48h”).

Of course our expert always answers a lot faster but we are not able to do everything in a few hours since we live in different time zones

Hi, I’ve been searching and searching for a decent theme which allows galleries to be password protected, so that I can upload clients albums and supply them with a password to access.

1. Are galleries password protected? 2. Are users able to share a gallery photo via facebook, twitter etc? 3. Is there any shortcodes etc to create a nice looking pricing table?


Hello Krolf007

A1) Yes, you can use a password in your works: http://bp.apollo13.kinsta.com/work/capitalist-union/ (pass: demo)
A2) Yes, is it possible in the lightbox. Eg. open this gallery: http://bp.apollo13.kinsta.com/gallery/mixed-images-videos/ and click on any photo. In the left top corner you will see the socials.
A3) Sorry, there is no pricing tables shortcodes but you can buy and use this plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/go-responsive-pricing-compare-tables-for-wp/3725820?WT.oss_phrase=google%20map&WT.oss_rank=30&WT.z_author=Granth&WT.trending=trending&WT.ac=search_thumb

With Regards Daniel


Zwarrt Purchased

Is it safe to use this theme with the newest wordpress (4.1.1)?

You can use our theme with the newest wordpress (4.1.1) of course if you have installed the latest theme updates ;)

With Regards Daniel

Hello! is there a way to have a page let’s say with title and paragraph, and then insert a code to have the last blog posts?

Thanks a lot

Hello Lapacast

Sorry it is not possible because this theme does not contain a visual builder. You can always ask our support expert, maybe he will help you but i cant give you quarantee.

With Regards Daniel

Hi, How i remove “By Apollo13.eu” in a link shared, on facebook for example?