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Rare , congrats ; looks great :)
I hope your first item brings you luck.

Thanks Bedros, I appreciate the comment :) This is the first Invision Power Board skin on the site so I really don’t know what to expect!

How could I Incorporate this with Wordpress?

I’m not completely sure what you mean sorry?
It could be run along side wordpress very easily. Do you have anything that you would specifically like to incorporate?

I love the look of this, I’m trying to find a good forum system to use on my website, Instead of it being on an external source, It would be nice if this could be on a Page built in on the website itself.

Is your website using wordpress? :)

I do offer custom skinning if that would help you. I could create a skin that matches your wordpress which would give an ‘integrated’ feel.

Hi there, nice work. After searching and not finding a suitable forum for my site I am looking to structure one myself using mysql/php coudl I sue your front end/templates or is this only for IPB ?


Thank for your comment.

The regular license states “You may use the Work alone or you may incorporate the Work into another work you are creating.”

So yes, if you purchase the skin you can use the graphics. As long as you don’t intend to resell it :)


a custom theme like this can have issue if I upgrade my ip board?

I mean sometimes a custom theme for other software require to be fixed before upgrade.

I am new on ip board, so I don’t know how work a custom theme.

Best regards

This skin will work with the latest version of IPB . If IPB release an update for their software then I will release an update for the skin :)

Hi, congratulations for your theme! Good luck with sales!

Is it possible to adjust colors and how hard can that be?

Sorry, the colors cannot be adjusted at this time. However, it would just be a case of simple image replacement.

Hi I am intrested to buy your forum. Just need to know if its possible for registered members to upload photo/images when they post?


How much to you charge for ‘custom skinning’? I need a forum created into the WP template that I purchased and have it integrated into it. How long would something like that take?

Will this theme work without ID Board?

I have wordpress and want this theme but just wondering if I have got to have IP board for this to work?

Hi, can I get html version of it?

can i run this forum template on wordpress if i can so how

from this site i always bye templates please give me a replay soon is this template works on wordpress

this theme wont work with wordpress as there total different software

I want to buy this, but have 2 questions:

1. Can I modify the header and make the logo in the center and menu buttons below the logo?

2. Can I change the colors?

Thank you and congrats.

And my 3rd question (see other 2 in my earlier comment):

3. How much would you charge to skin it and make it look like my current wordpress theme website?

Nice work. But I am looking for more better like (Metro – A Theme for vBulletin 4.2) If you make an like this, I am the first buyer then :p

Keep it up, looking for your more work

Wonderful work Good sales;