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myhip Purchased

Hi there,

Do you guys have plan to update this theme in the future? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards!

Do you have an example of a site with wordpress integration?

Hey ! need to know if there are any issues with this team and whether i can customise it to any coloir ?


Can you please clear more?

ACouple things. cntsnt.com

I installed the theme but a few issues are there.

1. The brand slider isn’t working 2. The MY SETTINGS dropdown doesn’t stay up

Also after installing I thought the one click installer was going to install all the images etc. Do I have to add the content?


1. Breadcrumbs are falling all the way to the left


1. Page looks weird

Am I missing something. It looks like javascript issue.


Any update?


its been 10 days. nothing??


Hi There

Sorry. May I forgot your email. Can you please sent me login detail by open pirvate ticket in http://novaworks.ticksy.com/

thebonk Purchased
Please help. i get error message when people google an item that is sold out http://www.thebonk.dk/rad-the-school-out-glove-1095

Hi, We will check it and response in tomorrrow

Hello there! I liked your theme, and have shortlisted it amongst 3 others. Since I am a complete beginner I would want to know if youll could provide the following things: 1) Product sharing options on FB, G+ and other social networking sites 2) Newsletter pop up on the front page 3) Signup/Sign In options using FB, Google, Twitter

Also how well equiped is your theme for SEO

Hello, Just bought your theme….Is this support latest magento version


Hi There

Our theme full support Magento 1.9

- Dzung

I uploaded a logo a little bigger, search button not in line with the shopping cart button.

And also twitter account seems to be problem.

Please let me know how can i fix it.

I reported this problem on ticket, please reply asap.

Thanks & Regards

I am having a few problems: The static block row 1 does not display on the home page if you look at the site with an iPhone The item title is all crunch when in the card on an iPhone.

see at www.honorcodemethod.com


Please open ticket in http://novaworks.ticksy.com/ and give us access to admin and FTP we will help you check it

- Dzung

Hello, I don’t know why there’s no reply for my ticket. Its been a week, but no update.

Can u please update me.

Ticket: #334705


I am looking to change the visited link color for the sorter page number.. can you advise.. I cant find it any where for li current

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  • Happy Holidays.

    Hello, i didn’t get any reply for the tickets last few days. Many of them are rectified by me itself…

    Please update atleast this ticket. #346811

    Thanks & Regards


    None of them are fixed it….Please check the reply in the ticket.


    Hello, please update me.


    Hello, i don’t know what’s wrong with that. U are always ignoring my tickets and comments here. I never asked beyond the theme support, am just asking to fix your theme issues.

    Let me know if u can’t fix it, i won’t contact again.

    I need your theme only for my blog (buenamarca.com/blog). Is it possible to apply only for my blog (because I have a theme on my website, but my blog with wordpress fishpig looks horrible)? If this is possible, how could apply only to the blog, without affecting the rest of my site?


    If you just need for blog I think you should purchase wordpress theme then setup blog without fishpig. So it will not affecting to your custom theme.


    Sorry, but I don’t understand. If I’m right I need to install the extension fishpig to run the blog on wordpress into Magento (like now).

    In that sense, what I’m looking for is a theme that is compatible with fishpig extension and of course Magento Community 1.9, and know if I can install your theme to the /blog only.

    If there is one thing that this wrong please let me know.

    Thank you.


    Sorry! but you can’t install our theme only for blog.

    leon1000 Purchased

    Hi Dzung Nova, are you a one man operation as I have been waiting since 12:19 on December 23, 2014 to get a response back from you on a support ticket. Are you going to respond or I have to keep writing here?

    About the drop menu on ipad Ticket request The drop menu in Ipad is clicking straight into the root categories rather then staying open so that customers using the ipad can see the subcategories and use the open drop menu – how can this be resolved.

    Also your home page cms is not there in the theme it’s hidden, why have you set up like this!?,editing the home page is editable from static blocks and Novaworks settings.

    I need to set a home default page in Magento admin – so that I do not get www.domain.com/home just www.domain.com