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Very nice template :)

Really nice looking!!! Good job!

Cheers, guys glad you like it.

great idea. cool js effects.

Thanks diedenker

Works in Worpress?

@FlowGraphic No this is not a wordpress template, just an xhtml template. You can of course do whatever you like with it, convert it to whatever blog/cms you see fit. I will be converting some of my templates to wordpress in the future, but not at the moment unfortunately.

really nice…

like the features…

really nice…. well done :D the graphics are beautiful.

stevon Purchased

Great template, but i seem to have one problem. In Safari (mac & windows version) the contact page does not line up.

Also In Google Chrome, but not quite as bad. All other browsers work fine.

Any Ideas?

Thanks, Steve

@Steve, I’m just about to send you an email, please check your inbox.

Ah, you don’t have a contact page, would you mind going to my portfolio page and sending me a message through the contact form so we can continue this discussion. Thanks steve.

Hey, can I change the color of Nav bars other than blue, green and orange. FOr example, we want yellow. How can this be done? Edit to images?

Thanks, Erik

Erik, I have seen your email and replied. The short story is you need to create a new tab.gif file for a new colour scheme. If you’re comfortable doing this cool, if not when I get back from my holidays I’ll help you out.


doesn’t work in Safari 1.3 any fix?

@surflounge, Please could you send me a message through my portfolio detailing what doesn’t work and I’ll try to get you a fix, cheers.

Would love to see this as a wordpress template. :)

The Live demo seems to very “degraded”? Something isnt right.

Could someone use this effectively as a music player on a site that sells music? Search for tracks and have them play in your great player as they select them?

I need help. How do I save the psd images. separately. Keeps me in one picture, so I can not change the logo.