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both in form and contacts in the blog module is inserted my emai to test …., in a blog still does not publish what I write

Hi, sorry I didn’t understand that, is this a reply to my previous question?

is exactly.sorry

hello my client bought this theme and there was a problem with a plugin and now the three services boxes on the home page are not showing I have tried everthing, can you see what’s wrong?


Hello, I hope you got my reply via email?

Yes I received and I already fix I forget it was a widget.

I have another problem on mozila firefox and internet explorer on the logo area appears link called parapharm and on other pages it shows on the top I dont know why but on google chrome doesnt show.

when I log in to my account I don’t see it I have searched on theme editor files 404 template, header, index template, page template and front page template php and also on ftp files I found nothing. If I give you wp login details and ftp details by email can you have a look for me please?

Sure thing, please send me credentials at vmasto [at] cssigniter [dot] com

hello do you know what is the problem

Hi. Please help me. I just bought this HTML. I was thinking it is a WP theme :( but it’s not :( What to do now? Can I upgrade for WP theme or can I take my money back and buy theme on official website?

Sorted :)

Thank You :) I have another question :/

It is possible to add category list before services list?

I have a lot of services which need to be sorted in categories…

I tried to add category widget to sidebar, but it’s working only with entry categories.

Hi there, for all support questions if you could please open a ticket at the respective support forum on our website :) Thanks so much and welcome!


lu72 Purchased


I need to put a checkbox required in contact form.

I already tried, but I don’t succeed

Can u help ?


Hi, I installed the theme and this showed up in wordpress:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description DOCUMENTATION Stylesheet is missing. Delete HTML Template is missing. Delete PSD Stylesheet is missing. Delete

Hi there, this is not a WordPress theme, this is a static HTML template. If you can contact info [at] cssigniter [dot] com about this issue we’ll issue a coupon for you to use for the WP theme.

Hey, how do I use the FontAwesome icons for both the phone and email address? Also, is it possible to make the menu in one horizontal line, then (when the window becomes small) make it switch into that dropdown thing (Hamburger menu)

Hi there, I’m sorry for the late reply, which icons don’t seem to work? I’ve checked the website and all seem to be there?

I found that I didn’t know how to use the icons, tried to use both the map-pin one and the at one (but those werent available so I used the map-marker and envelope ones instead, is there some sort of list of what icons are available?

Yes of course: http://fontawesome.io/icons/

Please note that it would be best to also update the fontawesome css, they release new versions with new icons often :)