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Catako Purchased

Hi! I purchased the template and I want config the autoplay in the main slide. How can I make this?

Hello, I purchased your template. Great work. I am having a hard time with the twitter feed. I changed the username per your instructions from trendyWebStar to my twitter user. It does not matter what twitter user I put in, your feed keeps coming up. I am missing somthing. I make the change on the following place of the Jquery code:

(function($) {

$.fn.tweet = function(o){
  var s = $.extend({
    username: "trendyWebStar"

I change it to “myuseid” (to my actual twitter username)

I am missing something? Again, your feed keeps coming up.


Oh Wait, I read a different comment and I made those corrections. It works now. Thanks for the great product.

viewing on iPad the drop down menu are corupted? They appear, then dissappear, left with blue dropdown box and no words…


I’ll check it out, i didn’t test this template on iPad. :) Thanks for the feedback :)

Hi, my question is same as asked by many buyer of the template e.g. CreativeLuv, Catako…...how to config the autoplay in the main slide? They didn’t get the answer… letc if I could get one…Thanks

How do I change the homepage slideshow carousel effects? I need a simple auto cross fade instead of the next/prev arrows… Please advise. See me site below…. http://parsecfinancial.com/new/

Buyer beware, as it appears the author is no longer supporting this theme.