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I am building the site using the “Beauty center responsive theme”. While creating the Google map using shortcode or iframe code in the page, but the map is not showing in the page.

Could you please help me to fix the issue.

Thanks in Advance.


Try to insert the google map code in the format we have used in the example.

We can help with the code, just provide the map info points, and we will tell you how the code must look like.


I need to know which plugins Camila’s web site uses so that I can replicate how she added the Book Appoinment Button below the Slider as well as the hover snipe circle on the hero images.

I removed the zoom from the main photo album page. However, the filtered pages still have zoom. Please tell me what code to remove in the editor in photo.php? thanks


Here is what you need to do:

1. You removed the zoom from the main photo gallery page which is photos.php

You need to do the same for the archive-portfolio.php file. There is the archive photos categories created. The same delete the zoom div

2. Both in photos.php and archive-portfolio.php files to make your images linkable see the images code in the php which is

<img src="<?php echo $large_image; ?>" alt="" height="150" width="150" class="thumb150" />

You need to add in front of that image code

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>">.......your image code here.....</a>

So your final code will be

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>"><img src="<?php echo $large_image; ?>" alt="" height="150" width="150" class="thumb150" /></a>


Perfect! It worked! Thanks so much. I think it’s done :)


I’ve purchased this theme from you in the past and have loaded it. Everything was working great. Today I went to make some changes including changing some of the images in the home slider. Somewhere something happened, and now the slider won’t load. Can you PLEASEEEE HELP?!!


Sure, just let me see your demo url so I can analize the source code.


hi i purchase beauty-center Themes but i cann;t control Slider and Slide Pages what i can do


Did you add content to the slider?

Everything should work fine once some demo content is added.

Just in case you cannot do it, we offer free installation and free demo content adding. Just contact using the contact form on our profile page and we will take care of it.


hi i wanna to know where i can add demo content if there is video explain that action plz send me. iam waiting ur replay urgently


1. Go to Import section in wordpress admin. Install the recommended plugin (wordpress will show you by default the plugin).

2. After just upload the XML file found in the DEMO folder inside the archive you have downloaded.

Hi there,

I have some problems with the photo gallery.

1. I get a javascript void (0) error on the ‘view all’ button’, whatever the URL I add there. Why ad how to fix it?

2. I want to get rid of the tweet option inside the Gallery. How can I do that?

3. Would it be possible to get rid of the ‘view all’ button altogether? If I only have 9 photos or even less, there is no need for it. Leaving empty the fields under Theme Options does not work, I still get a small orange detail on the page.

I’m running your theme on WP 4.3.1. Thanks in advance for your help.

Regards, Vicky

Hi Vicky,

1. That error is not acutally an error, is more a notice. We are using the link to View all with “a href=”javascript:void(0)” data-value=”all”“

And that’s just on home page of the photo gallery where there is no value for that link. That can be deleted as well, if you really want that notice to disapear.

2. The easiest way to remove the twitter option in the popup gallery is to hide it in CSS

Add in the “custom CSS” input in the admin panel under “Beauty Center Theme Options”

.twitter-share-button{ display:none; }

3. The same for the view all button, you can hide it in the CSS

Add in the “custom CSS” input in the admin panel under “Beauty Center Theme Options”

.filter_portfolio li:first-child{ display:none; }


Hi, I was just snooping around and your theme looks catchy. In one of the showcased examples camila’s salon to be exact, was the services page a custom design or was it made using standard features from your theme? Thanks for the reply


That section looks like a simple customization of the CSS we used in our services page.

We can provide a similar code if you want. I think that code is used in the wordpress editor text mode.


I would appreciate seeing a similar code especially the text hover feature.


Replied to your latest comment as well. We will make an update to this theme adding that design feature.



CrisaFI Purchased

Hi, I’ve started to update/upgrade my html/css site using this theme. Everything seems to be quite easy so far but…

1. When checking that demo template with Google’s pagespeed tool it gives 70/100 for mobile and 83/100 for desktop any ideas how I could increase those points bit? 2. How can I add that small rounded thumb to post?


CrisaFI Purchased

Oh and 3. when editing Appearence – customize – widgets – footer widget – custom text widget with image it doesn’t accept html code in title or text field. Not even link Any solution?


1. There are some things you can do, like minimize the CSS, javascript files…minimize the images used in the layout. Also google recommends some things to do as well when you check the page.

The theme was not created for speed purposes at that time. But there are some general things that can be done.

2. The round thumbs like the one in our demo? In the widgets areas? If yes you have a checkbox to select in the news widgets that will automatically show the thumbs, for the posts that have a featured image.

3. Yes HTML code is not allowed in widgets inputs. We can tell you how to enable that in code if you want. But when we submited the theme to themeforest they do not allow HTML code in widgets, for security issues. This can be vulnerable for wordpress.


Anther inquiry, How does one add the onmouseover and onmouseout function to the the images just like this example . Thanks


Looking at their customization code, they created an image with that text. And the custom javascript code that handles the hover effect.

We will create a similar page design, with a similar effect, and try to integrate it in our theme. But will take a few days, since our dev people are in a small vacation. We will release the update the most probably new week.

We can reply to your comment once the update is online.


Hi I hope you are well. I would like to protect my portfolio by a password. Is tere a shortcode for that and if yes, where i should write it ? Kind regard Thierry


You build your portfolio as a page right like in our demo?

Then try THIS solution


hi. Thank you for your quick answer. I will try that. Regards. Thierry

I started creating my site from scratch today at 12pm. I installed the theme, uploaded the demo data, and started to modify from there. During my effort I sent two emails to support with specific problems. The first email was answered after an hour or so. The second email took a few hours but they specified the whole coding modification which my request would require. These guys are so supportive it’s excellent. It’s now 12 am here and my site is ready! In total it took approx 6 hours. Excellent theme, excellent support, well recommended. Thanks , guys! Cheers, Peter ( )

Thank you Peter.

For choosing our theme.

It’s been a pleasure supporting you.


Hello I ve just installed auto thumbnail creator and something bad happen to slider. It went to the top, there is no images, and there is no option to click on menu items. Please heeelp :)

update: there is some problem with jquery regards to console:


It must be a javascript conflict somewhere, created by the plugin you installed. They must use the same js files, and created conflicts with the theme one.

To make sure this is it, just disable the plugin, and if it works after it means this is it.


I need to erase the “Home Slider” predeterminated asap, because I put another slider with a plugin and now my web seems bad in movil (with an horrible purple line) please help me!!!!


You can just disable it from the admin. Go to Appearance->Beauty Center Theme Options -> Slider tab

Enable Home Slider: – > Disable

To delete it from the file, just open homepage.php and delete the code that starts with

?php if($famoustheme->get_option('show_home_slider') == 'enable'


Hello, where can I find the social icons you use in the theme?


If you browse inside the theme folder / images/social_icons/ you will see more icons there. Maybe you will find what you are looking for there.

If not use THIS website to find free comercial use icons.



I have been using this theme for a while, by now, and i am pretty satisfied.

I am trying now to use the built-in Photo Album feature. Works great, but when on smartphones tapping the thumbnail to have the lightbox showing the big image, the image looks small, and don’t have the pinch zoom.

This might be due to the prettyphoto lightbox being used by the theme. Is there any way to use another lightbox with full screen display and pinch feature ?

Thanks for the great job done with this theme.


Here is how the prettyphoto script works. Click on the thumb icon the popup will open with the image. And as you can notice the image have a full screen small icon in the right-top corner. Clicking again on that will open the image in large formar. Yes the pinch zoom will not work, but the image is now larger and can be scrolled.

That is the only way the script we are using can work.

For the future I gues we will have to think to update this, to allow mobile users to view the images better on mobiles.

For now if you want to change the gallery functionality, you will have to use an extra plugin. That works better on mobile, and install it separatelly. You can check for free or premium photo gallery wordpress plugins on

Thank you to for using our theme.

Best Regards.

Thank you so much for that extensive and fast answer.

I am trying now Unite gallery plugin, working pretty well with mobiles. Looks also compatible with beauty center theme.

Thanks again.

Glad I could help. Regards.

Hi can you add the demo content for me cant get the slider working


Sure, we can create the demo content for you. Just send us the login details in privatelly. Use the contact form on our profile page.


Hi, Having troubles with sub menus on mobiles.

Sub-menus display on mobiles, however, when touching a submenu item, submenu disapears and i am redirected to the next menu option.

To be more clear:

Whith this menu structure ; Menu item 1 Sub menu item 1.1 Sub menu item 1.2 Menu item 2

The menu is displayed correctly, but when selecting sub-menu item 1.1 (or 1.2) : – sub menu of menu item 1 disapears – I am redirected to Menu Item 2

You can check this here , please.

Regards Cemi


We investigated the issue, and the strange issue is that a “toggle” efect apeared on the submenu elements. On your demo, and on yours too. Strange because we did not add it.

You can see this when you hover a link that have submenus.

And after the investigation it seem it’s coming from wordpress update core. Adding toggle to submenus automatically.

We will have to update our theme, and get back to you. Making the submenu non toggle down. To be fixed, and open on mobile too.

Thanks for pointing that out.


Thanks for your answer,

I will remove submenus for the time being, and reinsert with the theme update.


Hi there,

Any plans for an update making the submenus work again ?

Thanks & regards,


time-nl Purchased

Hallo, Can you send me the code like the service page on I would like to make the same, same size and hoveraction but with my own photo’s and text. I can not find it in the provided shortcodes. Thnx


That section you see on their website is custom made.

But I can send some code to be the same used in your theme.

Just write us using the contact form on our profile page, so we can reply to your email with the files.


Hi, I like this template and planning to buy this. Just wondering if I can create a header carousel with some video and some images?


You can create a slider on home page with images like in the demo. But it does not suport videos as it is. Only in pages you can add videos.

If need any more help let us know.

We do offer also free demo content adding and installation.

Thank you for choosing our theme.


Hi, do you have Hebrew language adjusted to the theme? I need it thank u


Sorry, we did not tested the theme with this language.