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Hi. How to remove or disable icon in message box? Thank a lot. Bruno

1. WRONG message box and NO LOGO 1. LINK PAGE

2. RIGHT message box and RIGHT LOGO 2. LINK PAGE

The correct reference is to point 2, where I also highlighted the problem on the logo text: I can not enter the word to use the logo in text format, I succeeded in the previous version, before the site was attacked … would kind enough to show me how to do is to solve the message box and the logo? Many thanks, Bruno

Why you not use visual composer to edit your message box you can easily customize your message box as you need you can add your any icon there.

by the way if you don’t want any icon you can use some custom css for it for example:

body .vc_message_box-icon {
  display: none;

body .vc_message_box {
  padding: 1em;
body .vc_message_box p {
margin: 0 !important; 

add them in your custom.css file in theme > css folder

Yeah, thanks a lot. Best regards

Please, in the footer in your site, between “ABOUT US – CONTACT US – WE ARE OPEN – FOOTER MENU” and “Our Services – Staff profile – Photo Gallery – Our Blog – Contact Us” there is a line separator, I would put it even I, how can I do?



New solution, dictated by your advice: I have separated the css

/* Only large screens / @media (min-width: 1220px) { .tm-headerbar, .tm-navbar { margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 20px; } } / Only large screens */ @media (min-width: 1220px) { .tm-footer { margin-top: 35px; margin-bottom: 35px; } }


... I apologize for the repetition, very slow computer, many, too many open windows … windows system …

it’s ok

Mi spiace, porta pazienza, un altro problema: slider showbiz, ho inserito in scroll settings l’opzione drag and scroll, ma non funziona: dove sbaglio? Thanks a lot. Bruno

Would you be kind enough to explain to me how to solve? Even on smartphones does not work … You need access to the panel wordpress? Or via FTP? I can not solve, such as the problem on the logo … The last two problems … Thanks

This last question remains, can you give me the solution? I have to re install the plugin?

I practically had to redo the site, because of a hacker attack highly professional that did not allow me to use the old site developed on another server, where I had already solved most of the problems brought to your kind attention … I have a problem with the logo, I would use it in text format: I tried inserting the text widget, using h1, but does not work in the version for smartphones. In developed site on another server, at least a year ago, I entered the text logo and worked perfectly well in the smartphone version, but now I can not !!! How should I do?

The right example (old site, with old wp e old theme)

The page online, cleaned and redone, but I can not place the logo in plain text, as in the previous site, the link above …)

Be patient, thank you very much !!! Best regards, Bruno

I have already sent View Ticket: #WRC-416-49770 – Created: 21 July 2015 08:28 PM Showbiz slider – Drag and Scroll it does not work Thanks a lot

I want to install this theme in a multisite configuration. Any chance to have a xml file with demo content? Thanks!

Hello, I would like to know where or how I can get the update for the new warp theme framework 7.3.7 is there a file or an update to the beauty salon theme that has the current version of warp.

Please download the latest version beauty salon theme from your ThemeForest download tab and extract the zip package, then follow the update docs.

I have emailed and raised 2 tickets to have the demo theme installed after purchasing this theme.

I have not had a response yet.

Please can you assist with this asap?


This is my experience so far…. -submit ticket for you to install demo content -no response -manage to get demo content up -filterable staff and services pages still not working -submit another ticket -told to sign into support site -support site refusing login -try resetting password -no reset password email received -cannot login to support site -update wordpress as recomended -NOW NOTHING WORKS

Please help URGENTLY!!!!!

We need your ftp access that we support team told 6 days before but you not replied. if you did not get login info then please register again our support system and send your ftp access. register link:

if you already register there so forget password link:

if you did not get any email, don’t forget to check your spam folder.

I cannot register again as it says my email is already registered. As in previous comment, I always keep an eye on my spam/junk folder so have checked this. No password reset email is coming!


I find the template a nice template to use for a beauty salon. There are a lot of possibilities in terms of interaction with the customers. My client will certainly use it in the future. Unfortunately, I have two things I need your help. I do not succeed to get this done. - I can not delete files on the ftp I do not use. This concerns in particular images of products, team members etc. I put all the rights to code 777, but permission denied. I’ll be the owner of the site with all the rights etc. - My next problem is the color adjustment of the start page. Also, I do not get done. In Beautysalon-Settings-Styles I’ve selected and created a new style in Beautysalon-Layout, but he grabs the other pages, but only the first page will not load. Where could this be due to.

I hope you can help me with this.


Hello, can you send a support ticket with site access so my support team take care about it?

Thanks for the quick answer. I have a ticketnumber JJG-846-16549. I send the passwords etc. to Bozlur Rahman.


He will reply your ticket, just keep track your ticket.

hello, It is getting the following error when you install the WP 4.3. No problem when I delete the theme update


Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use __construct()

It is just a notice, it has no functional impact, it will be taken care of in a next release. please wait for it. just turn off WP_DEBUG so it will not show.

Why still no update to WordPress 4.3

Please send a support ticket for get latest version. we are currently working for demo improvement.

Why still no update to WordPress 4.3