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Can you add alerts ?

Hi Prososyalmedya,

At the moment there are no custom designed alerts but all twitter bootstrap elements works & blends perfectly with our BeautyAdmin Template.

Check :

Add this anywhere you want alerts (I recommend under the breadcrumb or heading):

<div class="alert alert-error">

You will see how well this blends together with our current design.

I would love to see this theme with Form Wizards and sidebar navigation… Well done mosaicpro!! btw, this item is priced to low!

Hi amaurib,

Thank you for the kind words :) and we were also hoping that with the last update price would go up especially with the Translate System added.

Form Wizard has been officially added on our TO DO LIST.

With the sidebar navigation … it’s a nice idea to explore :D.. will keep you posted on our decision.

hi ! how can i configure gallery ?

Hi Prososyalmedya,

The only configuration file for the gallery right now, is located in php/ajax/gallery.config.php

GALLERY_DEMO – if set to false, it will remove the demo limitations
GALLERY_PATH – pretty self explanatory, allows you to change the path for the images
GALLERY_THUMB_MAX_W & GALLERY_THUMB_MAX_H allows you to specify the thumbnails maximum width & height

Not sure if you know this, but the gallery (as well as most of the functionality) it’s just a base structure we provide as an extension with the html template, to use for your project’s starting point.

The specific functionality, like SQL support (saving Albums to a database, etc). will have to be made by yourself (for now), although we’ll definitely provide some more advanced functionality with the next updates.

Thank you again for using BeautyAdmin.

any news on the new version? there is a definite date to be released?

Hi caioferracioli,

Sorry, but for now we can’t provide a release date for the next update yet. We’ll keep you posted as soon as possible. Thank you for you patience.

How to edit this alert message ?

I could’t find :)

Hi Prososyalmedya,

What exactly are you trying to edit, the alert message? If so, you can find it in theme/scripts/gallery.js – on lines 168 & 219 look for:

// confirmation
bootbox.confirm('Are you sure you want to delete this item?', function(confirmed) ...

OK i found. Well, “OK” and “Cancel” buttons ?

With bootbox.confirm you can’t, you will need to rewrite it to use bootbox.dialog to create a custom dialog where you will have these options. Have a look at bootbox examples here

Hello, Im using and loving this awesome theme in my project so far. Great work! I am now implementing the gallery and I do find the documentation for that part lacking. All I want is the layout for the gallery items and the lightbox to work. I am gonna implement my own ajax logic and upload controls. I managed to make out the layout by examining your markup. But the lightbox on the click just isnt working. I included only the gallery.js for that, are there any other js files I need?

Hi Zakpu,

Thank you for purchasing BeautyAdmin. We’re glad you like it. gallery.js is the only script it needs, perhaps if we could see your customizations if you put it online somewhere and send us a private message from our profile with the address, we could take a look and maybe spot what’s missing. Sorry, but without seeing what you did, we’re looking for a needle in the haystack.

As a general reply for anyone else that’s gonna have the same problem. Mosaicpro helped me out via private messages, the issue was that the lightbox modal needs its markup to be present in the page too which I left out. After they pointed that out and I copied the markup, everything works fine.

I just download it but the downloaded file is version 1.2 and not the current one (1.3). How can I download the latest update?

Hi chpandi,

Thanks for leting us know, we just noticed ourselfes. It seems there’s some issue with our latest download package, although on our account we can see it was aproved & everything went well. We’ll contact support & resubmit the package. It should be available for download soon, it’s up to TF now. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s done.

We’re sorry for any inconveniece this may have caused and thank you for your patience till this is solved.

Hi chpandi,

The download folder has been updated with the proper source now.

You can download the latest update now.


Be useful if there was a button to close the menu when on mobile

Hello mosaicpro, can you give me your e-mail?

contact [at]

Would this work well within a Ruby on Rails application?

Hi caser85,

Honestly, we’re not much about Ruby on Rails, nor have experience with it, but all of our products come as a package of two versions, PHP & simple HTML version for exactly this purpose, non-PHP implementations. You’ll find them both in the download package.

Thank you.


I love this templates, however does it have date picker on the forms?


Hi melrish,

We’re glad you like our work! The item has everything you can see in the demo, so no, it doesn’t have date pickers. Although, we may add this functionality with future updates.

Thank you.

Hi, have you got my mail :) about the deal…

Hi shivneetns,

Yes we got your email. Unfortunately we are already very busy with our own products and at the moment we are not interested in partnering.

Thank you for your offer.

Thanks for the reply :). Our offer always open to you. But if you want to sell the concept if you have any. You have to develop anything. Just send us the concept and get 30% current year and 10% royalty for 5 years :) Thanks….

Hi! is easy integration with google analytics?


No longer works to upload your pictures, can you help? thanks very much

Hi MosaicPro We have bought Beautyadmin a while ago , and ther is a bug with the text editor (when inserting a link ) we can’t insert a link of an anchor text , it just show the entire URL . How to fix this ?

will there be an update to boostrap 3 by any chance?

A Bootstrap 3 update of this theme would be nice, we are willing to purchase it again for it. But if it’s not gonna be updated thats ok too, it would just be good if the author let us knew, so we know if we will do the update ourselves then.

Hi Zakpu,

We have thought to do a bootstrap 3.0 version of this theme but not in the near future.

Thanks,/> mosaicpro

hello, peut-on ajouter des langues et comment faire ?