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Looks nice mate! Good luck with sales!


I love the design, but are there any pages with text – for example a product detail screen showing one of the items?


Hmm.. will get a product listing html done in the next update … just waiting for some feedback + reviews, and I will quickly do an update (2-3 days)

Great Design! But menu dropdowns don’t work with IE8 .

Will get this fixed in the next update.

Really love the colors scheme, nice looking for bootstrap design. Would look so much better with a sticky footer.

Thanks for your feedback. Was thinking of sticky footer myself… but wanted to see some reviews.

Nice. If it had gallery i would buy it. Good luck

Thanks. Photo Gallery you mean…?

Thank you for your interest in our BeautyAdmin item. Just released v1.1 and among other features it comes with a custom AJAX Photo Gallery – PHP files included.

Modals don’t seem to be working, whens the next update expected would like to use this for a project which launches very soon..

Hi weblogics,

Modals are working ;) but they are only present in:

Go to Products > View Products ... and press the button: [ + Add Product ]

Thank you for your interest in our item. Just released v1.1 update and among other features we added more modals to the catalog section (add category / product), the gallery’s view photo action and we also added a nitfy plugin to replace JS alerts, confirms & prompts, that allows you to create programmatic dialogs & modals without the hassle of creating, managing or removing any of the required DOM elements or JS event handlers.

Simplest possible example of creating a dialog box:
bootbox.alert("Hello world!");

Yes they are now, that’s the link I was clicking on before and just got a no show :).

Are PSDs included with this? such as the navbar, normal buttons and 3D buttons.

Unfortunately PSD is not included in this item yet, although I have PSD files for most of the pages :)

I am considering in the next update to include 1 PSD file with all the basic ui elements.

I like this overall, but you should add some div classes for error messages, success, warning, etc. They may be there, but I don’t see them.

Thank you! The upcoming update will definitely include more elements and components, as well a better documentation. Also, if you or anyone else here have any other recommendations or special requests, please let us know in the comments and we’ll consider including them in the next updates. If you like this item, please don’t forget to rate it.

Why are there things entered twice? Like on the product page there is



Looks like it formatted my HTML . I have to have 2 buttons for Add Product, and there are 2 tables. Is one for mobile, and one for non mobile?

Also, if a menu is a drop down, you can’t make the top level class=”active”. It doesn’t work. This is really bad IMO .

For activating the dropdown on mouseover you need to add this to beautyadmin.css

ul.nav li.dropdown:hover ul.dropdown-menu{
    display: block;    

Remember it’s based on twitter bootstrap so all features of twitter bootstrap are working in this item.

The reason we did not mention all features of twitter bootstrap is that we don’t have a custom design for every element of the framework (although we will design more and more custom elements with future updates).

Now with the hover, I can’t actually click on an item. It disappears.

Looks like it’s a CSS problem. Open theme/beautyadmin/css/beautyadmin.css and right at the bottom, after everything, put the following lines:

.navbar-blue .navbar-inner { height: 40px; }
ul.nav li.dropdown:hover ul.dropdown-menu { display: block; }
.dropdown-menu { margin: 0 0 0 -2px; }
.navbar .nav { height: 40px; }
.navbar .nav > li { height: 41px; }
.navbar-blue .navbar-inner { background: #BDDEF9 url("../img/bg_navbar-blue.jpg") repeat-x 0 -1px; border-color: #317FBD; }

The hover dropdowns should now work.

Nice theme. Looks good. Does this come with the less files you used to customize bootstrap?



We haven’t included less files with this item.

Still not working with IE7 and IE8. Navigation does not function. I bought the tempalte thinking it would work. Any ideas when the fix will be implemented?

thank you

Hi kouts1,

Thank you for purchasing our BeautyAdmin Theme. We are currently working on a update that will contain several bug fixes, as well as new admin sections and improvements to the existing ones. Meanwhile, we found a quick fix for you, (tested on ie7):

Download the latest version of Bootstrap (2.2.1) from and replace the bootstrap folder from the item with the downloaded one. It seems there was a bug in the core framework when using dropdowns inside navbar-fixed-top. Let us know if that worked out.

Thank you.

thank you that worked!

Hi kouts1,

We have updated beautyadmin with the latest bootstrap, fixed all previous bug and added some great elements/pages & extras.

Great updates. Will definitely be purchasing shortly. However do you have any plans to include an account page in the future?

I’d also love to see a bulletin board / phpbb pages which would integrate in to this style.

Hello Farril,

Hope this new year finds you well. Just thought to let you know that we released BeautyAdmin v1.2 & it now has an account section, among other cool stuff. You can see the full changelog in the item’s description at the bottom and ofcourse you’re welcome to check out the live preview.

That’s great. I’ve just purchased it.

Thank you. We hope you’ll enjoy it. If you need any help or have any suggestions, please let us know.

Great Theme, i’ve been looking long and hard (thats what she said) for an admin theme like this.

As already mentioned, a my account template would be awesome, and perhaps if you add some charts etc, as many of the other templates also has.

Or would it be possible to hire you to design individual extra pages for this theme?? I would be really interested in the last part

Hi Noesgaard,

Thanks for the positive feedback… as we previously said in the next update we will definitely have an account area… and regarding charts we will include more plugins and other elements styled to this theme with upcoming updates.

For custom designs/pages etc… send me a pm(message) and will see how we can help you out.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Hello Noesgaard,

We hope this new year finds you well. Just thought to let you know that we released BeautyAdmin v1.2 & among other cool stuff it now has an account section, a charts section with examples and a new dashboard. You can see the full changelog in the item’s description at the bottom and you’re welcome to check out the live preview.

I really do like this theme, however, just before buying I had a look at the HTML code, and it seems to be duplicating content for normal view and mobile view. I would’ve thought a “responsive” theme would respond differently using the same content depending on the device – not effectively work as two completely different themes, requiring duplication of content on every page. This method seems clunky, bandwidth intensive and difficult to maintain from a coding perspective – all the things you don’t want in an Admin template. Or am I missing something here?

Hi digicodes,

Thank you for your feedback. You’re absolutely right, it does contain sections that have separate code for mobile/desktop and it really shouldn’t, which is why we are aleady focused on this issue and it will be fixed by the next update, expected to be released in just few days.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply, mosaicpro. I’ll wait until your next release then before making a decision, as I feel it’s a great theme otherwise.

Thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, we wish you and to all our customers A Happy New Year!

Hello digicodes,

We hope this new year finds you well. Just thought to let you know that we released BeautyAdmin v1.2 & as we promised, the unnecessary duplicated HTML for the mobile/tables/desktop has been removed and it’s 100% responsive markup. Among other cool stuff, it now has an account section, a charts section with examples and a new dashboard. You can see the full changelog in the item’s description at the bottom and you’re welcome to check out the live preview.

I really enjoyed your template. I just noticed a flaw that makes it very difficult my purchase.

On Orders there is no option to update the purchase order. by clicking edit nothing happens. There needs to be options in this area to update the purchase orders.

Approximately 1-2 weeks, maybe sooner.

Okay, great. When upgrading let me know that I surely will buy the theme.

It would also be interesting if we could arrange the products in the way that we see fit, clicking, dragging and dropping.


I’ve a problem. If file extension .html is great but it’s .php have a problem.

Example: it’s html screenshot:

Example: it’s php screenshot:

Look at inputs and please help me :(

I don’t modify template.

So, the issue appears only when viewing in chrome 23 and there’s no problem with the live preview, but only with the downloaded PHP version and you haven’t modified it? Please confirm.

I solve problem ! Thank you mate.