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Thanks, Great, any chance to see the homepage blog page?


It was made already. Please check.

Hi, I changed the color codes from blue to magenta in the css, and I changed the blue elements in photoshop and then uploaded, but some elements/colors changed in safari, some as not, same for chrome and mozilla, can you please help thanks


Hi, remove the cache and try again. Please check the email and reply to it. Thank you.

The top widget, top header, page header, and bottom twitter banner don’t line up with the rest of the page content when using the “boxed” styling. They are all off justified 1px and don’t line up with the rest of the page container.

Is there an easy fix for this?


The html code was initially code like this. You can see our demo site or the site with html template and is the same. It can’t be changed, as I said, that it was the original design.


fixed it.


Also, is there anyway to link the items in the homepage “Recent Projects” section to other pages?


The “Recent Projects” shows the items from the portfolio only.

Hi! We’re looking to get this for an upcoming project—but have two questions as it’s hard to know these things without looking at the code: 1) We may need to go with a home page slider that fades… Can we easily swap out the slider?

2) We will probably want a smoother rollover. Can the nav actions be modified a little?

3) The typeface our client uses is “Museo.” Is that one of the 150+ fonts that comes w/the theme? (We can always find one that is close, and not a deal-breaker!)

Thank you,



1) In last update we have added the slider “fade” effect.

2) Please send more details. Thank you.

3). We are using 150+ google web fonts, but you can add more in the list if it exists as google web font:

This is the full list of the fonts that were added at the moment:

theme_fonts = array(””, “* General Web Fonts ”, “Arial”, “Comic Sans MS”, “Courier New”, “Georgia”, “Lucida Console”, “Palatino Linotype”, “Tahoma”, “Times New Roman”, “Verdana”, “Symbol”, “ Google Web Fonts *”, “Abel”, “Abril+Fatface”, “Aclonica”, “Actor”, “Adamina”, “Aguafina+Script”, “Aladin”, “Aldrich”, “Alice”, “Alike+Angular”, “Alike”, “Allan”, “Allerta+Stencil”, “Allerta”, “Amaranth”, “Amatic+SC”, “Andada”, “Andika”, “Annie+Use+Your+Telescope”, “Anonymous+Pro”, “Antic”, “Anton”, “Arapey”, “Architects+Daughter”, “Arimo”, “Artifika”, “Arvo”, “Asset”, “Astloch”, “Atomic+Age”, “Aubrey”, “Bangers”, “Bentham”, “Bevan”, “Bigshot+One”, “Bitter”, “Black+Ops+One”, “Bowlby+One+SC”, “Bowlby+One”, “Brawler”, “Bubblegum+Sans”, “Buda”, “Butcherman+Caps”, “Cabin+Condensed”, “Cabin+Sketch”, “Cabin”, “Cagliostro”, “Calligraffitti”, “Candal”, “Cantarell”, “Cardo”, “Carme”, “Carter+One”, “Caudex”, “Cedarville+Cursive”, “Changa+One”, “Cherry+Cream+Soda”, “Chewy”, “Chicle”, “Chivo”, “Coda+Caption”, “Coda”, “Comfortaa”, “Coming+Soon”, “Contrail+One”, “Convergence”, “Cookie”, “Copse”, “Corben”, “Cousine”, “Coustard”, “Covered+By+Your+Grace”, “Crafty+Girls”, “Creepster+Caps”, “Crimson+Text”, “Crushed”, “Cuprum”, “Damion”, “Dancing+Script”, “Dawning+of+a+New+Day”, “Days+One”, “Delius+Swash+Caps”, “Delius+Unicase”, “Delius”, “Devonshire”, “Didact+Gothic”, “Dorsa”, “Dr+Sugiyama”, “Droid+Sans+Mono”, “Droid+Sans”, “Droid+Serif”, “EB+Garamond”, “Eater+Caps”, “Expletus+Sans”, “Fanwood+Text”, “Federant”, “Federo”, “Fjord+One”, “Fondamento”, “Fontdiner+Swanky”, “Forum”, “Francois+One”, “Gentium+Basic”, “Gentium+Book+Basic”, “Geo”, “Geostar+Fill”, “Geostar”, “Give+You+Glory”, “Gloria+Hallelujah”, “Goblin+One”, “Gochi+Hand”, “Goudy+Bookletter+1911”, “Gravitas+One”, “Gruppo”, “Hammersmith+One”, “Herr+Von+Muellerhoff”, “Holtwood+One+SC”, “Homemade+Apple”, “IM+Fell+DW+Pica+SC”, “IM+Fell+DW+Pica”, “IM+Fell+Double+Pica+SC”, “IM+Fell+Double+Pica”, “IM+Fell+English+SC”, “IM+Fell+English”, “IM+Fell+French+Canon+SC”, “IM+Fell+French+Canon”, “IM+Fell+Great+Primer+SC”, “IM+Fell+Great+Primer”, “Iceland”, “Inconsolata”, “Indie+Flower”, “Irish+Grover”, “Istok+Web”, “Jockey+One”, “Josefin+Sans”, “Josefin+Slab”, “Judson”, “Julee”, “Jura”, “Just+Another+Hand”, “Just+Me+Again+Down+Here”, “Kameron”, “Kelly+Slab”, “Kenia”, “Knewave”, “Kranky”, “Kreon”, “Kristi”, “La+Belle+Aurore”, “Lancelot”, “Lato”, “League+Script”, “Leckerli+One”, “Lekton”, “Lemon”, “Limelight”, “Linden+Hill”, “Lobster+Two”, “Lobster”, “Lora”, “Love+Ya+Like+A+Sister”, “Loved+by+the+King”, “Luckiest+Guy”, “Maiden+Orange”, “Mako”, “Marck+Script”, “Marvel”, “Mate+SC”, “Mate”, “Maven+Pro”, “Meddon”, “MedievalSharp”, “Megrim”, “Merienda+One”, “Merriweather”, “Metrophobic”, “Michroma”, “Miltonian+Tattoo”, “Miltonian”, “Miss+Fajardose”, “Miss+Saint+Delafield”, “Modern+Antiqua”, “Molengo”, “Monofett”, “Monoton”, “Monsieur+La+Doulaise”, “Montez”, “Mountains+of+Christmas”, “Mr+Bedford”, “Mr+Dafoe”, “Mr+De+Haviland”, “Mrs+Sheppards”, “Muli”, “Neucha”, “Neuton”, “News+Cycle”, “Niconne”, “Nixie+One”, “Nobile”, “Nosifer+Caps”, “Nothing+You+Could+Do”, “Nova+Cut”, “Nova+Flat”, “Nova+Mono”, “Nova+Oval”, “Nova+Round”, “Nova+Script”, “Nova+Slim”, “Nova+Square”, “Numans”, “Nunito”, “Old+Standard+TT”, “Open+Sans+Condensed”, “Open+Sans”, “Orbitron”, “Oswald”, “Over+the+Rainbow”, “Ovo”, “PT+Sans+Caption”, “PT+Sans+Narrow”, “PT+Sans”, “PT+Serif+Caption”, “PT+Serif”, “Pacifico”, “Passero+One”, “Patrick+Hand”, “Paytone+One”, “Permanent+Marker”, “Petrona”, “Philosopher”, “Piedra”, “Pinyon+Script”, “Play”, “Playfair+Display”, “Podkova”, “Poller+One”, “Poly”, “Pompiere”, “Prata”, “Prociono”, “Puritan”, “Quattrocento+Sans”, “Quattrocento”, “Questrial”, “Quicksand”, “Radley”, “Raleway”, “Rammetto+One”, “Rancho”, “Rationale”, “Redressed”, “Reenie+Beanie”, “Ribeye+Marrow”, “Ribeye”, “Righteous”, “Rochester”, “Rock+Salt”, “Rokkitt”, “Rosario”, “Ruslan+Display”, “Salsa”, “Sancreek”, “Sansita+One”, “Satisfy”, “Schoolbell”, “Shadows+Into+Light”, “Shanti”, “Short+Stack”, “Sigmar+One”, “Signika+Negative”, “Signika”, “Six+Caps”, “Slackey”, “Smokum”, “Smythe”, “Sniglet”, “Snippet”, “Sorts+Mill+Goudy”, “Special+Elite”, “Spinnaker”, “Spirax”, “Stardos+Stencil”, “Sue+Ellen+Francisco”, “Sunshiney”, “Supermercado+One”, “Swanky+and+Moo+Moo”, “Syncopate”, “Tangerine”, “Tenor+Sans”, “Terminal+Dosis”, “The+Girl+Next+Door”, “Tienne”, “Tinos”, “Tulpen+One”, “Ubuntu+Condensed”, “Ubuntu+Mono”, “Ubuntu”, “Ultra”, “UnifrakturCook”, “UnifrakturMaguntia”, “Unkempt”, “Unlock”, “Unna”, “VT323”, “Varela+Round”, “Varela”, “Vast+Shadow”, “Vibur”, “Vidaloka”, “Volkhov”, “Vollkorn”, “Voltaire”, “Waiting+for+the+Sunrise”, “Wallpoet”, “Walter+Turncoat”, “Wire+One”, “Yanone+Kaffeesatz”, “Yellowtail”, “Yeseva+One”);

Best regards, WLM

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Thank you for you great theme.

I would like to get a theme which doesn’t change a layout when I see the website with iphone or ipad like this(http://themeforest.net/item/beautymind-responsive-and-clean-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/2916244).

Or can you please tell me not to change a layout when I see it with any device.

Thank you.



Open the file ‘style.css’ and find the line with text(line number 3215):

/* Responsive styles */

and delete till the end of the file, excerpt the last lines:

div.textwidget p {margin-top:-6px;}
div.textwidget .block_home_news_post p {margin-top:0px;} 

/* style for boxed version */
/*body.boxed {background:url(images/bg_boxed.jpg);}*/
body.boxed .wrapper {max-width:1008px; margin:0px auto; border-left:1px solid #eeeeee; border-right:1px solid #eeeeee;}

Best regards, WLM

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

I searched the description in style.css, however in style.css, there are just 85 lines and I couldn’t find such description.

Can you please tell me about it again?


Sorry, I thought, that you ask about our last WP theme BusinessNews.

To remove responsive styles need to make more changes in all these files:


In all these files find code and delete that included inside:

@media ... {

Best regards,

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

OK. I understood.

Best Regards.

WLM: We purchased your theme in between hearing back from you. Seems to be installing quite well. Couple questions remain:

1) Top nav: We have 7 nav items and they are wrapping, which I figured was because of the area reserved for the “search” box. Yet, we are not displaying the search… Do we have to modify the code to fix, or is there a way to solve via the admin area? I can’t shorten the words in the nav, in case that’s what you might recommend!

2) What about user documentation? I’m not seeing anything in the .zip file, other than installation documentation.

3) I asked about modifying the rollovers for smoother experience—basically disabling the movement of the thin colored bars. Possible?


This theme is proving very popular with my clients, thanks again!

Are there any plans to include a social media option for Google+ in future updates? (Like you have buttons to Twitter/Facebook etc)



Hi, I have added to my TODO list to add the Google+ social media icon. Thank you for using our theme.

hi there, can you tell me please why my background is all the time doesn’t appear.





Send more details. What you changes you have made and in which files. Thank you.

Best regards, WLM


i didnt do anything i just installed the theme

Hi there, I sent you an email with pics details for some issue, any chance you had a look. Many Thanks, Best regards


Hi, your email is totally unclear and images also. Please resend the details and the images again with details information. Thank you.

Hello, first of all congratulation – it’s a really great theme! I’ve only one question: how can I link the + sign on my portfolio thumbnails to the project-site (not to enlarge the thumbnail).

Thank you very much! Kind regards, Alex



Please send the page url where is listed your portfolio. Thank you.

Best regards. WLM

Hello, i tried to get in a clients quote on http://www.thijsdehaanmetaal.nl/

This is my code. But for the ‘name’ he keeps using John, Businessman. Do you know what’s going on?

one_fourth last=”last”

[testimonial name=”Berber de Jonge” position=”eigenaar”] Thijs heeft voor ons de metaalconstructie van de boerderij gemaakt. Het ging zo snel en de communicatie verliep erg soepel. Een fijne samenwerking.”[/testimonial]

Haan Metaalbedrijf heeft voor ons een nieuwe loods gebouwd. Binnen een korte tijd gerealiseerd en aan de afspraken gehouden. Een bijzondere man! "[/testimonial]


Greets, Tarek



Please open the file ”/beatymind/functions/shortcodes” and find this code:

<div class="info_text"><strong>John</strong>, BusinessMan</div>

and change it with this one:


Best regards

For some reason I on all my pages I am unable to add images to the pages. I even click the “visual” option and it doesn’t even work.

I click insert image and nothing shows up.

Thanks for your help


Try to deactivate plugins one by one and check which causes the problem.

How do I get the pagination feature to work on the Blog page?


Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will check all options and will debug if is need to check this issue!

And also, how do I get the preview excerpt of each post to show up on the blog page?


Did you added the excerpt for each post in admin panel?

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Hi, Themes look great. Though not so great with my install, for some reason I have heaps of pages in the top navigation menu that i have not added… anyway just working through it as i would really like to have this theme as my own site.

secondly is there a way to change the default blue to a custom colour?

I would really appreciate some great support:)




Did you created custom menu via “Appearance -> Menus” and did you saved settings from BusinessNews “Theme Options”?

Unfortunately, I have not added options to change theme color, because in menu and in other places are used images as background and is need to edit them via Adobe Photoshop. All others colors is easy to replace with your in the file “style.css” from main theme folder.

Best regards, WLM

Hi, I have a problem with the contact form, all the information is put in the contact form, the page is set to contact form and when I send a test message we are unable to receive any of the comments.? Also, how can I edit the homepage and remove the “CALL US: 416….” line above the social media icons? I am familiar with editing very basic functions in dreamweaver but Im not sure which file to edit? Thanks so much if you can help it would really be appreciated. Mark C


Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer. I will check this issue.

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Hi, I have a problem with qtranslate and beautymind slider.

The text over the slideshow doesn’t get translated using [:en] or <!--:en--> markers.

Any suggestions?



Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer. Thank you.