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I found the answer to where you edit the footer… it’s in Appearance>Widgets and choosing the footer menu…

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Hello! If you see the link below in IE8 , there is a strange fade effect: http://themeforest.net/item/beautymind-responsive-html5-template/full_screen_preview/2634391 Fatures/alternate Home Layout.. The text being disappeared in the black rectangle in the slide show.. Is it a bug? Is there any solution for this?

Regards, Henrik

Hello, Concerning the log-in and sign up sectiThaons have you included an admin pannel or should I also acquire admin pages separatedely ? Thank You Robert


Hi, its only html files (and contact page php files). login panel implemented in Wordpress version.

hi ive been trying to add a slider to this theme. but dont know how to add it. can someone please help? ive uploaded the pictures to the slider. but im not sure of how what i should do to make the slider visible in my homepage.


Hi, just copy exist gallery and change to your files.

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Good support! :(

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Hi friend yesterday i buy this template.

i am editing this template today morning!

browser compatibility is problem! you first changing the bg color is black then check the browsers google chrome, and mozilla firefox? you correct this problem! then u tell me after i download it! i am not soving that problem. that why i tell u!

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Hi, Is possible to disable Fancybox close function when click on outside ?

Thanks for now.

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Highly Recommended template

I have been working with this template for 3 months now, and I would say that it is the best template I manage to find here in Themeforest: it has minimal design but also all the typography and elements are easily rendered in PHP, so basically you have everything you need to run your site: columns, tables, headings, menus etc. Easily changed.

Found two bugs so far, one solved by the developer (see above) and the other one seems to be PHP CGI issue and not a template issue. Except that, all smooth and running perfectly. I also managed to embed Jquery and Javascript without conflicts.


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Congratulations on designing such a beautiful and useful template! I purchased the HTML5 template, and the Creative Slider doesn’‘t display on IE 9 and IE 10. Have you fixed this or is there a fix or workaround that I could use? Again, thanks and congratulations!

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Dear Sir, browser compatibility is problem. On IE9, creativeslider(= slider.html)?do not work well. But other browsers(e.g F.Fox, Chrome, Safari) work well. And, checking your file in Themaforest byIE9, work well, too.

Though I do not customize it at all, I do not work.

Please confirm and Please contact me immediately.

Sincerely yours,

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Hello I have three problems I hope someone can help:

1- I need to remove the slider from the mobile view only. 2- In mobile view, the text is cut by the footer as if there is a maximum length. Also if I change the text alignment to “right”, the text is cut from mobile’s right side. 3- Twitter does not show in either views.