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Hello preview working

please help me sir,

http://themeforest.net/item/beautymind-responsive-html5-template/full_screen_preview/2634391 this template intersted but html not working please resolve problem. thanks

Hello, sorry I’m don’t understand… Template working.. Please try again http://beautymind.webglogic.com/ Thanks of lot

Hi, Is it easy to add a google web font with Latin characters to your theme?

nikip Purchased

Hi, I need some help pls :) i can not see (find) the footer in the html area (to change text etc) ... do i do something wrong?



Hi! Find ’<footer id=”footer-wrapper”>’ in html code.

Best regards, Roman

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The drop-down menu doesn´t work for me. Does it work with the same archive “sendform.php”?maybe I´m doing something wrong?


Hello !

sendform.php is php script for sending emails. nothing more.


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Hello, have not found the search results page. It was never intended?

I’m so sorry to have to comment about this on here (I see that others have as well) but the preview link (http://beautymind.webglogic.com/) does not work when viewed on a phone. It works perfectly fine when viewed on any browser. The only reason I bring this up is I want to make sure that when I use this theme, that it will work from a phone.

Hey there,

Firstly let me than you for a valued contribution tot the Themeforest community…

I have now delivered this template to my client & they are over the moon! Really nice clean / minimal design, which was easy to use & most importantly its works!

I would have no problems recommending this Author to anyone intending to purchase this template!

Cheers Brendon


Thanks Brendon:)


I have a few questions, and would greatly appreciate it if you could answer those

1) I’m I’m having issues with vimeo videos. My video links do not open – the loading icon appears and that’s it. I’ve checked all the links and I have the correct path to the file and also used the class=”fancybox-media”. Any idea on what could be the issue?

2) Under the portfolio categories(filter), I want three categories, 3D, VFX and Animation. So all of them are video files, but with 3 different categories. What modifications do I need to make so that everything falls under video element while allowing the option to filter them as 3D, VFX and Animation? (i hope this makes sense!)

3) For the Contact page, what do I do to make the map correspond to my addess?

I would greatly appreciate your kind help in this.

Thanks in Advance.




1) Send us the link to your site and the page where video does’t work, please. 2) For portfolio filter we use isotope script. All you need is add category class to item block (e.g.

  • ) and to attribute href in filter menu (e.g. Photography ) or “all” for displaying all item. It’s easy like one, two, three! 3) All needed files are in \layout\scripts\isotop folder, for more information please visit http://isotope.metafizzy.co
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    Thank you so much for your reply. Here’s the link to the site. The first two items (Special K and Bosch has the vimeo link).


    Thanks again.


    Hello again, it just worked. So ignore my last message. Thanks.

    fyi – I just bought your theme and the folder is named beatymind rather than beautymind as in the documentation – just thought you might want to know. I was concerned but all seems to be ok so far.

    === EDIT HERE _ I FIXED A WP BUG CAUSING THIS AND RESOLVED === Any reason why the slider would not work – featured image alignment is broken, sits well off sliders pane. And the text in the text box breaks out over the image, meaning it is missing half of the sentence.

    Colors – any easy way to changes these throughout? i.e. pull down at top button and link colours, slider under line and button colour, bdy copy, etc… not finding anything too obvious in the colors.css file?

    However, this still stands a fair bit! Working through this – but so far this has been the least friendly template process i have used…

    For example… how on earth do you change the colour of the link text in the twitter top footer section. I have declared style sheet rules down to the specific A tag , and nothing works.

    Nightmare so far doing even basic things…

    Hello! I love your template but I added an additional circle in the about.html so that there’s 6 circles instead of 5 but now the 6th circle won’t float to the right of the 5th circle when the page is viewed on a mobile device. I used simple li tags for the first 5 circles but then used li class=”last-li” for the last circle. Did I miss something?



    Please find the line:

    ul.our-work-scheeme li.last-li { margin-right: 160px; }

    in layout-wide.css (or layout.css) and replace it with

    ul.our-work-scheeme li.last-li { margin-right: 0; }

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    I am very happy with this theme, but I’m having some trouble customizing the javascript for the testimonials slider. Currently I’ve copied the testimonial code from the home page and moved it to the sidebar of an inner page. Everything is working fine, it slides to the next testimonial on click and then continues on it’s own. However we need the testimonials to start auto sliding on page load. I’ve looked at the documentation and beautymind.js (lines 217-255) and cannot figure out where to make changes to get this to happen.

    Please advise.


    Please, give me a link of your site, I will try to help you.

    Regards, Roman

    On http://nationwidedm.com/blog/ the post excerpts do not display. please help.


    I’m working on the same site as JuanDone above and found that the placeholders were not working correctly in IE. I added this Javascript Code to get it to work correctly.

    Hope that helps someone.


    Thanks so much for an amazing theme, absolutely awesome! :) Will you please help, where can I set the speed of the actual slide animation of the home page gallery?

    Thanks very much! Kind regards*


    Hi, in file beautymind.js find function “homeSlider” – there are numbers 5000 (twice) = 5sec , U can play with them.

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    This is a beautiful indeed template! And working excellent, I’m going to browse your other works as well :)

    You have one bug that I have found, in TABS – when you try to use one type of a tab (in tab 1) without the submenu – the content is not switching

    This will not work:
  • Test
  • while this will work fine:
  • Support


  • Web_Vision

    Hi, find “if($(tab+’ .has-submenu a’).size()){” in file beautymind.js and replace it to “if($(tab+’ a’).size()){“

    Hi, Thanks for your great theme. I am enjoying setting up BeautyMind, but can’t find where to set up the columns for the Footer as it is not in the Home Page HTML . Do I need to go into footer.php to do this and cut and paste the code there? Thanks!