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zebi88 Purchased

Hi, I would like to link the “Make an appintment”-button to a Site and not only to an ID, how can I do this? It’s ot a reseration form.


that will require editing the code. Open header.php, go to line 93 and change ”#reservation-form” to your URL.


Good day. I have a problem and it might not have anything to do with the beautyspot theme. On our homepage there seems to be a “Submit” button that appeared out of the blue just above the slider. Trying to update the theme is not possible either because we cant login to the admin section to access the Dashboard. The error message we get “ERROR: Cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. For help, please see this documentation or try the support forums.” Has anyone come across this and is it possible to get help with this?


if you can’t access your admin, you should contact your hosting provider. He should help you reset the DB and you will probably have to do the clean install. That form with submit button shouldn’t be there and it is definitely not part of the theme.


The sidebar contact panel is not displaying any text fields, as suggested in the documentation ‘for example Contact Info 1 Icon and Contact Info 1 Text’

The only fields displayed are icon fields; Contact Info 1 Icon, Contact Info 2 Icon, Contact Info 3 Icon, Contact Info4 Icon

So there is no way to edit the text


you mean under Theme Options / Main Sidebar Settings? That’s weird. Try to disable all plugins except those which came with the theme. If that won’t help, please share your credentials via PM so I can take a look.


In the documentation i states; ‘Footer Text. You can edit it under Theme Options / Footer Settings using Footer Text field’

However there is no ‘Footer text’ field displayed when selecting Footer Settings. Only settings visible are;

Enable Bottom Panel Bottom Panel Background Image Enable Footer

This is basically the same issue as in your previous comment. Please read the answer there.

Hello, I recently purchased your theme, which is great! However, the homepage is not displaying correctly, but the rest of the pages are. I have an SSL installed so I don’t know if that could be part of the issue, but I’d like your assistance on this matter. Thank you for your time.


Did you tried to disable all those plugins at once? When I examine your code there is a lot of 3rd party code in header which is probably causing this. Are you using some kind of cache plugin or anything like that?

Yes, we did all at once and it broke the site, so we had to go one by one. We have WP Fastest Cache installed.

When you check the source code of my demo and compare to your installation there is a lot of difference just in the header when CSS and JS files are being loaded. It is very likely that this cache plugin s doing that, maybe it is misconfigured or I don’t know, but there is not much I can do to help you with it. Maybe it is because of SSL in the end and in that case you can ask for a refund of course.


I am enjoying your theme quite a bit, nice work. I have 2 questions about the appointments portion of the theme.

1. Is there a way/option to include a section for credit card payments in the Reservation Form pop up?

2. Is there a way when someone makes an appointment, selects a date and time, that the date will no longer be available for the next user/customer to select (in order to prevent double booking)?

Those are all of my questions. I appreciate your theme, along with your time, and am looking forward to your response!


unfortunately, answer to all of your question is that you will have to hire a freelancer for that.

ad pricing table button: that’s just the dummy table. It doesn’t have any functionality. You can edit link of that button to your custom link but if you want to somehow connect it to WooCommerce, you will, again, have to hire a freelancer for that.



Tflores87 Purchased

Hey there, so I sought out the answers to the previous questions I had!

I was able to retrieve the answers from WooCommerce. In case anyone in these comments would like help on how to achieve connecting their theme with the WooCommerce feature, they could watch the video tutorials on their site ( Unfortunately, there seems to be a few compatibility issues with the theme. I would be more than happy to fill you in on a few of the things I noticed if you’d like to know!

As for the particular issue I was hoping to resolve with you is the Add To Cart Button. As provided by WooCommerce, this can be achieved if I add the Shortcode [add_to_cart id=“799”] – the number would change in respect to the product. However this shortcode does not show up on any page I create and place it in (new or existing, within or out of the theme related shortcodes). Is there any idea/solution that you have that would allow the shortcode to work- Preferably with the button “Order Now”?

I appreciate your time and am looking forward to your response! Please let me know when you get the chance, thank you!!

This is the most basic tutorial on how to implement WooCommerce to any theme. If some WooCommerce shortcode doesn’t work, then again, please test with other theme (e.g. TwentyFifteen) to be 100% that issue is in BlueCollar. Even that this theme doesn’t support WooCommerce, such things shouldn’t happen of course.

By the best advice I can give you is to hire a freelancer to make this theme fully compatible with WooCommerce.


Lomelyan Purchased

Good afternoon! Bought your subject Beautyspot. But it isn’t established! WP writes: Extraction of files …

Installation of a subject …

The archive didn’t manage to be established. In a subject there is no stylesheet of style.css.

Installation of a subject wasn’t successful.

How to solve this problem?


you are trying to upload a wrong file, please, follow the documentation.


Hi Lubos,

Nice theme! Good works!

A question please, tell me if your theme is optimise for seo and works fine withs seo yoast plugin?

Thanks for answer

Have a nice day


it is optimized as any other theme and it should work with yoast.



billdia Purchased

Hi, by default, Sidebar Panel is always opened on screens bigger than 1400px. How can I have it opened for all screens even those smaller than 1400px. Many thanks!


try this Custom CSS:

.header-contact { display: block; }
.header-panel-toggle { display: none; }



billdia Purchased

Thank you for your prompt reply! One last question, that I hope it is easy to implement. Is there an easy way to have on the sidebar instead of 4 contact info entries, 5?

It will require some coding and you will have to hire a freelancer for that.

Good evening! I want to buy a template beautyspot. The template includes demo data?


yes, it does.