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Hello, How can I add more then 3 teachers in the pages? Will you give an update for WP 4? I love this theme :)

Hi, alethemes/config.php file respond for thumbs. also you can add the 4-th members option in that file for admin panel.

thx :)

Have a good day


Great theme, I already purchased it.

My preferred way of making small adjustments is via child theme, but when I create one, it doesn’t work. I fixed the issue in functions.php (it requires the init file from an nonexistent theme instead of the bebe theme), but please keep this in mind in case of future updates.

Thank you!

Hi, yes, we will fix it. Thanks

Hello, I want to buy this theme, but I need the exact same demo installation, same pictures and same texts… not a manual to install it via demo dump I need hundred percent the copy of this page, Is this possible?

Hi, sure, the demo content file is included in the download archive. You just need to import it and get a copy of Demo preview site.

I love this theme, but am unable to update the contact form on the home page.

I have been getting dozens of spam emails over the last 24 hours and I want to either remove it or add a captcha. Please advise as to how to do this.


Hi, the theme doesn’t have that option to add captcha or to remove it. You can do it manualy by source file edit. The file you need is footer.php. Or if you don’t have skills, find a developer who will do it.


Have a good day

mod rewrite rule module active, but donĀ“t work custom slug gallery and rooms ok ko

solved, Conflict with plugin background music player (codecanyon)


the given import.xml file is no the same like on you actual demo, I think you inlcuded there an old xml file, befor the updates… could you send me the actual xml file of your actual demo look.. its very important for me… please send it to me:

thanks Serkan

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Hi, Thanks for good theme. I am testing it and I have a problem with slider Look at : It’s not working at all… :(

Read the previous message, please. The support is working and it is on Forum only.

OK. Thanks Finaly I found slug field at theme config and its working fine.

Good theme – I recommend to potential buyers


Have a good day

Will there be an update to this theme soon?

Is it necessary? The current version is stable, no bugs..


srkn61 Purchased

Hello I cant find a full width template in it, please help… on some pages I dont want a right side widget, please help..

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.


srkn61 Purchased

I am waiting for my answer on BEBE support-forum

You will get an reply as soon as possible

Hi, I like this template. and I want buy it as soon as possible but I have you have right to left option for this template?

It doesn’t have RTL option.

ok.I really want it .it is really dose work for me :( . I wish you could sale it with more cost to me . if it is possible, how much dose it cost with RTL Option ?

You can purchase the wordpress theme and after find a developer on Envato Studio who will do the RTL support for you.

Greetings friends. As I change the email contact form?

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Love this theme!

One pre-purchased question. It’s possible to show each gallery title? Now, I can see just preview image of the gallery but it’s possible to show title too?

Thank you :-)

Hi, the theme doesn’t have this option, but you can easy add it. we will help you on our support forum.


Ur theme is great! I Like it with the animation of the sea. But I want 2 ask, how to change the title page of gallery page? I want to change the word of the title page, but I don’t know where the file is? Can u tell me what the file’s name in the editor? So, I can change the title.

Thanks :)

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Hi, I’ve been asked by a client to work on their website that is built with your theme (we didn’t build the website so I don’t have any documentation). I’m having a few issues: - the typography theme option section doesn’t seem to work (fonts don’t change to google fonts and won’t change colour). - I want to add facebook and twitter feeds to the homepage but can’t seem to add these in the theme options or the actual page itself. Many thanks

Hi, use the support forum please.

That would be great, but since your forum requires a purchase validation code to register, and I already told you we didn’t buy the theme (our client’s previous web company built the site and we have been asked to work on it)......this means I can’t use the forum…

We offer support for customers. Purchase code is the license. If you don’t have this key you are not allowed to use our theme. Find the old purchase code or purchase a new license.

does this support WP-Commerce?

No, it doesn’t.

Hello, PSD files that are contained in the template? I mean, how many there are and for what subpages. Is it possible to get these files before purchasing the entire template? So in order to prepare the project for the client. I greet Adam

Hi. All PSD files are available. And You will get the PSD’s only after you purchase the theme. No other way. Have a good day.

how do I make the title box on the slider appear in the upper right corner as shown instead of directly in the right middle of my images?

And can you make this support woo commmerce?

Hi, the theme doesn’t support woocommerce. You need a developer to make it possible.

What do you mean about the slider? Any screenshot examples?