Bedford – Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

Bedford is responsive portfolio theme that enables you to beautifully showcase your work on any device.
Its layout based on flexible Grid system, it is Retina-ready and produce valid modern HTML5 markup.

Bedford is suitable for Artists, Photographers, Freelancers and many types of small businesses.

It comes with simple drag and drop Page Builder and provides fields and options to easily modify individual entries styling.

Main Features

  • Valid HTML5 / CSS3 pages
  • Perfectly responsive
  • Retina-Ready
  • Cross browser compatible – tested in IE 9,10,11; Firefox; Safari; Chrome and Opera.
  • Well formatted and documented template files.
  • Integrated “Aqua Page builder”.
  • 3 extra Post Types, provided by enclosed plugins, so your content is not tied to specific theme,
  • Localization ready – contains POT file with all theme text strings, ready for translation.
  • Retina-Ready icons from demo are included (plus additional ones up to 100 – if more are needed, 1640 vector icons can be purchased here: )
    you can also get a free pack of 100 icons there:
  • Custom print css stylesheet
  • Extensive documentation
  • XML with Demo Content ready to import.

Log of Changes/Updates

  Bedford WordPress Theme - CHANGELOG

Bedford 1.6, 2015-03-06
- Improve contact form responsive styles.
- Improve responsive styles of aqua page builder text blocks.
- Portfolio items category pages - Add customizer option to set different post order.
- Scroll to top button - issue with endless opacity loop on narrow screens, fixed.
- Single Portfolio Item template - code reordered, 

  Modified Files:
  - bedford/inc/customizer.php
  - bedford/functions.php 
  - bedford/inc/page_builder_blocks/aq_bdf_text_block.php  
  - bedford/inc/page_builder_blocks/aq_bdf_editor_block.php
  - bedford/page-templates/square-portfolio-thumbs.php 

Bedford 1.5, 2015-01-10
- Fixed bug with teaser box of video portfolio items.
- Fixed bug with audio player in fancybox lightbox not respond to clicks.
- Remove the "Open in lightbox" from pages teaser boxes.

  Modified Files:
  - bedford/post-content/content-box-audio.php
  - bedford/post-content/content-box-square-audio.php
  - bedford/post-content/content-box-image.php
  - bedford/functions.php
  - bedford/inc/bedford-metaboxes.php
  - bedford/js/admin-functions.js
  - bedford/page-templates/masonry-front.php  
  - bedford/page-templates/masonry-portfolio-no-filters.php  
  - bedford/page-templates/masonry-portfolio.php 
  - bedford/page-templates/square-portfolio-thumbs.php 

Bedford 1.4, 2014-12-18
- Audio post format added for portfolio-items.
- Use WP image sizes on portfolio item pages in place of original image.
- Allow also post of type Page image teaser boxes on front page grid.  New fields added to pages edit screen.
- Fix bug in "person" page when no social networks present.
- Allow fields to customize Portfolio Items "Description" field label.
- Fix isotope category filtering that did not worked properly for video teaser boxes.
- Update language file via PoEdit program to reflect current new text strings.

  Files affected by this update:
  New template files:
  - bedford/post-content/content-box-audio.php
  - bedford/post-content/content-box-square-audio.php

  Modified Files:
  - bedford/functions.php
  - bedford/style.css
  - bedford/css/admin-styles.css
  - bedford/inc/bedford-metaboxes.php
  - bedford/js/admin-functions.js
  - bedford/js/plunins-and-functions.js
  - bedford/page-templates/masonry-front.php  
  - bedford/page-templates/masonry-portfolio-no-filters.php  
  - bedford/page-templates/masonry-portfolio.php 
  - bedford/page-templates/square-portfolio-thumbs.php 
  - bedford/post-content/content-portfolio-item-columns.php
  - bedford/post-content/content-portfolio-item-grid.php
  - bedford/post-content/content-portfolio-item-rows.php 

Bedford 1.3, 2014-10-13
- Responsive menu: 
        Fix problem in safari on iOS8 that caused open menu to collapse on scrolling
        File modified  - bedford/js/plunins-and-functions.js

- Galleries in posts: 
        Automatically attach Bedford style lightbox to images is standard WP post galleries.
        This behaviour attached to images wrapped with link to media file. Also added to 
        jetPack plugin "Tiled Gallery".
        Also supports standard WP galleries and also to tiled jetpack gallery.
        File modified  - bedford/js/plunins-and-functions.js

- Masonry Portfolio page:
        Display portfolio categories animated filter.
        Change page template name to reflect the change.
        Files added  - bedford/page-templates/masonry-portfolio.php

- Portfolio Categories: 
        Style single portfolio category page same as "Portfolio - Square Thumbs Grid" 
        Files added  - bedford/taxonomy-portfolio-category.php
                                 - bedford/templates/portfolio-filters-simple.php

- Embedded Video:
        1. In single portfolio item, handle the situation of video only without images attachments.
        2. Added support for fluid-video-embeds plugin.
        File modified  - bedford/post-content/content-portfolio-item-rows.php
                                     - bedford/style.css , icons section.

- Content Box teasers:
        1. Force square thumbs boxes to contain, by default, 280x280 px square images.
             Files modified - various content-box templates.
        2. Fix old safari versions to not to show white empty title and sub title.
             File modified  - bedford/style.css

- Comment Form:
        Remove "*" character from "Website field that is not "required".
        File modified  - bedford/functions.css

- Plugin, Rcoil Portfolio Item Post Type: 
        Allow full set of editor buttons instead of limitted, in portfolio item description field.
        File modified  - rcoil-portfolio-item-post-type.php inside

Bedford 1.2, 2014-09-20
- Single portfolio item: 
    1. Allow video embed field to show up in columns and slider displays.
      2. Improve potential shortcode execution in item description field.
      3. Allow display of custom details and labels.
      4. Add, to singe item, option for grid display.
      5. Slider now has flexible height to eliminate cropping of vertical images in slider.    
- CSS: The responsive breakpoint that remove navigation from sidebar changed
       to be 959px instead of 1229px.
- Updated bedford.pot this file contains all the text strings used within Bedford, ready to 
          create .po & .mo in any language.
- CHANGELOG.txt file added.

Bedford 1.1, 2014-08-29
- Remove leftover debug code that occasionally displayed undesired PHP array.

Bedford 1.0, 2014-08-28
- Initial release


Original awesome design & behaviour: PPandP.