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Hello, I am really liking your theme and strongly considering purchasing it. I am wondering how customizable is the home page? Is it pretty straight forward, am I limited to the three templates shown in the demo or can I pretty much click and drag my homepage setup? I am not CSS savvy so the easier the better. The template is pretty much where I want to be, but there are a few changes I want to make on the home page.

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Thanks. Is there documentation that describes how this can be accomplished? I know very little about shortcodes.

The documentation is included. Using shortcodes it pretty straightforward. You generate shortcode with visual shortcode generator, insert the code into the page and it turns into some button/box etc. on the front end.

Thanks for the information. Look forward to building out my site with this theme.

Hi mopc76. I just purchased the theme. I am applying it to my already existing site and modifying it. If I import the demo content will that overwrite my blog postings or does it simply bring in the demo content and save it along beside my existing content?


Demo content won’t overwrite your posts, it will just add new demo posts. Also, since you bought the theme, please, switch to our support forum with further questions:

Thank you.

Hi. With the tabs shortcode is there a way to make each tab title a different color? I tried using a background color to do the whole tab, just changing the title font color and also inserting an icon but it just takes the whole tab out. Thanks!


it’s possible this way: add this code into “Theme Options – Extra code blocks – Code block for custom CSS” field:
.page-id-123 .omsc-tabs-control li:nth-child(1) a {
.page-id-123 .omsc-tabs-control li:nth-child(2) a {
.page-id-123 .omsc-tabs-control li:nth-child(3) a {
where 123 is the ID of the page with tabs. If you have more or less than three tab titles add or remove sections in this code changing :nth-child(number_of_the_tab_here)

it will colorize all tabs shortcodes on the page. If you have more than one tabs shortcode on the page and want to colorize them independently, let me know, I’ll tell you how to do it.

This didn’t work. I’m going to send you an email because I don’t want to post the webpage on here, but I’d like for you to see what I’m trying to do.

Hi, I enjoy working with the theme a lot. But I’m a WP newbie and I’m currently stuck:. I’m using the themes recent post widget and want to change the “read more”-button under the excerpt, but I can’t locate it in a php-file. Can you tell in which file I have to look? Thanks!


you can find this string in the file functions.php, lines 116-139 (there are four occurrences there.


Hello! Does it come with WPML or any multilingual solution or I have to get separetedly? Thanks.


the theme is compatible with WPML plugin, but the plugin itself doesn’t included into the theme (it’s not allowed to bundle this plugin with WordPress themes), you will need to buy a license separately.

Ok I understand now. Thank you very much


is it possible that there is an revolution slider update is necessary? At my page the visibility of my slider is gone. Will you offer an update with an actual version?



it should works fine without update (also, we will update the slider to the latest version with the next theme update, I suppose we will make it shortly). Most likely there is a problem with something else (probably some third party plugin cause an issue). Please, switch to our support forum with this issue (


FabioAl Purchased

You can use a shortcode in recent posts with random function of the post by category? Example [recent_posts count=”3” thumbnail=”true” category=”7” + RANDOM]


unfortunately there is no ‘random’ option in this shortcode.