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Google Mobile Friendly says – its not compatible with mobile…..... links are too small etc. Any options to fix it ?

Does it say only about your website? Our demo website gives 100/100 of User Experience here

Could you please provide me your website URL?


opradas Purchased

I also have problems with PageSpeed…

I guess shopMAGES means the speed part of the test, not the User Experience (which is also important).

In my case, after getting help from a developer I could only reach 43/100 for the mobile and 67/100 for the desktop version – this means that I am getting penalised from Google.

And the demo site also has these problems out of the box:

Anyway to fix it with an update of the code??

Thanks! Oscar

Hi Oscar,

many notices which you see in Google about our demo are just because of “Preview panel” integrated into demo (which let you to switch colors and etc online), this panel exists only on our the demo website. If we remove it we get much more scores.

let’s take a look at your results:

- the first (and the biggest) problem of your website is response time: – you should use some caching plugin to reduce the time, also web server should be fast.

- second: Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content:

first two files are files of WordPress core and the theme doesn’t control it. Third and fourth files are files of Revolution Slider plugin. To optimize it, move these files into the footer using Revolution Slider option (Revolution Slider – Global Settings – Insert JavaSscript Into Footer – On) – that will solve this issue.

- third: Optimize CSS Delivery of the following: you can try to use some minification plugin. Also there is a minor enhancement possible which can be done in the theme itself, we will try to do it with the next theme update.

Summing up, if you at least reduce response time and enable “Insert JavaSscript Into Footer” Revolution Slider option you will get much more scores.


opradas Purchased

Thanks for your prompt and detailed reply! I will get into it and let you know, thanks O


Boira Purchased

Hi! Congrat for your theme!

We’d like to know how it works the tags bgpos and bgatt located into a full_width_section.

We would like to paste an imagen into the center of such section without being repeated when we have set the layout as overall layout option.



I suppose you should set bgpos attribute to ‘cover’ for this purpose. As for the bgatt attribute, when it set to ‘scroll’, image is scrolled with the page, when it set to ‘fixed’, image is not scrolled with the page scroll.

HI I have installed the theme and contacted envato account to install it for me , but if you look at my website, the not all the links are working like the demo, and now when I go to the website it’s not showing anything :S please fix it ASAP


please, write us via contact form ( ) or create a ticket on our support forum ( ) and provide your website URL and temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll try to figure out the problem.

don’t worry its all fixed, there was a problem with the logo it was too big .. Thank you so much

Hello, is the theme compatible with the latest WP version… 4.2.2?


yes, it’s compatible.

HI Thank you for the theme I like it. Just a bit of things to finish the site please: 1- I would like to change the hyperlinks .. I know that I can click on edit and change it, but there are some links before that that doesnt look professional. Example: .. I don’t want example-pages/company1 … I just want “about-us”. 2- I was editing the homepage & I’m not sure what I did wrong but it ruined the bottom of it .. can you please fix it for me? 3 – I would like only 3 products to show on my home page in the portfolio field, without the 2 big ones on the top. How can I do that? 4 – Regarding the porfolio slide, what is the size of the pictures that I have to put? please let me know asap Thank you


I’ve already answered you by email.


I have just bought the theme, but when I am installing it in Wordpress I have the following message : The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

What can I do about that ?

Hello! Thanks for purchase. Please unzip package. This is the common issue.

Thanks guys!

Hi. When I share a page url (homepage) in facebook, the featured image is not displayed in the post. Can you help me about that small issue?

Hey, I understand that Beep manage the multi language with the WPML plugin. I would like to create 3 different flags in the top right of the home page. When you click on each flag, you go to a different language set. What do I need to do to make this happen ? Should I install any new plugin ? and after that, should I do anything else ? I am totally new to this. Thanks for your help


you just need to enable WPML plugin, set it up, then navigate to “Theme Options – WPML” and check option “Show WPML language selector in the header”. It will display languages selector at the top left of the header. Languages selector layout can be set up in the WPML options section.

How do I enable WPML plugin ? Do I need to buy it and install it ?and then it will show up in the theme options ? Am I right ? Thanks for your feedback

Yes, if you want to use WPML plugin, you should buy and install it ( ). Once you install and configure it, WPML section will appear under “Theme Options”, which will let you to enable languages switcher on the header.

Hi there,

I’ve been checking out the Beep theme and it looks great. I just wanted to ask you about a few customizations I plan to do.

1. Page layout and color scheme: Is there a way in this theme to have some pages display a different color scheme and wide vs boxed layout? Or is it something I could tweak easily enough in custom css by setting a few properties for .page-id-123 or whatever the page is? If not, is this theme compatible with the Jonradio Multiple Themes plugin so I could have a second instance of the theme configured differently for a few pages?

2. Can background images and colors be set for individual containers within a page? It seems like that on your landing page. What I would like to do is use a child theme to set the overall page content to rgba(255,255,255,0.5) and then selectively add a white or colored background to some elements to mix it up. Will this be possible?

3. Are you aware of any conflicts with the Flipping Cards plugin?

4. It looks like your footer allows for widgets. Does it also allow for a background image? And can we put anything in the widgets?



1. By default there is no option to have these options be different for some pages. Sure, if you are familiar with CSS and can figure out which CSS code you need to achieve it, you can do it, inserting this code into “Theme Options – Extra code blocks – Code block for custom CSS”. As for Jonradio Multiple Themes plugin – we didn’t test it, but why not, I suppose you can try it.

2. We didn’t use any anything beyond theme options in our demo. Probably options to set background and font color in ‘Full width section’ shortcode is what you need?

3. Unfortunately we didn’t test the theme with this plugin, so I cannot say anything about it.

4. I believe you can use “Text” widget and insert any HTML there.


Pranada Purchased

Thanks so much for this! Ok, one more question. What if I want to just selectively have one fullwidth container have a background color with 50% opacity? Can I just add a class in the shortcode?

You can specify background color with 50% opacity directly in the color attribute, like this:
[full_width_section color="rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.5)"]...[/full_width_section]

My company has two licenses for the beep theme. After I log into the support forum at I am asked for my Envato License Verification. I have tried both codes and receive the same error, “Sorry, this key is already in the database. If you think this is a mistake, please contact us to resolve the issue.” I see no way to contact any one at olevmedia. How can I get this resolved?


please, write us via contact form ( ) provide us your purchase codes and I’ll try to figure out the problem.

Hello. I have sent you a message via contact form , because I am trying to access the olevmedia forums for support, but can not get my licence key verified. I am always getting a message saying : The license key you have entered is not valid or could not be verified at this time. Thanks for your support


I’ve answered you by email.


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Hi, I’ve been using this theme for a while and it’s awsome! I have one question. For a portfolio page (like this:, how do I set the image’s maximum height? Thanks!


thank you!

Unfortunately there is no option to set maximum height for this images gallery. The only way is to resize images via some graphic editor before uploading them into WordPress.

Hi mopc76. Instead of showing the full articles content in the blog section, how can I only display an excerpt? Thank in advance.