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First of all I want to say that I love this theme very much! It’s sophisticate, flexible and work very Fast. One of the best I work with from far

... but, there is one thing that not fits exactly at my needs and I thought I can do it somehow – I would like for toggle shortcut to have access to chose bar color – in fact, my client wants to show off the news with red color and any other long information under light gray toggle, default color. Infoboxes let me choose color but when is long info, toggle is better representation. In this sense, I thought to create 2 toggle functions ~“identical” only with distinctive in CSS for color… the problem is – I don’t know where to find this toggle function… to have in the end 2 toggles under shortcode list…

Let me know if it is possible to do that by myself… or it it is very difficult to do, just to know

Thank you



shortcodes are provided by “Olevmedia Shortcodes” plugin. You can try to add color option this way: open file wp-content/plugins/olevmedia-shortcodes/functions/workup-shortcodes.php, line 485
        'state'         => ''
change it to
        'state'         => '',
        'color'         => '',
then line 493:
'<div class="omsc-toggle-title">'.$title.'</div>'.
change to
'<div class="omsc-toggle-title"'.($color?' style="background-color:"'.$color.'"':'').'>'.$title.'</div>'.
then when use shortcode [toggle] – just use “color” attribute to apply color:
[toggle color="#FF0000" ...]...
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I wanted my blog to show like this: http://dem2.olevmedia.net/beep/blog-medium-thumbnails/ But It’s like this: http://smartly.com.br/blog

Maybe I have to change a parameter besides the normal configuration.

I’m having a problem on embedding an youtube video. I’ve used this code:

src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LwDUwdlYiU" height="480" width="853" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0"></iframe>/video_embed

It won’t show on my page.

Thank you, Mateus.


Hi Mateus,

you need to set this option: http://grab.by/yURY when you edit the page, for which you’ve chosen “Blog” template. Also I suppose you should use “Read more tag” ( http://grab.by/yUS0 ) to specify an excerpt of the post.

As for the youtube video: please, write us via contact form ( http://themeforest.net/user/mopc76 ) provide us a link to the page with the problem and temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll take a look and try to help you.

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Hi, i have 2 prebuy questions: 1) i have seen in the demo that logo clients are not linked. (it is possible to have a link on logos?)

2) in the portfolio filter, i see th enumber of the items of that category. it is possible to not show that number? thank you a lot



1. Yes, it’s possible.

2. There is no such option in the backend, but this number can be hide via small tweak, I can help you with it.


ok, perfect, thank you