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BeeTube Video WordPress Theme

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BeeTube Video WordPress Theme

BeeTube is a Professional Responsive Video WordPress Theme designed for video site, video blog video Portal. This theme will help you get a professional video site up and running quickly, it is inspired by the popular websites: YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. No modest to say that it is the most powerful video WordPress theme so far.

Have you yearned to share your best loved videos online? Well BeeTube gives you can opportunity to fulfill this desire. You can now broadcast your work across the web freely. Even if you are not really innovative and just want to reuse the existing videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Hulu And 20 Other video platform, (Supported Video Sites) And this platform will readily help you. BeeTube is truly a much more sophisticated platform then its counterparts.

The platform welcomes contribution of videos by different users. Whether you want to showcase or collect videos BeeTube facilitates everything.

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Demo Account

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Feature List

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Infinite Scrolling Enable / Disable Option
  3. Optimized for Mobile
  4. Free Video Slider
  5. Grid View System
  6. Allow users to submit videos and contribute BeeTube View Image
  7. Custom Login/Register page Demo
  8. Channel page, Demo
  9. Email Verification on User Registration
  10. Embed Videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Hulu And 20+ (Supported Video Sites)
  11. Embed Video by Video URL
  12. Automatic Video thumbnails Grabing.
  13. Automatic Video Import From YouTube Channel
  14. Upload your own Videos (Self Hosted Video File in any format)
  15. 5 Home page Templates.
  16. Fullwidth Home Page Template
  17. Landing page builder with section drag & drop.
  18. Archive page template.
  19. Widget Ready
  20. Ads Ready
  21. Image ads and ad code, both functionality Included.
  22. Like & Views counting.
  23. Like & Views Custom Editing
  24. Auto View Count
  25. Most viewed posts Widget.
  26. like videos Without Login
  27. Sort Videos by: Likes, Views, Comments and date
  28. Easily change the colors
  29. Custom Logo, favicon & Loader
  30. Google Analytics Support
  31. Featured Videos Area
  32. Video play with ajax
  33. Video load with ajax
  34. Easy to use theme options, drag&drop panel.
  35. Built-in Related videos
  36. Custom menus Support
  37. Auto Category Menu
  38. Toggle “More/Less” Video info
  39. Threaded Comments
  40. Video auto Play feature
  41. Twitter feeds
  42. Header Footer Hooks
  43. 404 page
  44. Contact Form 7 Supported
  45. Dark and Light Version
  46. Built in SEO mode
  47. Fully Backend Control
  48. PSD Files Included
  49. BeeTube is officially supported by this amazing import tool.YouTube WordPress plugin – video import

3 Ways to Embed Video Easily

  1. Video File: Embed Self Hosted Video only need paste your video file url
  2. Video URL: Auto-Embed videos by the url from popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and many others.
  3. Video Code: Embed video by raw video code(object, embed of iframe).

Theme built-in Like and views feature

  • LikeUser can like your post without login. No need for registration for post like.
  • ViewsTheme have built-in feature to auto count post views

Custom Widgets

  • Advertising: Advertisement widget will use to show ads.
  • Latest Tweets: Latest tweet widget using twitter api and will show latest tweets from your account.
  • Post Stats: Post stats widget will show on single video page only. It will show video views, comments and likes
  • Query Post: Query post widget to show posts in the sidebar.
  • Related Post: Related post widget will show single video related posts.

Credits and Copyrights


All videos used in BeeTube demo are copyrighted to their respective owners. These video from popular video site YouTube, Vimeo etc.


25 April 15 v2.3.3
- class-tgm-plugin-activation.php File Updated
- Disable Featured & Big Slider On Mobile Option added(NEW)
- Embed option only with Self hosted videos.(NEW)
- Thumbnail or Video option all over the theme.(NEW)
- User Profile Image from front-end.(NEW)
- Views fixed with WP Super Cache.
- Dailymotion Plugin updated
12 December 2014 v2.3.2
- Boxed Layout Added (New)
- Child Theme Included (New)
- All CSS Improved 
22 October 2014 v2.3
- Dailymotion Auto Post Plugin added (New)
- Facebook share image issue (Fixed)
- Responsive issue (Fixed)
- All CSS issue (Fixed)
06 August 2014 v2.2
- Add YouTube Button (New)
- SEO META on/OFF Option (New)
- Ads space in header (New)
- Auto Selection for Grid System (New)
- Side Bar Selection Left/Right (New)
- Front-end Post Page Template. (New)
- Featured image on/of in post (New)
- Front-End Posting Page Responsive issue. (Fixed)
- Login Page Responsive issue (Fixed)
17 June 2014 v2.1
- Top bar background color changed from backend  (added)
- Single video responsive issues  (fixed)
- Social sharing button replaced with default buttons (update)
31 May 2014 v2.1
- Tags Option on front-end (Fixed)
- Multiple Media Options on single post page (added)
28 May 2014 v2.1
- FaceBook Comments Enable/Disable Option added
- Loader Custom uploading option added
- Social Sharing button added on Single Post page
- Infinite Scrolling added
- Pagination Option added (Simple or Infinite)
- Views And Likes Custom Editing Option
23 May 2014 v 2.0
- Top search bar hide show
- top nav bar hide show
- 3 color added
- Layout update
- Landing page layout update
- Sidebar Layout changed
- Fullwidth layout added
- Frontend user posting added
- Frontend user profile editing
- User channel added
- SEO Meta tag for post
- Menu bar color change option added in backend
- Sub menu color changed option
- JTHEME post widget updated
- Sorting option added in JTHEME post widget
- FULLWIDTH thumb option added in Jtheme post widget 
4 April 2014 v1.0.2
- New User registration function added.
- Allow User to post on your website.
- Email Verification on user signup.
- User Video Page
- Login and register button added on top navbar.
- Custom Login and register page template added.
- Featured video slider ON/OFF function added for landing page.
- Top Search Bar update.
1 April 2014 V1.0.1
- Navbar size Changed
- Navbar hover and active effect changed
- Topbar background changed
- Topbar text colors and hover colors changed
- Search bar background color & button changed
- A new like count display on thumbnails.
- Footer Background Color ,text color and hover efects changed.
- Fixed few icons like author etc
- Added New Home Page Template
- Tag background changed on black skin
23 March 14 – V1.0.0
Initial Release