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I love it!! :0)

I couldn’t download the (free) theme BEHEMOTH…

style.css Stylesheet. ” is missing!!

what a pity.

You’re trying to upload the entire package. Upload the theme only.

right….. thanks for the clue.


I haven’t used such wordpress theme before, can i find somewhere on the internet a tutorial of how to use/install this package?

Thanks in advance,

It’s a theme like any other, it just looks somewhat different than most :) But Behemoth comes with full documentation, it’s all in there.


But i mean, what now?:P i’ve downloaded the package and how to use this theme now? Can i upload it to my wordpress account or something?

Read the included documentation, it has complete installation instructions.

If you’ve never used WordPress before, then google “wordpress for beginners” or similar terms, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of articles and videos that can help you get your feet wet.

Great theme with so much flexibility for blog posts, awesome!

Quick question: Does it actually have its own Homepage i.e. besides using the default Wp option of a Static (single) Page, is there is Homepage collection of different single pages as is obtainable with regular One-page themes?


Glad you like it :) But negative. Behemoth is really meant to be a blogging theme, not a one page one.

Oh sad, thanks all the same. Its a very lovely theme

I found this template in category: Free. But i see that there is price. Does it mean that i missed this template for free? :)

This was October’s free file. You missed it by less than an hour :(

Ok :) In my timezone there is 14.5 h until November :) Thanks for reply!

Still 31st here too but ThemeForest goes by Australian time.

I downloaded when it was free. I have set it up on my site running WP 4…I cant get the sub menu working….Any idea…went through the documentation but couldn’t find the css class entry in the menu

You have to activate it under Screen Options.

I got it…..thanks…Its a beautiful theme…

Great theme! Very well done. I’m impressed with your support for it as well. I just had a quick question…

1. It seems like this theme is using the same code to define the layout of a post on the ‘home’ page (where you can scroll down and see many posts) as well as individual post pages (once you’ve clicked one to read more). Is there a way to customize one without effecting the other (such as the title highlights and is a link in both – or having a background image for the home page, but once you click into a post, it’s a solid color). I hope that makes sense.

I’m passable with some coding and have found some base code in the loop.php (and of course the style.css and mediaqueries.css), but they all seem to control both. Not sure if I’m missing something.

Thanks and again – great work! Jono

Hi there.

If you want to notably customize the single post page then you can create a different loop for it. In single.php, change <?php get_template_part( 'includes/loop'); ?> to <?php get_template_part( 'includes/loop-single'); ?> for example. Then make a copy of loop.php (in the “includes” folder), rename it loop-single.php and then that will be the file loaded when the single post is viewed.

Incredibly fast feedback! Whoa! You’re like a coding superhero.

Thanks so much for the tip. I’ll try it out and reply in a bit to let others know how it went. Thanks again for the help.

Worked perfectly. Thank you!

Quick question,

I have galleries in two separate posts but when you click on a photo, photoswipe seems to load all images from all galleries. I can’t tell is this is due to your customization since you only have one gallery on the demo. Any idea if this is by design or a bug of sorts?


That’s how PhotoSwipe functions; if you have multiple galleries on a single page, it treats them as a single gallery.

cool, thanks for clarifying!

Your theme rocks dude

Awesome looking theme. Need one for my personal blog. The only thing though I can’t see (and which makes me hesitant using this), no Social Media share function included for the blog articles? Did I miss it somewhere, or wasn’t it included?

Any idea what to use if you didn’t include it in? It’s pretty much a necessity for blogs now and getting social exposure.


Hey there. Didn’t include social icons in this one, indeed. You can use any plugin you’d like though. There are a ton of free ones out there, so have at it :)

And thanks for the kind words!


Simple question. How can I remove post title links?

Hi there. I can’t offer free customizations for a theme you got for free, months after the fact. But look in loop.php, you’ll find the code well marked.



I’m currently using your premium theme thanks to the free file of the month. I like it really much but i don’t understand how can i resume all articles on my homepage to have the option “view full post”.

Currently all full articles are shown on my homepage, help please :)

Hi there. Just break them up with the ‘more tag’ button in the WordPress editor.


Oh nice really quick to answer, thanks you i have learned one thing ! :)

I picked this theme up as part of the free files of the month. Would it be possible to get the documentation? I’ve figured out how to customize most of the theme, but I want to remove the search bar at the top, and I would like to change the link colour from green to something else.

Also, for some reason the comment box isn’t located in the box that is provided for it.


Sorry, I found the documentation. No need to hook me up with that. Thanks! My other questions still stand.

If you want to customize the colors then that’s all in style.css. As for the comment box, it’s at the bottom as expected. If it’s not there then either you have comments disabled or you’ve done something to the theme that has hidden it, or perhaps some plugin has done it.

I can’t offer free troubleshooting or customizations for a free theme though :) Do a fresh install and you’ll see that all works as it should.

Happy holidays.

Hi there, could you possibly email me the sample data ( I was able to snag this theme in October for free, and was just waiting for the perfect time to use it (an xmas gift for my nephew), I understand if you can’t provide me with support, just thought I’d ask :) Happy Holidays! Beautiful theme.

Sure thing, sent. Happy holidays :)

Hi! I got your theme when it was available as a free file of the month. Your work is great! I never used it, but now I want to start a new project and I am thinking about using it, but before that, are spaces for Ads?

Hi there. There are no integrated ad spots. But if you know how to add them, nothing in the theme will get in your way.


Is it easy to add, maybe, between posts and inside each post? Please, I am not asking how to do it, just if it’s possible and, from your programmer point of view, how hard would be to code it?

Like I said, nothing in the theme stands in your way if you know how to do it. It’s a theme like any other, you can do whatever you want with it.

Hi, I love your theme, it’s so awesome :)

Yet I have been facing an issue with not supportin opengraph objects – facebook does not show pictures of my site when I post an URL link.

Probably you have already solved this, please let me know what to do.

Thank you

Hi there.

FB pulls images from inside the post, for featured images you need to add the image to the URL (add a custom share link). Can’t support non-buyers but I think you’ll find your answers on Google pretty quickly.


Hey awesome theme! Love it! Just one thing, my contact page. When you click on “send message” nothing happens. I followed the directions in the documents and doubled checked everything. Maybe you can point me in the right direction, thanks.

Hi there. Can’t assist without seeing the site. Email me your site address through the form on my profile and I’ll have a quick look.

How do you make all the pages appear in the single scroll like it does in the example?

at the moment, all my pages are individual, and my posts dont seem to even have a link to them.

please help!

Thank you

Hi there.

Just install the theme and you’re good to go. It’s just like any other theme. If you have a static front page active, remove it and you’ll get a blog index like any other site.

PS. I can’t offee support for free items, especially 6 months after the fact :) (you don’t have the ‘purchased’ marker so I assume you got Behemoth when it was the free item of the month).

Have a good one.

I have set it to “latest posts” rather than a static front page, but No Problem, I totally understand. thank you so much for your help though. Keep up the great work!

Hello. Purchased the theme about a month ago for a project I`m working on, but have only just got around to starting.

Firstly, fantastic job. Your themes are among the best available. I purchased the SMASH theme before for my previous job. Epic stuff.

I`ve got a bit of trouble when trying to use images. If I have a short post, the eye-catching image used as a background looks fine. The longer the post gets, the more it stretches. This wash`t the case with SMASH, it put the image as a header and the text below. This was allowed for so much more versatility. Almost all the posts I will make will require an image/video/quote on the post roll on the front page and then as a header on the post page. Post a snippet of the post over the image is cool, but the whole post is a bit too much.

Could you direct me where to do this for BEHEMOTH? As I said, it works fantastic for posts that are short snippets, but anything of any substance makes the image function a bit redundant, as is. Perhaps I`m missing something! Sorry if it`s obvious.

Thanks for the lightening fast reply.

Without setting the image as a header, however, doesn’t that massively reduce the length of the posts by making anything over a few lines distort the images that would be used on the page roll? It seems a bit odd to mar such a beautiful theme with blown up, pixillated background images. They`d also be no way to control for screen resolution as every device would display the image differently, distorting it needlessly. Making it pretty redundant to have a beautiful image in the first place. You`d have to choose between an image or content, removing one the standards expected by bloggers.

It`s a beautiful, beautiful theme but this is a big limitation for anyone wanting to actually pad there posts with any real content. I don`t feel this was described enough in the preview.

Is there a way to stop the image stretching, at least? Even if the content is written over the image, at least the image would stop, and the content could be presented without a mess of pixels.

If not, is there anyway I can exchange my license for SMASH, or another of your themes?

The background was intended for the shorter posts. As can be seen on the demo site, the post and pages with longer content don’t use an image. It’s more for the quote/video post types etc.

But yeah, you can always try contacting Envato to switch the license. I don’t have a problem with it at all, though the decision is Envato’s as they’re in control of the marketplace as well as making such decisions. If you point them to this comment though so they could see that I don’t object to the switch, I think they’ll do it for you.


Thanks man, the support on both the site and the exchange are really appreciated. I`ll contact Envato. If you ever decided to add headers to BEHEMOTH, give me a shout, I`ll be the first in line.