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romond Purchased

Hi again. I been working on this theme for a couple of months using localhost to develop the website. Recently I’ve uploaded the whole website to a live server. Everything went fine until I recieved a message [object Object] on the Load More button (Ajax) of the homepage, and this happens only on the live site.

Is there any fix for this?



please give us a link to the page with the “Load more” – so we could inspect a little bit. Thanks.

romond Purchased

Here’s the link http://buenpastorancud.cl/ Whole website is in spanish, the button says “Cargar más” at the end of the homepage (before the footer).


Please verify your server’s error log, as you have error 500 for http://buenpastorancud.cl/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php file. You may as well consult with your hosting provider. If you still can’t find the cause of the error, please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with an FTP account, and the error log attached.

Best wishes, Nick

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Dear all, if you updated your installations to WordPress 3.9, and you met any strange behaviors, please see this article https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/entries/27422541-Update-WP-3-9


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wdub28 Purchased

I purchased this theme and am using it now. I have an SEO group helping with my site and they are concerned because for the amount of Java script in it that is slowing the site down, and really blocking a lot of SEO tactics. Do you have any recommendations


Please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with the list concerning the SEO tactics you and your team may have. Please include the JS or the other code you might find confusing, so we could come to an agreement.

Looking forward for your ideas! Cheers!