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A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

Unique ideas here, good luck with sales :)

Nice! Good luck

Does this theme support video in the “Work” portfolio ? Is video supported in the homepage slider?

Hi Davidwilliamreeve,

Sorry, it doesn’t support video.

Thanks, Andy

Hi, where’s the about us session? I’m using the wordpress package, and session about us don’t exists in admin.

There is no about us session in admin, about us page should be set up with shortcodes, you can refer to our help documentation.

Ok, tanks.

Thank you so much for the theme! I am loving it, but have a question. The images of the different portfolios are coming up very long and stretched. Any idea why? I’d like to make them all 225×225 pixels.http://www.sheriheather.com/work/

Already answered in another post.

Just realized it is just a Safari issue – the images are coming up fine in all other browsers. Any idea why, and how to fix it so the images come up well in safari? Thanks so much for your help.

Hi sheriheather,

I think that issue appears in Safari 5, to fix that, you need to edit file assets/stylesheets/standalone/style.css, search for ”.modGallery .item a img”, change the height property to “auto”.

Thanks, Andy

Thanks so much, Andy, I think that fixed it. I also noticed that in the single portfolio pages, the words “What we did” are falling below the paragraph the describes the work. Can you point me to the file where I can edit this so it is either deleted or comes above the paragraph?

Hi sheriheather,

You can find it in file modules/case-study.php

Thanks, Andy

Hi there – I downloaded your theme and want to use the shortcodes – no icon for the shortcodes appears when I am editing a page (as with other themes I have used) and I can’t seem to find the code for the shortcodes anywhere – can you direct me to either – thanks!

Hi Nicolita66,

Just uncompress the file you download from themeforest, in the uncompressed folder, you’ll find a folder named “doc”, that’s the documentation.

Thanks, Andy

That must be the issue – I initially was looking for a doc file – I’ve been through all of files in the folder and folders – and nothing named doc. I will try downloading it again and see if there was maybe an issue there. I just need the cheat sheet version of the short codes so we can get started on the content! Hopefully the new download will have the doc file.

Got it! Downloaded the package again – and the doc file with shortcodes was there – thank you!!

How can we style the mobile menu separately?

Found it


Within the portfolio section you can add pictures to a new portfolio by URL. Is it possible to add up a button so it will be easier to add up images from the media library?

Thank you!

Hi iWebAnalysis,

Sorry, it doesn’t support it right now, you have to add the URL manually. But I’m gonna make it more user friendly in future updates and I’m working on it already.

Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy,

Thank you for that quick reply. Glad to hear you’re working on it right now. I am looking forward to your update.




We are having issues with the slider. After it cycles through the first time the image does not change but the caption does. And then it freezes on the 2nd slide in the 2nd cycle. Please advise.


Hi d25kart,

I’ve checked the slider on my iPad, it works fine, could you tell me the browser you are having the issue with?

Thanks, Andy

We are having the issue on Explorer, Firefox & Chrome. The last slide freezes but the captions keep rotating.

Hi d25kart,

I’ve investigated it, and it turns out to be a bug in my javascript code, please send an email to “honryou@gmail.com” and I’ll reply you with the app.js file with the bug fixed.

Thanks, Andy

We are having the issue on Explorer, Firefox & Chrome. The last slide freezes but the captions keep rotating.

Duplicated post, already answered.


The regular license have Sampledata? or example visual presentation?



Sorry, there is no sample data. To setup the site, please refer to the documentation and the preview site.

Thanks, Andy

Hi – can you please help-

The third portfolio image on home page 1 template are being cut off on iPad. Thanks for your help.

Hi kklawitter,

Please tell me the URL of your page to let me investigate.

Thanks, Andy

Hi- I have a presale question.

I have a client who’s very specific. Her theme is pink and pink/white stripes. Any way I can incorporate that somehow/ is this theme customizable in that way?

Hi dlebo,

Sorry for the late replay, I was out of the town for the last couple of days and just get back.

Regarding your question, does your client want the pink/white strips background, if that is true, you can customize the theme by making changes to the theme stylesheet file.

Thanks, Andy

Perhaps where the brick image is? Would that be possible?

Hi dlebo,

The “brick image” is the background bg for the #footer element, it is located at assets/images/footer_bg.jpg in the theme, but you can change that by updating the background property of #footer in file assets/stylesheets/standalone/style.css.

http://themes.blahlab.com/bella/wp-content/themes/bella@blahlab/assets/images/footer_bg.jpg http://themes.blahlab.com/bella/wp-content/themes/bella@blahlab/assets/stylesheets/standalone/style.css?ver=3.5.1

Please copy and paste the above links instead of clicking them directly.

Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy,

i really like your theme and just installed it under WP 3.8 I’m having trouble formating text, because if i declare something as bold, italic etc. it doesn’t show the changes. Other tags like blockquote, links etc. work normally.

I didn’t change anything after the installation and use the default template.

Could you please help? Thank you very much!

Hi mgeiss,

Sorry about that, the fix is to replace the assets/stylesheets/standalone/style.css with the fixed one, please send me an email( use the form on my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/honryou ) and I’ll reply you with that file attached.

Thanks, Andy

Is it possible to add a logo to the header?

Hi golivefoto,

You need to modify the file modules/logo.php to add your logo.

Thanks, Andy

Thank you it worked.

Hi there,

Great work on the theme. I am having some trouble with the slider where it is only showing a 113px banner of the image. Is there a specific size images need to be for the slider to work?

You can see the problem at www.renterstheatrecompany.com

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jack,

I think you only set the background image but not set the foreground image, you can set the foreground image by setting the featured image for the slide.

Thanks, Andy