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Like this template a lot and intending to purchase. Seems to be an issue with the portfolio/gallery lightbox though – any chance of fixing it?

Hi, that error is only presented in the preview file (i had to compress and encrypt some files so there are some glitches), i’ve checked the file submitted to ThemeForest and it works correctly, anyway, i’ll check the preview to fix it.

Thanks for the quick reply and how right you are! It’s fine in the template I purchased.

Classic and beautiful like its wp-version…


very nice..

Awesome work! GLWS :)

Interested in buying this, but it doesn’t seem to work in IE8 – console shows JavaScript errors

Hello, Really like this theme, however the nav bar not working properly on Ipad? Can’t access the options for the portfolios to view on Ipad.

Very good work! Luck…

Hi MCStudios,
There is a problem with the menu on small screens (Phones iOS & Android), the menu covers a large part of the pages.
This bug appears on the demo and the final version. :(
Can you fix this?
Best regards

Hi MCStudios,

Just purchased the Bellum theme and I do not have a problem, just a simple question.

Under the Services pages there is a number of services (Brand Design etc) is there a way to add them to the menu in a dropdown so that when you hover over click on say Graphic design it shows that particular content?

Hope you can help.


Hi castle_age

Im sorry, that’s not possible for now, the services are displayed a tabbed interface that works with jQuery, it will require modifications.

For future questions regarding support you can use our custom support forum :)

Guys, i tried to post a question on your support forum, but when i enter in the desired category, its log me out automatically, and i can’t see the answer or to post a new question about my problem, so my problem is with twitter feeds, i understand that twitter has discontinued its unauthenticated v1.0 API, so the widget has stopped working as of 2013-06-11. What can we do?


mmm.. that’s weird, i see that your user was created successfully , can you tell me which web browser are you using?

Anyway, we have updated or wp themes and we are working on an update for the html versions :) we hope to have it ready soon.

I’m using Chrome, thanks for your quick response. I am waiting for the update.


Try put online the black version online, but the background always appears in white. Though offline appear correct. You know what is the reason?


Hi Please post your question in our support forum, we do this to provide a better support, with the comments section here is not possible to search the comments and is really difficult to keep track of all the comments.

Does this theme allow for self-hosted videos? I do not wish to use Youtube or Vimeo.



404 demo link

Hi we recently change our hosting company so we are making some changes, it will be ready in a few hours.


- to used your template, what I need to install ? only your files html

- does it work with mysql or local ?

- I ve seen some errors in demo mode, does the final version work well ?

- is there a panel of administration like wordpress ?

- is it possible to have 2 portfolio in the same website ?

- the lightbox doesn’t function well in the example, have you got an another example who function well ?


eeh Purchased

Wondering if there is another way to contact the author since no one answers anything within their support forum on their website…

I just need to know how to remove the social media links on the lightbox image pop-up. Can anyone help me out with this?