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Katsuo Purchased

Finally, the theme is running fine for me. But I have an other question now. Is it possible to allow users to switch from dark to the light skin and in reverse?

When will I get the cure for my issue?


Waw !! Excellent design man !! I like it That’s why Good luck with sales

Hello – I’m building a site for a client and I like this theme. They’d like a little more color though. Is it possible to change the color of the menu bar, or any other elements (I haven’t bought the theme yet, but I’m making sure it’ll work for my client first).



Yes, that’s possible with css, a separated file is included only for the colors, backgrounds, etc.

linhoo Purchased
how too change Contact page’s word i wanna change this words please tell me how
CONTACT Duis quis ipsum vehicula eros ultrices lacinia. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Donec nec sollicitudin felis. Donec vel nulla vel leo varius tempor. Duis suscipit pharetra quam id.

thanks so much



You just need to edit the page contact in the back-end (where you create and edit pages, posts, etc.), when you create or edit a page you will see some options to edit those texts.

Riflebird Purchased

Hi there,

Still looking for how to display caption or description details for an image in lightbox portfolio (see post of 29/3) but now additional problem with logo in header which shrinks and cuts off when viewed on mobile device.

Site in question is www.tonybrummellsmith.com/wordpress – using WP 3.5.1 and latest Bellum theme with no changes to style. BTW, did try to set up child theme but unable to import original style.css into child.

Help greatly appreciated – need to sort asap.

Many thanks,


ams55 Purchased

Hi .. just purchased this amazing theme and my client likes it so much … i am just facing one issue , this issue i also noticed on your demo site :

open this link: http://mcstudiosmx.com/demo/wp/bellum/view-project/red-hair-model/

then on the breadcrumb try to click on : Brand Design Graphic Design Web Design !!! Oops

Please Advice



Thank you for letting me know that i’m checking the theme to provide a fix.

Hi There,

Setting up the website I have downloaded recently I have noticed there is no shop page as in the live preview with the woo commerce, is this an additional extra? If not how do I go about setting it up?

Thanks for your help and great theme!



Those pages are not included because they are created by woocommerce, just activate the woocommerce plugin and you will see a message like this “Welcome to WooCommerce – You’re almost ready to start selling Install woocomerce pages”

Just click the link Install woocomerce pages and the pages will be created.


Thanks for your quick response!


No problem :)

Hi, Is it possible to have a blog header, if so how do I do it? And is it possible to have a featured image/slider on all my pages if I want and not just on my home page?

Hi, I want to have multiple languages on my site, using WPML. How can I get translated startpage? WMPL does not work in the theme options where content is located for the startpage.

onydam Purchased

Hello, I just bought this great theme, but I have 2 simples questions: 1- How can I take off the “leave a comment” box. Because when I create a page it goes directly down the page, and I don’t want it. Basically, how to create a page without it? 2- how to take off the sidebar ? Thank you very much!


Hi onydam

1.- That’s explained in the documentation, when you create a new page there’s an option to disable comments

2.- When you create a page below the publish button there are some options including the sidebar just select hide sidebar and you will have a full width page. :)


I discovered something weird with my site

If you visit this page: http://shutterloveproductions.com/about/ the photos and text looks 100% in Firefox.

If you visit the same page in Safari or Chrome, the spacing between photos and text freaks out. The spacing increases and looks weird.

How do I fix this?

Also looks like the font size / style in firefox differs from the font size/style in safari….this normal?


Is it possible to extend the search function to all the pages/portfolio/services instead of just the “posts”?

Thank you!

Hi, I found the solution for above problem. If somebody is interested, there is a function in functions.php which says to the search form to only search for “posts”. I commented this line out.

function SearchFilter($query) { if ($query->is_search) { //$query->set('post_type', 'post'); } return $query; } add_filter('pre_get_posts','SearchFilter');

Then, I just changed the Post template to add some <?php if ( ! is_search()) { ?> and <?php if ( is_search()) { ?> so the search results wouldn’t include social icons, meta and only the erxcept (and no images).

It would be great to have this as an option in the theme. It would make sense if we choose to put the search form in the footer for example. In my case, I added it into the header so I needed to search everything.


I was hoping you had a support forum so I didn’t have to post this here, but I’m setting this theme up for a client (the purchaser of the theme) and I’ve had so many issues that I can hardly count them anymore. I’ve never seen so many bugs before. I buy themes to save time on having to dig through code, mess with stylesheets, etc. yet it seems even if this theme worked properly it wouldn’t be for beginners. This not my 1st or even 10th theme. Firstly, I’m on 3.5.1 and really need support..can provide the purchase ID if necessary.

1. The footer doesn’t collapse when no content is in the footer. Additionally, the copyright breaks if nothing is in the footer section. I don’t want a footer (now) and having a gigantic black space isn’t acceptable.

2. When margin is added to center the logo, it isn’t accounted for in the responsive design and therefore you lose the logo on smaller screen resolutions. Fortunately my client wants left-justified so I don’t have to add the necessary code to the styles.

3. The contact form will NOT appear no matter what I try or do. Instead, I get a sorting tab that appears. Since I’m working on a live page, I quickly had to install a contact form plugin and throw it on the page.

4. The sidebar essentially cannot be removed from a page on pages that existed before the theme was installed. I have to copy the page, delete it, and create a new one for it to disappear.

5. No matter what I add to the homepage, nothing will show up. NOTHING. Not text, not a slider, nothing. I’ve created quite a few pages and really hope I’m not missing something simple. I’d like to think your layout is intuitive enough. I threw up some content on the homepage page as a major bandaid until this gets figured out.

6. As a last resort, I imported your dummy content in hopes to change it quickly and deactivate dummy content pages. Not only did content still not appear on the homepage, but it exploded the rest of the site. Even after deleting all imported menus, all portfolio categories, “deactivating” the portfolio by not selecting a page to display it on OR selecting a page that has no current link on the site, the portfolio would STILL display (with deleted categories and all) on every single one of my tabs. Again, considering the site is live, I quickly hit the reset all button and threw old content back up. My back-up settings somehow got corrupted because they now contain portfolio content when I load them. I left that back-up live so you may be able to take a look.

linhoo Purchased

Hi,there how are you i already bought your theme i love this amazing theme but now i have a big problem please help me

please click the four url


this page i used code like this:

http://www.thelebre.cn/2013/?page_id=31 http://www.thelebre.cn/2013/?mcportfolio=2013???????? http://www.thelebre.cn/2013/?mcportfolio=2013??????

this pages i made a “Portflio”

the problem it’s : i open the page it’s very fast,but need long time just show the pics, but it’s very fast show pics if i turn on VPN on my computer so i think,maybe this theme used some js file from url google code many times google it’s not work in china so,would you tell me which files url to google code,how can i change to use loca files

please tell me how to fix it if it’s not url to google code’s file

thanks very much

ams55 Purchased

hi again, when i was working on localhost the icons was showing fine , but when i moved to online it all gives squares with numbers inside , check the attachment:


Hi, When the theme have responsive active, the main menu works, but if I turn of responsive, submeny items on the main meny doesn’t show up.

wamboo Purchased

Since you write that the theme also works on IE9 I expect he that is true. Find out after the purchase is absolutely not a scam. Try it with IE9. I have the customer furious at this. Please do need to fix the problem, otherwise I will act to legal action.

Katsuo Purchased

Finally, the theme is running fine for me. But I have an other question now. Is it possible to allow users to switch from dark to the light skin and in reverse?