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Are you planning to develop this theme for WordPress? OMG this joomla is so bad. Trying to find how to edit the home page something about 40 minutes and can’t find. What you can do in 2 minutes on wordpress, you need 50 days on joomla to do the same thing.

I’m gonna leave from the joomla again! No way, it’s so hard to learn and slow program to work!

Hello there, Don’t be frustrate. You know about WP Widget? Just think in Joomla its called Module, WP Sidebar In Joomla called Position / Template Position. But In WP you Cannot add Menu Specific Widget ( without using extra plugin ) but In Joomla You can Show different module in different menu, even load different template in different menu :)

WP have different page to display different types of data ( custom post ypes, taxonomies, pages, posts ), In joomla have index.php but controlled by backend.

Just Open a ticket in and let us know what you want to do, we will help you :)

Hello, I can see shop is also included…is this Virtuemart or..?


Yes, it is Virtuemart

Hello, is it possible that menu is on the full length of the page?


yes, possible


Congratulations, great piece of work!

I’ve noticed that the slider, in my smartphone, does not have fully responsive behaviour.

Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you :)


I didn’t purchase the template yet. If I buy it, will it be possible, with your help, to solve the problem?

Thank you!

Yes we will help you and its possible to solve this issue, we use revulotion slider old version here, we are updating this template and extensions, after few days we will solved the whole problem.


Hi, I will like to purchase the theme, but I will like to know if one can use it for a website like . Thanks

“Bengal” template does not comes with this types of extensions / features, but you need to find and install for your site and customize it as you like.

You can find extensions from


can u kindly help out with possible extensions I could use…

I want to know this template is available for Multilingual or not?

@fakoredeadeyemi, hello, I was trying to buy this template using my GT Bank Naira Mastercard but it declined my card saying it’s not available to Nigerian customers, so I was wondering if you could please explain to me how you purchase templates on this site. Thanks

Hello there, please open a ticket on envato about this.

cant install the template, its gives this error, “Warning: POST Content-Length of 28648435 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0”

Hello Amebaanne, Please open a support ticket from here Our support will help you.


am having this error, “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/aginsure/public_html/joomla/templates/th_bengal/features/totop.php on line 1’ what should i do?

Hello there, Please open files of ” /home/aginsure/public_html/joomla/templates/th_bengal/features ” and convert tab to space, like: open in sublime text 2, select all , go view menu=> Indentation=>and click convert indentation to space. and make line ending unix :)

Very nice good job i love it simple question i would like buy this template can i have the picture with please. thunk you so much.

Hello ghost00, No images is included with main file for licensing issue.


hi, can i have a link to download this photos please thanks

Yes, you can, do you have purchase code of this template?


hello, I like this template and i will buy it but I have a question: could you please add a page form simulation insurance I give you the form fields if you are agree. thank you very much, thunk you, thank you, please accept my request.

Lets talk about it, Please write in detail on mail:

thanks :)

hello, thank you for your professionalism I will send you an email detailed thank you very much.

ok, send me your details

I just sent you an email

I sent you a second email I waiting your reply

Hello, I ve bought your template, can i have a link to download photos in template please thanks

The ticket is open

hello I left you a message on about installing template bengal can i get an answer quickly please thanks

Already replied :)

hello I left you a message on about installing template bengal can i get an answer quickly please thanks

Already replied :)


I’m having a error in RokSprocket plugin and can not solve.

When I click the button “LOAD MORE” in mod_roksprocket Module (Joomla Administration), the following error occurs:

Error while retrieving the Articles with the applied filters:

UNHANDLED ERROR [2] json_encode() [function.json-encode]: Invalid UTF-8 sequence in argument /home/userx/public_html/libraries/rokcommon/RokCommon/Ajax.php:93

How can I resolve this error? Please if you can help me I appreciate it.

thank you very much

Please open a support ticket, our support team will help you. Support:


Ok, I’ve sent. I await answers …

Thank you :)

hello, I have a small problem I can not configure the contact form side front end can you help me please thank you

Would you please open ticket on thanks :)

Nice template, you have got here

Is it possible to use the image slider and blocks used on your industrix template

Hi I have just purchased, can you assist the change I requested above?

I would like to use the slider and blocks next to the slider on industrix on this template.


Please open a support ticket on

ticket created

for some reason when i visit the theme manager, everything is loaded on the same page, and things arent working.

Hi, please open a support ticket on


Demo site is down. Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.

We are sorry about that here is our demo bengal: we will set images asap :)

Im getting this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home4/mrivera/public_html/insurance/templates/th_bengal/features/headeraffix.php on line 1

don’t know what to do please help

Just open those file on your favourite editor like: sublime text and set line ending: unix :)

on sublime: open file and goto view => line ending unix and save :)

cool thanks

Now I get this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home4/mrivera/public_html/insurance/templates/th_bengal/features/searchexpand.php on line 1