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hi, on mobile index3.html (video backcground) doesn’t show up

Hi, video background does not work on mobile devices, you have an image background instead. Hope this helps!

Hello, I’ve got one problem on restaurant.html subpage. Whenever I put a short text in the

section (under h1) background image becomes smaller (image width depends on how the lenght of text). How can I fix it?

waiting 8 days for an answer in a support ticket. Footer doesnt appear as expected in apple devices (macbook/ipad/iphone) seems the css doenst work as expected there. any advice?

Well now other problems appeared after ur custom css changed im opening new ticket


Hi, we are on it. Please check you ticket soon. Thanks


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Hello on the index page through mobile, the text always is grey and the social media aren’t lined up but goes down in the middle. how do i change the info text to white color?


12style Purchased

I need help fixing the contact form

I haven’t change anything yet. Just try to see how it looks on mobile. But this template doesn’t work on mobile. The gallery function doesn’t work, and the text and social media is not line up on home page. Please tell me how to resolve these problems.

Waiting one month for support. Is anyone bothered to help?

hey seriously will anyone answer??

18 more days? are you guys serious? 2 months for an answer?

Hi, can you test menu page in safari? There is problem with images

Hi, what problem you mean, could you be more specific? Do you refer to HMTL or Wordpress version, it would be best if you could open a support ticket at yosupport.freshdesk.com Thanks!

Hi Guys Ticket no #2581, need a reply please

Hi, I am on it now.

Hey there i´ve opened a ticket 3 Months ago … but there is nothing happend it´s also on a reportet bug with safari / mobile #2595. Tanks

Hi, I can see your ticket is solved and closed.Thanks

Are you guys serious?

Is anyone here to answer? im waiting three months