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Just wondering if you had a chance to look at my ticket. Its been sat there for a few days now ?


Hi, if we have not addressed your ticket yet please e-mail your ticket number to support@yosoftware.com and I will deal with it straight away, I am sorry for the delay.


mmoks Purchased

Hi. Im trying to compile my Less files with SimpLESS, and everytime i try i get the error: Syntax Error in navbar.less on line 94, and it says: Result of expression ‘e.message’ [undefined] is not a message. I dont know what to do, to correct this error, hope you can help me.



mmoks Purchased

Havn’t changed anything in the navbar.less file.

Hi, for technical query like this you need to open a support ticket at yosupport.freshdesk.com Thanks!

Hello, in the contact section you can enter the classic google map instead of the one that you have used?

You have purchased HTML version of the template so it means you have knowledge of HTML, if you do, than with a bit of effort you can change and adjust the template to look exactly as you wish. Modification are beyond the scope of our support. Hope you understand.

In more than seven years that purchase on ThemeForest are the first to respond in this way. Do not worry, I do alone, however one star and a negative opinion.

The scope of the support is not to modify the theme as per customer request. It is to resolve tech problems / bugs. In your case it is neither a bug, nor an issue. It is something our template does not provide. And when you were purchasing it you knew that. I am sorry I could not be more helpful, I will try to do better next time. Have a great weekend!


Can you tell me logo font name?


Hi, this is Gotham font, but it was modified a tiny bit for our purposes. Thanks!

I have been trying to change the footer and sub menus etc from black to red but it does not allow me to do it. i have followed the instructions as per the documentation yet it still will not change. Also as advised on the documentation there is no “opacity” section in the custom.less file.

Please Advice

Many thanks

Hi there, If you need help please open a support ticket at yosupport.freshdesk.com and I will be happy to assist. Thanks!


Was looking into this for a customer of mine, but when I tried it out on my phone I saw it was not working proper.

The menu is not opening as it should on Windows Phone 8.1 with IE11.

So, this template is a no go as for now with this bug. But I´ll hope you can fix it ASAP. Because the template is really beautiful.


Hi, we have a fix waiting, update coming today. Thanks for your feedback.

Oh, thanks for the really fast reply! Will wait for the update, and try then. :)

Merry x-mas!

I like this, and want to buy. However I want to ask you something. Is it possible to have the meunu always expanded on inner pages, like here for example: http://prntscr.com/5mli4b

I dont want to have the mobile menu, where you need to press and get this.

Hi, you can have navigation set to open or close, it depends on you. This is html so you need to take care of it yourself. If you want to have the easier option please have a look at the Wordpress version in our portfolio.


shiroko Purchased

Hello, how to use yo anim outside class=”basic-info” ?

<div class="col-lg-12 test yo-anim yo-anim-fade" data-animation-delay="800">
                <p>some text</p>
Does not work Thanks

Hi, I am sorry for a late response, you need to open a support ticket at yousupport.freshdesk.com and I will be able to help you there! Thanks!

Hi there, I need to have the nav menu showing on the video homepage (index3.html).

Could you please tell me which line of code I must change. http://themeforest.net/item/berg-restaurant-dedicated-html5-template/8134705/support


Hello there, you need to open a support ticket at yousupport.freshdesk.com and I will be able to help you there! Thanks!

Hi there. I clicked on the link you sent me (yousupport.freshdesk.com) and it takes me to a page that says “We couldn’t find yousupport.freshdesk.com”. :(

I am sorry typo, should be yosupport.freshdesk.com Once again, sorry.

Another question.

I have the menu showing, no problem… but I cannot get images to show in the nav bar. On index it shows, but on all other pages it doesn’t. Any ideas what I am missing?

Hi, that is correct, Images show only on index page. Thanks!

I’ve fixed the code so that images now show on all pages. Thanks anyway.

Ok, I have a quick question.

On the “top-intro.html”.

How do I change the background image?

I wrote this:

... but that doesn’t seem to work.

Is there something in the CSS that I have to change?


ZeroFranks, please open a support ticket at yosupport.freshdesk.com I will guide you there, please provide URL to your site. Thanks!


There is no “map position” in main.js. I’ve read the documentation and still can’t find that map position settings. I’ve searched through every code given by you and still can’t find any relation to that map settings.

I use ThemeForest for a long time and frankly you have the worst developed support system. What you say in the documentation has nothing to do with reality. I managed eventually to get the desired result but of course different from what he wrote.

And for the future is clear that if I ask a question here for support means that we have already read the documentation and did not help me with anything, so is useless for me to receive as an answer a link with redirect to your documentation

All you need to do is edit js/main.js and change markerPosition lat and long. Cheers :)

Please, i’m got the same less error on line 94, i tried to compile with simpLESS.

Please, send-me the correct .less files. Thanks.

Hi castellaniperez, less files are fine, please use https://www.npmjs.com/package/less to compile less to css Cheers :)


saltegg Purchased

where’s the stylesheet? I can not install this theme!

Hi saltegg, this is HTML5 template not Wordpress theme… Theme is available here http://themeforest.net/item/berg-restaurant-wordpress-theme/8936855 Cheers :)

The reservation module is not working? I have already send a ticket, can you help me?

Hi Michele9122, reservation module use php mail() function to send emails, please check if it can send emails through it and/or check for any errors, Cheers :)

Just wondering if you had a chance to look at my ticket. :) Thanks

Hi, you have not provided ticket ID but there is no need to worry, if you have ticket open it will be addressed some time soon. Thanks!

... Any news ?

Tanaka_, what is your ticket ID ?


sam2000 Purchased

reservation-send.php is not working… you have comment the last lines:

// if (mail($email, $subject, $message, $headers)) { // } else { // $response[‘status’] = ‘failed’; // }

Hi sam2000, you have to uncomment those lines… Cheers :)