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Hello duststone,

How can activate the audio when using a youtube video? If I can’t do that using a youtube video, can it be done using a local video file?



Hi Sergio,

Thank you for purchasing my template.

To enable audio of YouTube background, please replace this JS file (“js/custom-video.js”) by the new one here http://duststone.com/templates/bersua/demosv11/js/custom-video.js

Please let me know if you have any questions, I love to help.

Best Regards, DustStone

Beautiful…thank you!


How can I install this thème on my blog wordpress ? Please, Thx

What folder should I put the files? Where in the FilZilla FTP client? Thx

Hi mdla,

Thank you for purchasing my theme.

To install it on you website, simply just copy the extracted files to root of your hosting folder (usually public_html if the hosting uses CPanel). And then please rename 1.index.html file to index.html.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.

Best Regards, Duststone

How do I change the timer please?


Hello Sanlucasmedical,

Thank you for purchasing my template. If it means about changing the ending date of the timer, simply just open file of “js/custom.js” or “js/custom-video.js” and change line no. 13 there’s month name, date, year and time. Actually it’s been in documentation file.

Best Regards, Wirka


I sent you an email in regards to the same problem kanicanali is/was having with the subscribe button. I can only receive emails from the contact form and not through the subscribe form. I’ve double checked the email address on line 4 and no dice.. :(

Please help


I am so sorry about the delay. I just replied your email, please check your inbox.

Best Regards,


Thank you for your email, I replied to your email.



I have replied your email.

Best Regards,


I’ve just downloaded this theme, when i put the zip file into WordPress it comes up with “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Any advice would be appreciated


Thank you for purchasing my template. I am so sorry to say that this template is not possible installed in WP because it is stand alone HTML template that means it doesn’t need WP to use it. Actually just locate the zip file into any directory you wanted on your hosting, extract the zip file, and change either 1.index.html or 2.index.html to index.html.

Please let me know if you have any issue.

Best regards,

How would I upload to Bigcommerce? I’m having a little trouble, thanks!



Thank you for purchasing my template. I am not really know how Bigcommerce works, but at least you have your own domain and hosting, you can install it by placing all main downloaded file to your hosting directory. It can be done by FTP or control panel access. Please let me know if you have any issue anymore.

Best Regards,


For some reason it takes a very very long time to load the website. It loads it after at least 30 seconds – it even shows up as an error on smartphones (including the iphone 4, 5 and 6).

The website is http://www.f2fhealth.com

Can you tell me the reason why it takes a long time to load?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing my template. Having a look at your URL link, it seems like the problem is in your hosting provider. All requests responded very slow by the server. I suggest you to contact your hosting provider.

Best regards, Duststone

Hi Duststone,

I checked with the hosting provider and ran all tests – and everything came out to be fine.

He was telling me that maybe in the beginning – pulling the php files is was causing the delay.

Is there anyway to delete that “loading” page?



Yes, it can. Please edit file “js/scripts.js” on very bottom on this file please replace “obj.preloading();” by “obj.init();”. That’s it.

Best Regards, Duststone


I am getting the error: The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Can you please help?



Thanks for purchasing my theme, and I am sorry for the delay. Is there any URL link that I can look into? Or you can send me an email to us@duststone.com then I will send you the CSS file.

Best Regards, Duststone

Hello …have problem with countdown from iphone. look http://getyo-tshirt.de/test/index.html--the serverpower—Lade Seite… Abfrage erfolgreich. Zeit zum Laden der Seite: 0.289 Sekunden (Hervorragend!)

oh, sorry now runnig

I am not getting emails through of the subscribed users, I have replaced the email address in the files with my hotmail address. Do I need to use a specific email address linked to the website?


No, all email address should work. Does the contact form work, sending an email? If it does not too, then you have to ask your hosting provider to enable PHP mail() function.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for purchasing our template.

Best Regards,