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Definitely need to code this theme to Wordpress beautiful work!

wordpress ASAP !!!

Definitely wordpress ASAP !!!!!

Oh, YES !!! Wordpress, Please :D


Are you going to create a wordpress version?


Hi Hksalander,

We aren’t going to make wordpress theme based on this design at nearest feature, sorry.

Just bought this, the psd has no way to edit the logo?

also the images are very blurry. I would appreciate if you gave me the images you used on the demo.

Thanks, Robert


I really love this theme but there is one thing missing that I need. It has no social networking icons, How difficult would it be to addd these?


Hi Yecheskelt,

It’s a HTML site template, so to use it you need to know HTML basis. If you can edit HTML , you can simply add elements that you need.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

tomharte Purchased

Contact form doesn’t seem to work, changed the email in the contacts.html and have the send.php in the same directory


Hi Tomharte,

Be sure that you have PHP on your webserver and if you have it just check SPAM /JUNK folder at your email client.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


Just purchased the theme. Is it possible to have the whole slider as one JPG file as opposed to text and an image?


Hi Yecheskelt,

Thanks for purchasing.

You can using any content for slides, just insert your HTML to slide container.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Is the search functionality actually included & really work for the Search box? What runs it, some php scripts? Is there are corresponding results page?

could you change the entire site to use .php extensions and have no issues (as long as you also change any links within the files)?

do the reused common pieces on the site that are generic across each page – header, navi, footer – live in .php includes so 1 change to 1 include changes across all pages? or are all of these pieces hard coded into each page?

do you provide the layered art files for the colors so we can make more color options than the 3 you provide?

I got no pre-sales love on my questions (even sent the dev an email) so I will self answer here having bought and played with the template as my first ever template.

no, the search function is not included – so you need your own php logic to make it work

yes, you can naturally change the entire site over to php extensions and have no issues if you police your links as well. do it first thing of course.

no, common reused pieces are not in php includes, so you have to make your own php includes to make site maintenance much wiser, faster, easier than it comes. header, footer, navi are best all in includes.

yes/no. Yes, there are art files. No, they are not broken down into a lot of individualized files per each art piece. So, to make your own different colored buttons and headers and such that are color related per theme, you have to reverse engineer the provided art files to get to just what you want to tweak and make your own art specific files off those. For example, there is no quote_button.psd or button_right.psd or header_bg.psd… you would have to use what files are provided to reverse engineer and make your own of just these for faster tweaking.

Please on the Slider--

On Mouse over PAUSE !!!!!!

That would be amazing!!!

Thanks! Great stuff!

Nevermind, found it the first 2 mins, i looked for it.

For anyone else, it is in js/jquery.cycle.all.latest.js

line 898        pause :       0,   (change to 1 to enable)

Hi olegnax

Just want to join the people who are asking for this theme to be converted to wordpress. that would be brilliant. I would purchase again.

Is there a way the contect form could support lanuages such as Norwegian or Swedish? When people from Scandanavia send in contect form messages we receive them with some wrong characters. How could I do this?



Hi Lordmackay,

Maybe it’s a problem with email client encoding?

Or can you drop me email with details of issue via contact form on my profile page?

Best regards, Kostiantyn.

Anything I can do to make this IE 6 compatible, I didn’t realise till after I purchased it that it was not IE 6 compatible and have had a few of my users complain to me about the menu showing up vertically. I never thought people would still be using IE 6 but apparently there are still people out there. Any ideas? How to get this issue sorted.


Hi maximizer,

Unfortunately we don’t want support outdated browsers. You can use wonderful JavaScript library ( http://www.modernizr.com/ ) and add custom styles only for ie6.

Best regards, Kostiantyn.


bought your template, real nice

cannot figure out how NOT TO HIDE the form after successful sending message

I want the form to stay there untouched not to use the .hide function

how can I turn it off ?


Hi Krysak4ver,

You need edit /js/script.js , just comment lines 41 and 42 where form is hide.

Cheers, Kostiantyn.


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