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Very nice work! Good luck :)

thanks mate :)

Clean and very cool theme. Good luck with your sales :)

really nice design.. one of the beautiful ecommerce themes here on TF :)

Is the slideshow linkable?

you can create link as it is html. thanks

Congratulations!!! GLWS :)

Thanks mate :)

Great Job ! GLWS :)

thanks mate :)

Live preview doesn’t work for me.

it’s working. :)

Well done! Thanks!

Nice! Hoping for a wordpress version!

we are working on wp :)

Hello !

I hesitate between two themes; one in WordPress and this one in HTML5. Can you say to me what is the fastest?

Thank you very much !

basically html template is used for converting dynamic site. If you need to full ready dynamic site, then you need wordpress or any other cms based system.

but generally html is fastest then cms.


Ok thanks you ! Have a good day !

if you need any further support, let us know :)


I’m looking to purchase this design! However I would like to enquire how does the eCommerce works? Is there a tutorial to link the credit card, etc.?

this is just HTML. if you need full ready dynamic site you should by cms based product like wordpress,joomla,magento etc.

So how does the shopping cart works? Will it work with this template? Or no?

html theme doesn’t work dynamic action or server side action.

Great design.

I love everything except the orange color as our shop will be for the men as well. Is it possible to change color as very light sky blue?

you can change this from color css file. it’s easy.


How can I have multiple sub menus with these themes. I am looking for something like ubermenu in your theme.

we sent you a mail. Please keep in touch with our mail.

There seems to be an issue with your product_details_XXX.html in Firefox on OSX. Coule you please advise

thanks for your comment. We will check this and give you a solution.

Have you had a chance to look into this?


ukay Purchased

I just found this great template. I will upgrade it to Bootstrap 3 with this tool: http://code.divshot.com/bootstrap3_upgrader/


ukay Purchased

Oops i got lots of bugs in template. Can you upgrade this to bootstrap 3? You don’t need to change all files.. Just one .html file for example.

ok. thanks :)


ukay Purchased

But can you do it? I used that tool but i guess there’s code in theme .css files that must be changed. Can you upgrade this template to Bootstrap v3?

The menu is broken on mobile and tablet devices, can you please fix that.

please send some screenshot to our mail using our TF profile. we will fix this.

you can use the emulator option in chrome to emulate various devices like iphone 3/4 , and you would see the demo not working for menus..

we assign a person to update this. please wait some days as we have long list of support queue. please stay with us.


Nice template, can you include the psd files for the colored images, that are located in images/red for example.

we developed this based on another author’s psd . that’s why we didn’t give psd files.