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How do you manage the module with the tabs on homepage (Featured products | Latest products | Top ten products), is it hardcoded in the template or separate module? What kind of control do we have over it? Also is it possible to add same module under that one, with two new tabs (e.g. Recommended products and Our offer)?

Hi, There its default layout override. There no module or plugin all are core layout override so if you wish you can change any layout. Yes its possible to add two tab but there need some extra coding. Thanks


harnisa Purchased

Hello I have installed this template. When I click template manager, it shows blank page only.

Please help me!!

Hi, I think I already talked about the issue on mail and it was your server related issue. Thanks

i am new here :) just a small stupid question, is this theme compatible with Joomla 3.x.x?

BestShop based on Virtuemart Component and Its not compatible with Joomla 3.x. But if you want it for Joomla 3.x you can check our this template In this template you will get “e-commerce” Buyer community , Forum and Product support features. Hope this template can fulfill your need. Thanks

Hi, I tried to change the logo , going to template manager ,style and choosing custom log , then i selected the photo and cleared cash then saved , but n o changes happened on the front end (the web site) There is any solution ??

Hi, Try by replacing from source. Just replace current logo by yours. To see current logo position inspect it and check source. If you replace as custom there it will be inline replacement and its default framework option but if there you face problem just try with the way I said and its best practice. Thanks

Um sorry but if it’s possible I need your help in how to change it from source . What are the steps ? Many thanks for ur replay and ur time

Hi, Thanks for the reply. For default template the logo is from /templates/rox_bestshop/images/presets/preset7/logo.png I had collected source by inspecting from chrome. And then go to the source and replace it. Make sure if you are using different preset then make sure to check your logo source by inspecting. Thanks

hello, I wanted to ask if there within a file that explains rts management login, I can veedere from, my computere how gentie enrolled, who and what they bought and cc etc ..

Hi, Sorry but I did not understand your Question. Can you please write more? Thanks

I wanted to know if the files that drain there is also a file that explains how to manage logins customers who register on the site …. because it provides a recording for acquisare

In Joomla there is a component to manage users. You will find a user menu to manage it. Thanks

Hi! I have a problem with virtuemart shipment and payment configuration, but i can not enter in the “support” section. How do I proceed?


Hi, Check item support tab. Write from there we will give solve for your problem. Thanks

I deleted all the articles and all the modules to create my own web site . I tried to create a featured article but can’t see it on my home page why?

I did not found your purchase data. To get support please contact us from item support tab. Thanks

Dear ThemeRox support, I was wondering if you have plans to update this template for Joomla 3, now that Virtuemart 3 was also released for Joomla 3. Please let me know.

Hi, We we will update its version 3. Just allow us some time to work on it. Thanks

Great! Thanks a lot for quick reply. Regards

Hi, I want to buy this themplate but do you know when the update is comming for Virtuemart 3 ?

Hi, For joomla virtuamrt 3 support we are working on it and hope to release it soon. Currently I am unable to give you any fixed time. Thanks

Hi, if I buy this template, I then have the option later to get the joomla virtuemart version 3?

Hopefully yes. We are working on Virtuemart J3 version. Thanks

Hi there,

I purchased this cool template a few weeks ago.

4 days ago I send you some questions through facebook. you told me I better use the support function for these questions. So I did that. But unfortunaly I still have not got any responce after 4 days.

Since then I solved a few questions on my own. But I still have some questions I am stuck on…

question 1: logo size I noticed that my logo just needs a little bit more room. I saw that another customer of you managed to do this. Here is link to his site Can you give me a hint about how to fix this (what file should I edit to make the logo size just a litle bit bigger?).

question 2: hover over image smaller ur template has default 3 products next to each other. When you hover over a product 2 orange blocks with the text cart (left side) and the text product (right side) will appear. This all works perfect. Now I want to have 4 products next to each other. But when I set this in VM2, I noticed that the orange block and the size of the text cart and text product wont resize, resulting in an overlap of these 2. you can see this on my website Is there a way I can resize these so I can have 4 or 5 products next to each other and the orange block with the text cart (left side) and the text product (right side) will appear smaller so people can read it? What file should I edit?

question 3: Updating Is it safe for me to just update joomla 2.5.14 to version 2.5.28 and to update virtuemart 2.0.24 to 2.6.6? (or can I just update vm2 to vm3?). And when ur updated version in joomla 3 and vm3 comes out, can I just download that update or do I have to purchase it again?

question 4: no images in search results When I search for a product using the search option it does not show product images. Can tell me how to fix this?

I hope u can help me with these problems.

Best regards,

ps: I managed to fix a few basic problems (like registration form, recapcha, extract zip on ftp, ) wich all new customers will encounter. I have written down all solutions and now I would like to share these if needed. Where should I place these solutions? (ofc if desired)

Hlw , I had mailed you with screenshot of your site problem. If I am unable to load it there then difficult to give you support. Can you please ask for support to your server administrator about site loading ? Or give me your public IP so I can able to browse it. And please avoid too long writing just focus on problem and please use support mail we are replying from there but for your case there problem with loading site so we are unable to see your site. Already give you screenshot of that. Thanks

called server administrator, he told me there is no problem. website is accessible for the whole world. He thought it might have something to do with your company network or something like that.

Well that didnt really help me :(

So now I really wanna solve this. I am thinking in solutions. Maybe you can acces it through the free software teamviewer? (take over my computer). I know this is not the best soluton. But for now I have not got any other solutions.

Plz let me know,


I had replied in your mail. Please check it.

Hello how difficult is to change the wording on this template, Do I need to be CSS proned or Is it a simple process

Hey another question, Is this template compatible with WIX.COM

NO . Its by Joomla CMS and Not compatible to any other free tools .

Hello there, i have bought this theme few days ago, but i got a problem when i wanted to install it on my local / xampp. I have browsed previous Q/A but i did not found answer on my question. I have installed Quick_install (demo version), but when i wanted to activate template, there was a stack, cuz i didn’t saw template inside Template Manager. I have discovered Template like many other plugins and enabled, but i didn’t got Demo version like i expected. Could i get any skype contact for faster communication, since i need urgent help :D.

Kind Regards

Done, ping me here when u read mail. Thx

Hey there, any answer ? Thx

Solved already


are you working on a version for joomla 3.x? The last update is 19-10-2013?


thanks, I look forward ;)

Hi There are new for version 3 of the theme? thanks

There will be . Our team is currently busy but there update will come soon. Thanks

i buy a bestshop html5 template ,but i cannot use in ecwid ,i tried to copy you css to ecwid , but noting have to change

Hi, Did you check Documentation ? There we had added documentation for ecwid. Hope it will help you. Thanks

yes i did, i copy documentation css and paste to ecwid , but the facebook on line shop nothing to change

documentation css? You should copy ecwid css file. Just check. There you will find full tutorial. If still having problem give me access of your ecwid account from item support tab mail. Thanks


I have to make changes on a site based on your template ( template bought from the company that was in charge of the site) . How can I obtain documentation ? Thanks in advance

Hi, With product you will get all documentation you need. Just ask your provider or who purchased for the documentation. There with downloadable file we have attached all. Thanks