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Hi there cbranner,

no it was not yet released, the other developer is workin on it :) Let me know if you are interested to ping you when will be available.

Cheers, Michal

Has anyone figure out how to make the home screen main slider full page?

veriska Purchased

A Greeting

I am from Indonesia. I apologize if my english is not good, because I use the google translate

I’ve downloaded the “Bethlehem – Church Bootstrap 3 HTML5 Template” but I can not use all the coding of the website. coding because only a structure, no content and categories in detail. all links and structures as examples.

If I could get the entire contents of the data and the structure of the website as a whole and its modules, content and system components of the website.

example url in


The website I can not use because all the link does not work. contains no component or module that works.

Hi I tried to install this theme inn to wordpress, but could not. the message said that The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

What should I do to fix this issue? Cheers



This is a HTML template not a wordpress theme.