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Nice layout and presentation. Good luck with sales, buddy.

Thank you. :)

Congrats roberto, great work, good luck with sales mate!

Peter Zickler.

Thanks a lot Peter :)

nice work GLWS :)

thank you :)

Nice work Alter! Good luck with sales :)

thanks :)

Menue looks ugly if there are less items. (some menu items are behind the logo)

You have to edit their margins in order for them to “dodge” the logo.

Thanks for your purchase.

“You have to edit their margins in order for them to “dodge” the logo.

Thanks for your purchase.”

It’s not that easy if the menu is dynamic but I think I will get this right. ;-)

Where can I find the fonts? There are no fints in my download.

The links for the fonts are in the documentation, it also says where to put them to have them work without editing code.

I like the theme, but I’m viewing it in Chrome, and the menu is not overlayed. It’s underneath everything else, which obviously isn’t right or optimal. Can you advise on this?

Please check your Chrome version; I checked on the latest and there isn’t a problem. :)

Nah. I have the latest version of Chrome, and when I view it on my MacBook, the menu is layered below everything else. There actually is a problem, but if you don’t see it, you probably can’t fix it. No worries. I’ll just seek out a different theme.

Try changing the z-index using Developer Tools, It’s the only thing I can think of since I can’t see the problem.

Well, honestly even if it works, I can’t count on it to look right for the user who wouldn’t know to do that, but thanks anyway.

Keeps saying style.css in missing please help

This is an HTML template, not a Wordpress theme :/

So if I can’t use it on wordpress than how can I use it?

As an static site.

Im getting errors when i try uploading this on my wordpress

themeforest-2645442-beu-beauty-html5-css3-template Stylesheet is missing.

Please tell me how to correct this error as soon as possibel

This is NOT a Wordpress Theme, just a static HTML template.

Hi, greetings from Rio de Janeiro! I’m in trouble to make the logo-beu.png bigger than 120px, Even when I change the value in SITE.css line 244 to width: 359px; I get my new logo bigger…. but the menu navigation just gone (Home,about, services etc)! I’m really hurry to finish my project…. Thanks in advance.