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May I ask one more question? How can I hide the text field that comes up when I move the mouse over a thumbnail in filterable gallery?

Thanks for your help.

Happy holidays! :)

Happy Holidays too :)


varunD Purchased

Hi klapeku,

I am not author, just purchased this awesome theme like you and many others..If i got your question correctly i think i can help you, you can remove the “title” tag from a class which resides after the img tag to hide the text.

Thanks for helping me with support. I appreciate that :)


varunD Purchased

First of all i would like to thank the author for such a wonderful theme and support for which any words of praise won’t be enough..Excellent supoort by the author for theme, very quick replies..

Thanks alot for the help.Looking forward for your other themes.

Thank You very much, I try to do my best :)

Thanks, varunD, but it’s not the “title” text that I mean. The title text is easy to hide, just leave the “title” blank :-)

What I mean is the text field that appers beside the mouse cursor for some seconds only when moving the mouse over the thumb. It contains the text which also appears under the big size image (footer text).

Ok, I got it. Add this code in js/big_gallery.js file:
    mouseenter : function()
        $(this).data('title', this.title).prop('title', '');
    mouseleave: function()
        $(this).prop('title', $(this).data('title'));
    click: function()
        $(this).prop('title', $(this).data('title'));
just after:
$(document).ready(function() {

WOW! Great! It works!

Thanks VERY much !!!

You’re welcome :)

A stunning site and great support and patience with me, as I am not a programmer, but a beginner in this and I cannot say thank you enough for the support!

Thank you Celeste, it’s very kind :) Good luck and keep shotting stunning photos, like those you have!

Sorry for bothering again…I want to know if this theme :BIG GALLERY FOR WORDPRESS its compatible with S2member plug in.It´s already installe d in my website . thanks

I have no idea… I didn’t use this plugin before. I think that it can require some CSS tweaks for custom forms, etc.

Hello, i am using your theme for some time and now i have a need to make picture slides on home page to be clickable and that i can make them to have link to bring me to specific page on my website. Is this possible? Thanks in advance and many thank for nice theme.

You can do this by adding javascript – onclick event to the slider image.

Hello there, firstly thanks for a great template…

I would love to know if it’s possible to add password protection onto the gallery pages, so I can create a client login page? In particular onto gallery_3c.html so that when each thumbnail is clicked it requests for a particular client’s password.

Many thanks again,


Hi Buzz. It’s HTML template so with the knowledge of HTML and PHP you can do whatever you want. You can also create password protected directories with .htaccess file:

Hi, I just purchased. Nice Theme.

Contact Form doesn’t work. Please help Thanks:)

Do you use linux or windows server? Can you send me your php/validate.php file (

hi, i looked the file (validate.php) you sent. it is about the hosting firm mail address but i want to use my yahoo mail address for contact form.

I’ve sent you an email.

Any way to make this audio play continuosly… even during page changes?


Sorry but it’s impossible.

Olá! Eu comprei o tema ( e não instala no Wordpress. Como devo proceder?

Hi, sorry but this is not the WP theme, but HTML/CSS site template. WP version is here:


aero07 Purchased

Hi, first of all sorry for my english i loved the theme and bought it i uploaded the files to my php server without any chance(just mail address) and try to fill contact form but it isnt worked lots of codes appear about validation

here is the web page address http:\\

how can ? fix this situation thanks best regards


aero07 Purchased

thanks for your quick reply but i gives error before puhsing on send button and on server i am using joomla and wordpress thanks


aero07 Purchased

thank you very much for your quick replies and solutions you are best :)

You’re welcome :)


Selou Purchased

Hi, is it possible to get the Choose page ?

sure, please send me your email.


aero07 Purchased

hi thanks again for your previous help :) sorry for my poor english it is really works great now i want to ask that if i have chance to use youtube or videos on my server as a lightbox like your portfolio page ihave read your answer and try to ?nst at fancybox page but i couldnt manage is there any other solution or what must i do

thank again

Hi, You will have to use some other lightbox plugin like Follow the plugin instructions to add video.

Hi… I have a question. How can I obtain the URL of one photo of the gallery ? ... for example www.Miweb\index.html\?”image01.jpg” . I am working with the uncut gallery and I would like to be able to share one specific photo in facebook. for example from my web with the URL www.MiWeb\photo.

As you working with HTML trmplate you can specify direct url to the image file like: www.Miweb\index.html\gallery\full\image01.jpg

Hi, Your Theme is lovely keep up the good work. I am facing a issue while working on that -

is there any way that menu area & thumb in the footer that is avialable on homepage open bydefault when page is load?

Hi, please send me a message from the buyer account using this page

ok i am sending you through by buyer accounts

I didn’t get anything.

I’m trying to upload your theme to wordpress. How long does it usually take?

I’m making pages, etc but nothing is showing up on the site. All is blank. My website is

Now the main menu showed up. The main menu box wasn’t checked. Sorry.

You will find “documentation” folder in the downloaded package. I’m going sleep now, I’ll be able to help you tomorrow.

before i buy your templates; is it possible to do kenburns effect on the the slideshow? you have excellent works btw .. ;)

Hi, sorry, but kenburns effect is not possible.

aaaahhhh :( u have nice template tho .. :)

thank you :)


aero07 Purchased

Hi again , i want to learn how can i move the logo and menu to the left i readed the prev answers (about 2 years ago’s) but i coulnd not do can you help me thanks


aero07 Purchased

i did it thanks but i can not make wider the ma?n page :)


aero07 Purchased

thank you no problem left i did

Great :)