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yvan11 Purchased

Hi Johnny, A question : is it possible to not have a sidebar in blog article ? My goal is to increase the available width for the articles to have the same that in pages. Thank you for answer.

My web site :

In WP dashboard -> settings -> reading you can choose if you want to show full post text in list or only a summary. Then you will probably have to use “excerpt” field or “more” tag in you post to define this summary. That’s default wordpress behavior.


yvan11 Purchased

Sorry but my priority is to keep the Filterable Modern Blog presentation. I really like it !

So you want to have filterable blog and single post with no sidebar? You will have to edit “single.php” file then. In line #13 after “}” add:
$blog_style = 'classic-no';

Hi Johnny,

I have an issue with a video that doesn’t play fullscreen instead it goes half screen. I noticed that the videos in the Big gallery (video showcase) got the same issue. Any advice?

Look forward to hearing from you,


Hi, thank for pointing this error. I’ve fixed it. Please send me an email (, I will send you files to replace.

Excellent! I just sent you an email. Thanks again!

Hi am using youtube background videos in some of my posts but video loop of does not work Thanks Jason
Did you set looping in page options? As you can see on live preview loop on youtube background works fine:

Excellent theme! Had a few problems with installation and got great customer service. Very happy. Robert

Glad to hear it :)


divanec Purchased


thanks :)


divanec Purchased


i need modify contact form page template.

I need multiple recipient address (the bast way is dropdown).

Can help plssss?

Hi. I’ve sent you an email. Jan


divanec Purchased

Hi hi,

one problem/question regarding responsive slider.

Slider always take photo non-resized, e.g. mysite/uploads/.../original-photo.jpg

Where i can put that slider (for slideshow), takes resized photo, e.g. pw-slider_thumb (from funciton.php)

Sorry, I don’t understand… Can you send me an email with explanation where si the problem? Jan

Hello I have a question I bought this theme and want it now in a web of my customers insert, Can I apply the theme for my website as a demo station? or I have to buy it again? Of course I have to purchase a new Linzens with each other customers

Hello, I’ve send you an email.


Pre-Purchase question: What’s about 21:9 ratio support? Your theme actually isn’t working on 21:9 (3440×1440), the full width background moves to the left side, rest of page stays empty. Will you fix this?

Did you test live preview page? Can you send me a screenshot ( I don’t have such a huge monitor to test it.


divanec Purchased


it its possible to show/hide overlay (pattern) per page? on some page i wish pattern, but on some no? I have custom page template for each my page.

Hi, you can use cusotm css for it. Every page has id in body class, for eg. “page-id-41”. So you can hide patter on this page by adding:
.page-id-41 #img-pattern {
visibility: hidden !important;

divanec Purchased


can i on some way impelment click to enlarge (in fancybox), images in slidesshow?

Everything is possible but this change requires editing theme code.


divanec Purchased

send a pvt message

hi Johnny tow questions was asked you later . i want to ask again. how can i do that?

1.( + ) ( – ) view the thumbnail button as a “Click”

2. next and prev ( < > ) Thumbnail button as a “Click

Thank you so much :)

Hi, it requires javascript changes, “hover” need to be changed to “onClick”. Please send me an meail form the account you used to buy the theme and I will show you where to change.

tanks for ur attention i sent u a email you said : “hover” need to be changed to “onClick”

for question 1 , i found this part in biggallery.js /** SHOW / HIDE THUMBNAILS**/ is there right?

$(”#thumbnails_bg”).hover( to $(”#thumbnails_bg”).onClick( and $gallery_show.hover(function() { to $gallery_show.onClick(function() {

but it dos`t worked…

what can i do for this and the other q…? thanks johnny

I’ve sent you an email.

Hi, is it possible to not have a sidebar in blog article ? My setting : Choose blog style=> Classic without sidebar

But there’s still the right sidebar :

I have try the solution in the single.php, but it doesn’t run.


Hi, when you set “blog style => Classic without sidebar” it affects both archive and single post.

Hi, “blog style => Classic without sidebar” it doesn’t affect archive, just affect single post

In archive.php, the class classic-no doesn’t exist ;)

thank you for pointing this out. I’t fixed now, update is uploading to themeforest.

<h33>Awesome Theme and Customer Support

I highly recommend this theme and developer to anyone. The customer support has been top notch and unmatched by anyone. He really helped me solve a critical issue regarding music playlist on an iPhone and takes great pride in his work. I can’t thank him enough for this theme and his help!!! :)

Thank you for your nice comment :)

Hi..just bought this GREAT theme. The only thing missing is an option to highlight a TEXT on each image on the Homepage. Can this be done?

For example: this theme here has it on the lower right side.

Hi, there is no such feature in this theme. It can be done as a extra customization. Drop me email for the quote. Jan

Hi Johny, quick question, I need a video gallery too, is that possible? And, is it possible to have a page with my client’s logos? Very much appreciated.


You can create video gallery with WP embed and playlist tools, like this: or with some plugin like here: (WP Video Lightbox plugin). You can add your own logo with this theme.

Pre-buying questions: 1) Could I make a post with a video gallery (maybe with a slider)? Something that when you see a image of any video (on this slider), you could click and see the video (at a given width)... 2) Could I have every screen on my site with a video background?

Hi, 1. there is no video slider. You can create video gallery with WP embed and playlist tools, like this: or with some plugin like here: (WP Video Lightbox plugin) 2. You can add video background to every page. Each page can have another video in background.



lownotes Purchased

Thanks for the cool template, not only is it good for photogs but it’s also good for bands, which is how I’m using it. Is it possible to have background music served by CDN, like dropbox. I’m trying but can’t get it to work.

You need to have direct url to the file, eg. – when you paste the link, browser player should appear.