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Hey JohnnyChaos! I love your theme and I’m getting a lot of compliments on it! However, ideally I would like to move the navigation menu on pages further to the left to make room for a larger content area that I can use to create scrolling image galleries with large images (900px wide) for clients. Can you please tell me how to modify your theme’s CSS file in order to:

1. Move the menu/navigation further to the left.

2. Remove or make the large header above the content area invisible.

3. Make the content area on pages wider to facilitate images that are 900 pixels wide..

4. Move the content area to the top of the page so that the top of the content area graphics are flush with the top of the browser/page..

Thank you so much your anticipated and greatly appreciated time and help! Keep up the great work! :)

Hi, here are the CSS changes (you can add this code to custom CSS field in theme options): 1.
@media only screen and (min-width: 760px)  {
#logo, #menu, #menu-show, #menu-hide {
 margin-left: 0px !important;
2 & 4.
div.big_header {
    display: none !important;
#portfolio-filter .shadow {
   display: none !important; 
3. This can’t be done without editing javascript and css files, and this task exceeds free support, sorry. Please send me an email if you’re interested in paid customization.

Thank you so much!! :)

Hi, when I install and activate SEO plugin by YOAST the filters in gallery disappears. If I disable the plugin, the filters shows. How to fix this? Thank you.

Hi, please try another seo plugin, eg. ALL In One SEO.

Thank you for this great theme!

I have an issue with a plugin that outputs facebook events to the page. Initially the events were below the background, I worked with the css and have z-index working better. Problem is no scrolling.

I’m suspecting that it has to do with the page template, but I’m not sure which one is being used or how to set that with a third party plugin.

Ideally a new page template type would layout full width responsive but also scroll. Please take a look this page.

Hi, add this CSS:

html {
overflow-y: scroll !important;

Hi there, after last update to WordPress 4.3, I can’t find Appearance -> Theme Options menu … ¿? Everything is working fine, but I can’t get ‘Page options’ anywhere… Could you help me, please? I’ve tried deactivating plugins, but it’s still the same… Please help!

I’ve sent you an email.

Solved! Thank you!!!


Airabus Purchased

Greetings johnnychaos. This is a great templet. I have scheduled the purchase of it for Tuesday, 10/1. I wanted to know if there were any issues with using this in GoDaddy.

Hi, thank you for kind words. There is no problems with GoDaddy.

Hi! Great Theme, congrats!

I’m not buy yet. I whould know if we can add a Search plugin for the customers find some picture tagged. If you tested some plugin for Search.

Thank you.

Hi. Thank you!

I didn’t test it and I can’t guarantee it will work.

I would love to inser a calendar with information poping up or possibility of read more for instance from a cell of the calendar showing an event. But the frame centered and fine don’t allow perfect woring statement from most of the calendar avalaible on the market due to your esthetic… Any idea of plugin accurated ?

I don’t test any calendar plugins. I think that those you test can work when you add some custom css. Please send me a link and I will try to help you.

So I’m simply editing your stock contact page and have added my email address. But the messages sent from the contact page do not reach my email. Not in inbox, spam, promotions … nowhere.


Hi!, I love this WP theme I just have some questions before buying that I was hoping you could clarify for me:

1- can i remove full screen toggle, description toggle, audio toggle and slide show auto play toggle icons that are on top of the screen?

2- can i disable audio completely?

3- for the gallery page (like this page:, can i have the horizontal gallery show up automatically instead of clicking the plus button?

4- can we have 2 separate full uncut image gallery’s in the main menu?

5- for each picture can we choose to display uncut, or full images or is it set by gallery?

6- for the contact or shotcode pages, can we have the same sliding image bg from home page continue to scroll through images instead of a static image?

7- do we have to create thumbnails for the images in galleries or is it drag and drop images?

8- can we change the order of the images in the by drag and drop?

Thank you.


1. Yes, with a bit custom CSS that I can provide you.
2. Yes
3. Sorry, but no. You can disable those thumbnails at all.
4. Yes
5. It’s set by gallery not by image
6. Sorry but no.
7. No. Gallery pages (2,3,4 cols) are based on WP gallery, so you just select files. Sideshows you need to create slide by slide.
8. Yes, in gallery (2,3,4 cols) you can use built in gallery manager for wordpress. For slideshows you can install plugin, this one for eg.

for #3 i’m not sure I expressed myself properly. For full screen slider-< fill slider page, I would like to keep the thumbnails but have them visible by default. I always want them to be shown. By default there is a small plus and users have to click on the plus to bring up the thumbnails. I want them shown by default. Can this be done?

for #7 I’m still not clear. Basically I want to know how the upload process words for uploading images for full screen slider -> slider pages? Is it select all or 1 by 1?

Thanks again!

3. No, it can’t be done.
4. You need to add slides one by one (like posts or pages).

Hello. This theme looks amazing. It is designed to be used with,, or both? Thanks.

I got the logo to load above the navigation menu. However, The PSD file is missing the textured background as in the menu and as showed on the demo. The PSD file has the background as pure black. Do you have the PSD file with the textured background to match the menu?

Please send me an email, I will send you texture for background

Please send me an email, I will send you texture for background

Hi, very nice theme! However, two questions;

1. in the demo the images have some kind of grid over it. Can that be turned off? 2. is it possible to show some caption text over the images in the full screen slider?

regards, Martin

Hi, thank you!

1. Yes, you can turn it on/off in the them options.

2. Description of the slide is only available when you press “i+” button on the top


i have uploaded images in slides but slideshow not playing even i have selected auto play but slider not playing home page showing only one image kindly guid

Please send me a link. You need to add min. 5 slides for slider.

is it possible to change dark skin color ?

you will need to overwrite theme CSS styles with your won declarations. Then add those declarations to the theme options -> custom CSS


hiyuly Purchased

hello, i’ve got your templata two days ago and trying to fix it on my site. the site is in hebrew, rigth to left. 1. i’ve created the homepage full screen gallery with 5 images as instructed but i see a very dark screen…why is that and how do i fix it? 2. where can i find the CSS cides of the template so i can work with it?

thanks for now yuly

Hey! I like you’r theme… But I checked your demo with on device mobile with android os. and I notice home page with video, the theme will not work. Your theme is responsive? home page with video work on android devices?

Fullscreen videos are disabled on mobiles. It’s not a theme issue but mobile OS specification. OS developers intentionally disabled media autoplay on mobile devices in order to protect user’s bandwidth. Many data providers charge based on the amount of data consumed, so the OS developers decided it was in the best interest of the user to not have a video automatically begin playing when the page loaded so it would not start racking up data charges. Second thing is that on some mobile OS video is opened on separate player which broke design. This is why I decides to use image fallback for video on mobiles.